The previous Great NEWS post asked Which Lifestyle Stressors Are the Biggest Health Hazards and today we ask Is Lying a Health Hazard? With so many health hazards and stresses in our life it is hard to determine which ones are harming us the most.  Lying may well be one of the most detrimental things that hurt us emotional, mentally, physically and spiritually.  There is so much lying going on that most people no longer give lying a second thought and do it fairly regularly.   There is considerable evidence that what we do, eat, hear, see, smell, touch and say affects every cell in our body and influences the quality of our life.  Today we will discuss Is Lying a Health Hazard and focus on simple steps to help us begin the benefits of telling the truth starting today.

The Great NEWS Coach Health Hazard series is designed to help people be more aware of common health hazards. There are many factors in our modern world influencing our health and how we respond to them will determine how happy, healthy and holistic we will be.  Most people do not realize they have a major role in directing everything that happens in their life.  Our beatitudes, behaviors and beliefs guide our life like a GPS guided laser beam tracking system.

Is Lying a Health Hazard?

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There is so much lying going on that most people no longer give lying a second thought and do it fairly regularly.

This can be a complex or simple answer depending on the amount of lying and beliefs about lying we have programmed into our mind.  Let’s start with the basic question.  Is lying a healthy habit or health hazard?  Most people would likely say it is not a healthy habit therefore it must be a health hazard.  Awareness is the first step to identify a problem and then the next is step is focusing on ways to resolve it.

Looking back to the previous Great NEWS articles on the eight areas in our Wheel of Life we can look forward to learning how each one is affected by lying.  Lying affects our level of pain and pleasure in each area of our life.

BTW Lying includes all of the following:  telling a lie, telling a white lie, telling a fib, not telling the truth, avoiding the truth, keeping quiet about a secret, twisting the truth, not answering the question, omitting key details, to protect their feelings, to protect them from the truth, teling them what they want to hear, Holiday lies, Santa Claus lies, movie lies, inconsequential lies and much more.

While some people may feel that lying is not a big deal and there are some lies that are acceptable, normal or OK we will discuss how even white lies creates a chain reaction and starts a snowball effect that can turn into a runaway avalanche of pain and suffering. Investing a little energy and time today will shock you and show you the truth about lies.  Telling the truth and nothing but the truth is the path to happiness, health and harmony.  Telling the truth is the road less traveled currently and may be the real reason there is so much chaos, crime and corruption in the world today.

Do We Want the Truth?

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Lying is an addictive habit and soon one begins telling more and more lies just to maintain, justify and support the lies already told.

We all deserve and desire to enjoy a loving, low stress and high quality life. As obvious as this seems many people do not understand the consequences of being told lies and telling lies.  Many people feel: that telling a lie to protect someone or something is OK.  They often feel there are certain circumstances, relationship rationalizations, special situations, tension tamers and unique understandings that make it OK to lie.  As ironic as it may sound many people are being trained and training others to lie to them even though they say they want the truth and hate lies. People seem to want the truth when it is convenient and agrees with them and not when the truth hurts.

Most people have become good at listening and telling lies and weak at listening to and telling the truth.  When we begin to buy into the justification and rationalization for lying we fall down a rabbit hole that robs us of our ethics and integrity.  When we lie we send a message to others it is OK for us to lie and for others to lie back to us.  “Do unto others as you wish for them to do unto you” is a powerful bit of sage advice.  When we change our limiting beliefs and behavior about lying we make a shift to manifest more empowering values and virtues in our life.

Lying is an addictive habit and soon one begins telling more and more lies just to maintain, justify and support the lies already told. This post will help with ideas, information and insights to help us stop lying and start telling the truth to reduce the level of feeling sad, sick stressed and tired in our life.   When we tell the truth we stop draining our energy and vitality and start honoring our body, mind and spirit as a being of light and love.

How Does Lying Affect Our Wheel of Life?

Looking at each of the eight key areas in our Wheel of Life allows us to think about we can feel and see how they influence every thing else we experience in life.

Body – Our body knows a lie from the truth and when we tell a lie our body suffers strain and stress.  Excess adrenaline and cortisol levels harm our head, heart, homeostasis and immune function and much more.  We hate to be lied to.  Any form of lying can lead to anger, depression, fear, frustration, guilt, hurt, sadness, sickness and stress.

Mind – Our brain is the central control center for our conscious and subconscious thinking.  Lies are like feeding our brain toxic and unhealthy beverages, food and thoughts which will harm us and impair our life.  We must constantly feed our mind happy and healthy thoughts and this means listening to the truth and telling the truth.

Spirit – What does the good book and most religions teach about lying   versus telling the truth? Cheating, lying and stealing are behaviors that go against our good nature and are things we dislike.  Honor, integrity and truth are the virtues we admire and respect in others and ourselves.   We must tell the truth to nurture our spirit and well being.

Relationships – When we lie to our family and friends we are dooming our relationships to deception and manipulation.  Lying causes us to experience problems in our relationships and every other area in our life.  When we tell the truth we honor and nurture our relationships which will build great resiliency and respect to help us weather the storms that will arise.  Love and lying do not go together just like oil and water do not mix.  Lying is the opposite of love and love is the key to happiness and health.

Education – We must be developing, growing and learning in order to be fulfilled.  When we stop growing we start dying.  Lying is like a poison that harms us and slowly kills us. What if students and teachers cheat and lie?  How can there be respect and trust to foster higher education if people tell lies?  Education and learning is one of the highest forms of seeking the truth. Lying causes us to become weaker regress whereas telling the truth allows us to grow stronger and go beyond our limitations.

Career / Profession – One of our greatest joys in life is to be passionately engaged in the career, job or profession of our dreams.  When fellow workers, leaders, managers or supervisors lie to us they can drain our energy, health, vitality and zest for life.  It is extremely difficult to be happy and fulfilled in an atmosphere of cheating, deceiving and lying.  We must be honest with others and they must be honest with us or chaos, corruption and crime can result

Finances – What happens if banks, businesses and financial institutions start lying about their assets, balance sheet, investments, records and safety?  Consumers and customers will be upset and leave and move their resources to another institution they respect and trust.  What happens when couples and families lie about money, resources and spending habits?  We all must do our part to be good shepards and stewards of financial resources and tell the truth to preserve and protect our wealth.  When we cheat, lie and steal we send signals to the universe which will intern send those same things back to use.  This is because we attract what we receive by our actions, beliefs, deeds and words.  This is referred to as the Law of Attraction.

Abundance – We all deserve and desire to have a life of abundance. When we lie we turn off our fountain of abundance and joy because we are violating a proven principle.  “Do unto others as you wish them to do to you” is an ancient philosophy and proverb.  Lying sends a message to the universe that we do not deserve the truth or we are less than our full potential.  This behavior blocks our abundance, energy and money flow. Telling the truth opens the portal to abundance and releases our potential to prosper.


We can shift from the negative effects of lying to the positive benefits of telling the truth by programming our beliefs, behaviors and brain to focus on living a life of honest and integrity all the time.

My goal for offering these life lessons learned about lying is to help people minimize the harmful habits in order to maximize the healthy ones. Lying is a choice and decision that contributes to many of the modern world woes we all face.  Lying robs people of the quality of life they desire and deserve.  We all know deep in our heart there is a strong connection between lying and the harmful things that happen as a result of lying.  It is up to us to take action to be honest and truthful to protect our happiness and health.

Today we revealed how lying starts a cycle of downward spiraling strain, stress and struggles which are major health hazards.  As we focus more on being direct, honest, open and safe and telling the truth we shift darkness to light and love.  Lying robs us of the truth that will set us free from the bondage and slavery of deceit, deception and decadence.

We can shift from the negative effects of lying to the positive benefits of telling the truth by programming our beliefs, behaviors and brain to focus on living a life of honest and integrity all the time.  This helps allow us to consciously and unconsciously manifest the best moment of the best day for the best life ever.

This Great NEWS post regarding “Is Lying a Health Hazard” offers the simple suggestion…to tell the truth.  As more people tell the truth we will see a global shift in the people and planet.  Telling the truth all the time will help collectively shift the consciousness of the people from cheating, lying and stealing to being happy, healthy and in harmony. We all know the answer to Is Lying a Health Hazard so the sooner we start telling the truth the sooner we start making the world a better place.

What is your current Gap?

Are you telling lies that may be hurting your happiness and health?  What is more important than your happiness, health and well being? Cheating, distorting, fibbing, lying, misleading, spinning tales, stealing, telling white lies and twisting the truth are serious health hazards.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help you stop lying and start telling the truth instead?  What else will help you create stronger core beliefs, values and wisdom to live a life of honesty, integrity and truth? The Biology of Beliefs by Bruce Lipton has numerous examples of how lying harms and telling the truth heals.  The Power of Truth book by William George Jordan has some great insights also.  My friend Gary King has been delivering a message on the “Power of Truth” for many years and is well worth your time to rediscover your happiness and health. An article titled “Being Honest can Improve Your Health” also has some great insights.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the effects of lying on each area in our Wheel of Life?  Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself if lying is a health hazard.  If you said no maybe you are lying to yourself.  What else can we do to stop lying and start telling the truth instead?

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