The previous Great NEWS post asked Are Compact Florescent Lights a Health Hazard and today we ask Are Multivitamins and Supplements Health Hazards? We are being advised and advertised to take multivitamins and supplements to maintain our health. We are told our foods no longer contain the vitamins and minerals they once did so we must supplement our diet with them to remain healthy. Maybe we should ask better questions and research the reasons why this has happened before buying synthetic minerals, supplements and vitamins created in a laboratory.  There are many important decisions and distinctions regarding which supplements and vitamins are the best for us long term. Today we will reveal some important considerations to help you determine and decide “Are Multivitamins and Supplements Health Hazards?”


There are many important decisions and distinctions regarding which supplements and vitamins are the best for us long term.

The Great NEWS Coach Health Hazard series is written to help people be even more aware of common health hazards. Many products in our high tech world can negatively influence our health. How we choose to respond will determine how happy and healthy we will be. Most people lack awareness regarding how small decisions directly affect every thing that occurs in our life.  Our behaviors, beliefs and biology run our life in the same way that programmed hardware, software and operating systems run a computer. Choose wisely.

Are Supplements and Vitamins Health Hazards?

Multivitamins and supplements can be purchased from discount stores, distributors, doctors, drug stores, grocery stores, gyms, health food stores, internet sites, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies, network marketing companies, pharmacies and seminars.  Minerals and vitamins are added to fortify bread and cereals.  Unfortunately most people do not invest the time to read the labels or research how supplements and vitamins are made before purchasing them.  As a result they are often putting themselves and their family at risk.   Most people buy supplements and vitamins thinking they are totally safe and use them without realizing there may be serious risks and side effects.

The giant drug, food, supplement and vitamin companies have done an amazing job of promising and promoting the benefits of their synthetic chemical and compound based supplements and vitamins without really educating the public on the ingredients and manufacturing process.  We are being told that synthetic vitamins are basically the same as natural whole food vitamins.   Since natural vitamins originally came from organic whole foods that were created by our creator does that mean that humans can copy the complex food ingredients and replicate them in a science laboratory exactly the same?  It is highly unlikely that man made chemistry can match the quality and standards of the creator of the universe.

It is highly doubtful to me and many common sense oriented adults that man made vitamins created in a lab can be as potent, protective, pure and safe as natural organic whole food vitamin sources.  There are simply too many complicated and synergistic components with vast variables like: amino acids, antioxidants, bio-available co-factors, enzymes, co-enzymes, essential fats, ionic bonds, minerals, protein molecules, special structures and trace elements to be replicated and reproduced in labs to provide the same health and nutritional benefits.

Common sense would indicate there is no way to manufacture and replicate natural vitamins from nutrient dense organic whole foods (animals and plants) while using coal tar, magnesium stearate,  petrochemicals, sodium selenite, sodium selenate, stearic acid and other non organic ingredients to produce synthetic vitamins with the same potency and purity as natural ones.

A significant percentage of the drugs, supplements and vitamins being sold are being manufactured and outsourced in China.  When you become aware of the contaminated air, food, health, soil and water quality in China it is evident we should avoid cutting corners to buy cheap synthetic supplements and vitamins from a country heavily contaminated.


The majority of people do not understand that our body has evolved over thousands of years to absorb and utilize natural minerals and vitamins from our food and water.

People around the world have bought the story about needing supplements and vitamins for health and accepted synthetic versions as being safe and substantially the same. The majority of people do not understand that our body has evolved over thousands of years to absorb and utilize natural minerals and vitamins from our food and water.

While some synthetic minerals and vitamins may be absorbed by our body we do not know the long term consequences of these artificial chemicals being there and locking into receptor sites meant for the real deal and not a synthetic fake.  There are too many unknown dangers and risks from using these artificial chemicals and compounds that may be doing more harm than good.  People have been brain washed to believing these synthetic supplements and vitamins are efficient and safe in spite of significant research that shows that all synthetic chemicals have adverse reactions and side effects.    Unfortunately people do not hear the full story about the risks of low cost synthetic supplements and vitamins which the drug industry conveniently covers over.  Would you continually put contaminated and dirty gas and oil in your car and run it for years and expect your engine to last? Of course we would not do that.  Unfortunately most people take better care of their car than their body.

Most big name supplements and vitamins are made by big name drug and pharmaceutical companies that are making big bucks by getting us to consume their products instead of consuming healthy organic whole food sources instead.

The Great NEWS Coach philosophy is a based on following a fairly simple lifestyle and philosophy. Focus on profound wisdom and proven principles to avoid pain and advance pleasure in all eight areas in our wheel of life.  Just because we think something may be beneficial in one area does not make it a good decision if it harms us in several other areas at the same time.

Many people have been brainwashed into believing that synthetic supplements and vitamins are totally healthy and safe, but this is simply not true.  By investing a little energy and time today we discover some shocking truths about the artificial supplements and vitamins being manufactured by pharmaceutical companies.  If your long term happiness, health and harmony are important then learning more about the dangers and risks associated with synthetic supplements and vitamins is essential.

Is the Vitamin Industry Telling the Truth?

Most people are complacent and compliant about taking supplements and vitamins to maintain their health.  It is essential to understand the details and difference between natural organic whole food vitamins and synthetic vitamins manufactured in a laboratory

Vitamins & Water

Is it worth saving a few pennies to risk our happiness and health by being exposed to harmful synthetic chemicals and compounds?

While we all want to be cost efficient and save money, cutting corners on cheap vitamins is being penny wise and pound foolish.  Is it worth saving a few pennies to risk our happiness and health by being exposed to harmful synthetic chemicals and compounds?  To stay healthy we must avoid being exposed to anything that might block, disable, inhibit, suppress or weaken our key biological functions and protective systems.

This post offers empowering information to help us stop choosing harmful synthetic vitamins and start choosing natural organic whole food vitamins instead.   When we realize how dangerous and harmful synthetic vitamins are it is much easier to find a way to buy and source natural vitamins more easily.

My goal for sharing these valuable life lessons learned over the years regarding the potential harmful effects of synthetic supplements and vitamins is to help people buy and use natural ones instead to prevent harming oneself and wasting money in the process..  The billion dollar synthetic supplement and vitamin industry is a clever scheme by the pharmaceutical companies to make money while selling harmful and inferior products.

Today we revealed how the synthetic supplement and vitamin industry and many health organizations have convinced us to use synthetic chemical vitamins when we should be consuming organic whole foods and using natural organic whole food vitamins instead.    All synthetic supplements and vitamins are a potential health hazard.

This Great NEWS post regarding “Are Multivitamins and Supplements Health Hazards offers a simple suggestion…avoid using synthetic supplements and vitamins. As more people learn the truth about synthetic vitamins made with artificial chemicals and compounds more people will avoid them and use natural organic whole food supplements and vitamins instead. This will help facilitate a global shift for offering more nutrient dense organic whole foods, supplements and vitamins. Regardless of what we have been told about big name synthetic supplements and vitamins being effective and safe you now know the truth that they are health hazards.

What is your current Gap?

Are you using synthetic vitamins believing they are safe when they can actually harm our health? What is more important than avoiding synthetic chemical supplements and vitamins and protecting our self and family?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help you become more educated about the dangers of synthetic supplements and vitamins? Do you need more detailed information on synthetic supplements and vitamins?  Read the great articles here: Organic Consumers Association Q & A article on vitamins:

If Your Vitamins Contain These Dump Them.

Dr Mercola article on vitamins.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the risks of using Synthetic Supplements and Vitamins?  What other choices will help us stop using harmful synthetic supplements and vitamins and start using natural organic whole food alternatives instead?

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