The previous Great NEWS post asked Are Multivitamins and Supplements Health Hazards and today we ask Is Tap Water a Health Hazard? We are told to drink more water for health and that we have some of the safest drinking water in the world. Have you invested the time to see how true this is for your tap water? Maybe there are algae, bacteria, chemicals, drugs, heavy metals, parasites, pathogens, pharmaceuticals, virus and waste you are not aware of. There are many components that determine the quality of water we consume. We need to be acutely aware of important information regarding our water in order to make the best choices and decisions. Today we will reveal some important considerations to help you determine and decide Is Your Tap Water a Health Hazard?

Water Pouring

Have you invested the time to see how safe your tap water is?

The Great NEWS Coach Health Hazard series is written to help people be even more aware of common health hazards. Many things in our modern world can negatively influence our health. How we choose to respond will determine how happy and healthy we will be. Most people lack awareness regarding how small decisions directly affect every thing that occurs in our life. Our behaviors, beliefs and biology run our life in the same way that programmed hardware, software and operating systems run a computer. Choose wisely.

Is Tap Water a Health Hazard?

Tap water originates from many sources, such as aquifers, lakes, rain, rivers, snow, springs, streams and wells. Originally these sources were clean, natural and pure. Unfortunately most humans have been very poor guardians and stewards for the air, earth, soil and water which results in our water being contaminated and polluted. Most people do not realize fact we live on a round spaceship called planet Earth. It is a closed system in terms of the ecology and environmental so toxic waste effects evryone.

In the previous post we learned about all the synthetic chemicals, compounds and drugs produced and sold as healthy when they are actually harmful and toxic. These and many other chemicals, compounds and waste products find their way into our water sources and thus into our drinking water. When we invest the time to become aware and curious and open our eyes to observe what is being dumped into our water we sould be totally horrified and shocked. When we drink tap water most people are putting themselves and their family at risk. Most people turn on the tap without knowing the source and additives put in their tap water and realizing there may be serious risks and side effects.

The cities, counties, municipalities, states and federal government have put up postings and signs that our public water is safe to drink. Companies have spent billions to advertise and market their bottle water saying it is pure and safe to drink. But how safe is it really?

Public Water Supplies are Poisoned and Polluted

Water in a Glass

Most people turn on the tap without knowing the source and additives put in their tap water and realizing there may be serious risks and side effects.

Many agencies, business, companies, farms and people are polluting our waters while doing a massive cover up and public relations super spin to deceive us on the real dangers and risks from drinking supposedly safe tap water. People in companies and the government are notorious for promising and promoting the purity and safety of their drinking water while knowing that it is contaminated with a wide variety of chemicals, heavy metals, pathogens and radiation.

We are told that our water is pure and safe to drink even though they are adding harmful and toxic chemicals to it in order to make it seem safer to drink. Did you know that chlorine and fluoride are toxic chemicals and can cause major health issues and even death?  This is because water boards and districts believe that adding these chemicals and compounds to our water is a low cost way to treat the water to deal with algae, bacteria and pathogens.  s has been mentioned in many posts “better living through chemistry” is not the answer to providing clean tap water.

Any one with a little common sense will realize that drinking tap water with added chemicals, compounds and waste products is a bad idea. Have you researched your source of water and looked at the purity and safety of it? The vast majority of people never even questioned the water safety or source. There are simply too many chemicals and compounds in our water these days as a result of human politics, pollution and practices. Water contaminants include: additives, BPA, benzene, chemicals, cleaning products, drilling fluids, drugs, dyes, fertilizers, fracking chemicals, fungicides, herbicides, heavy metals, insecticides, industrial waste, medicines, Over The Counter Prescriptions (OTC), PCB, plastics, radioactive waste, pathogens, pesticides, petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, sewage, shampoos, soaps, solvents, toilet cleaners, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and waste water run off.

Is Adding Chlorine and Fluoride Safe?

Common sense would indicate there is no way to make water pure and safe my simply adding more chemicals and heavy metals. Even though we have been brainwashed into believing that adding these two ingredients into our water supply makes it safe to drink does not make it so. Fluoride is a poison and toxic waste product from the manufacture of aluminum and fertilizers. Silicofluorides made with hydrofluorosilicic acid and sodium fluorosilicate are industrial waste by-products and not pharmaceutical-grade products. They can contain elevated levels of arsenic and expose some to higher levels of lead from older pipes. Many countries have banned the use of fluoride in water due to the toxic neurological effects.

Tower for Water

Killing pathogens in water with chlorine exposes us to the toxic effects of chlorine.

Chlorine is also a toxic chemical that can do severe damage to our digestion, immune system, mental and physical health. While it does kill pathogens it is also toxic to the biome that resides in our intestines. We have more non human cells and DNA in our biome than we have human cells and DNA.  Killing pathogens in water with chlorine exposes us to the toxic effects of chlorine.

These chemicals contaminate our air, food, health, soil and water. Common sense indicates we should avoid polluting our tap water with even more chemicals and heavy metals. You are paying for these toxic chemicals to be added to your drinking water so stop doing that and start demanding clean and safe water instead.

People around the world have been sold a “poisonous snake oil story” about the benefits of fluoride without valid research and scientific proof. Hitler used fluoride to keep prisoners in concentration camps docile, doped and dumb. Luckily many cities, countries, counties and states are wising up and eliminating the process of adding fluoride to drinking water.

The Great NEWS Coach philosophy is a based on a simple lifestyle and philosophy based on ancient wisdom and proven principles. When we focus and follow profound wisdom and proven principles we avoid the pain and advance the pleasure in our life.

Many people have been brainwashed into believing that chlorine and fluoride are totally healthy and safe, but this is simply not true. By investing a little energy and time today we discover some shocking truths about the chemicals and compounds being added to our tap water. If your long term happiness, health and harmony are important then learning more about the dangers and risks associated with water treatment chemicals is vital.

Is Your Water Source Telling the Truth?

Most people are complacent and compliant about drinking approved tap water. It is essential to understand the details and difference between clean and pure water and water that has been treated with chemicals and heavy metals.

Drop of Water

To stay healthy we must avoid being exposed to anything that is a poison and toxin.

We all desire and deserve access to clean and safe water. The first step is to make sure your water source is protected and pure without being exposed to plastics, poisonous chemicals and pollution. Then we need cost efficient and save transportation and treatment of our drinking water. Chlorine is a cheap way to kill pathogens but doing so is being penny wise and pound foolish due to the long term health consequences. Using fluoride in drinking water is just plain insane. Both treatments put our happiness and health at risk by exposing us to harmful synthetic chemicals and compounds. To stay healthy we must avoid being exposed to anything that is a poison and toxin.

This post offers empowering information to help us stop the poisoning our tap water with chlorine and fluoride and start filtering and purifying our drinking water. When we realize how dangerous and harmful chlorine and fluoride are it is much easier to find ways to avoid them.

My goal for sharing these valuable life lessons learned over many years is to stop the harmful effects of chlorine and fluoride in our water and start using safer methods instead. The billion dollar water industry is a clever scheme by big companies to allow harmful products in tap water and then promote drinking bottled or filtered water. Coke, Nestle and Pepsi make more money selling bottle water than their main products. The problem is that plastic bottles release even more toxins into the water plus create pollution and waste in our environment. One answer is to use a gravity filter for all your water and then store it in glass bottles. It is important to re-energize the water with crystals, lemon, magnets, sea salt, sunlight and vortex.

Calcium bentonite clay and Ultra Violet (UV) light from the sun are additional ways to naturally purify drinking water. Calcium bentonite clay is also a great way to help remove toxic chemicals and compounds.

Drinking Water

Are you drinking tap water with chlorine and fluoride that can harm your health?

Today we learned how the water distributors are often using contaminated water and then adding chlorine and fluoride to attempt to make is safer for consumption. The agriculture industry and big companies are contaminating our pure water without regard to harming humans. Then the water purification and treatment industry is adding more chemicals and compounds to attempt to make it safer.  The bottom line is that prevention and protection of our drinking water is an essential part of providing clean and safe drinking water. Adding chlorine and fluoride is a serious health hazard.

This Great NEWS post regarding “Is Tap Water a Health Hazard offers a simple suggestion…avoid drinking water with chlorine and fluoride. As more people learn the truth about these harmful and toxic chemicals and heavy metals in water more people will avoid them and use clean spring water or use a personal water filter instead. This will help create a global shift to preserve and protect our precious water sources. Clean water from aquifers is being wasted on irrigating crops as we suffer severe droughts. People are drinking contaminated water as cattle and crops get the best fossil water from deep underground reserves. Modern agriculture is creating deserts around the world. Regardless of what we have been told about the safety of chlorine and fluoride you now know the truth about these health hazards.

What is your current Gap?

Are you drinking tap water with chlorine and fluoride that can harm your health? Consuming harmful chemicals and heavy metals in our water puts our self and family at risk for serious health issues.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help you become more educated about the dangers of chlorine and fluoride in water? Do you need more detailed information on these harmful toxins? Read a great article here:  10 Facts About Fluoride You Need to Know

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the risks of drinking tap water with chlorine and fluoride? What other ideas will help us stop drinking harmful water treated with chemicals and compounds and start drinking properly filtered or spring water instead?

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