The previous Great NEWS post asked Are Soy Products Health Hazards and today we ask Are Processed Meats Health Hazards? Many people are discussing the advantages versus disadvantages of eating meat and whether Paleo principles are healthy. For people choosing to eat animal products there are some key concepts to understand for optimal health. Unfortunately many people are eating meat products they think are healthy but are actually not for numerous reasons. While some meats are a healthy food choice we are about to discover why many times they are unhealthy for us. This post will answer: Are Processed Meats Health Hazards and share simple suggestions to help you make better choices.

The Great NEWS Coach Health Hazards series is dedicated to helping readers understand common health hazards that can rob us of our happiness, health and wealth. Many processed meat products present significant health risks that can contribute to debilitating disease, disability and even death. We must be vigilant about what we eat by constantly making better educated food choices.

Processed Meat

Processed meat products can be harmful for many reasons.

Processed meat products can be harmful for many reasons. Based on different factors concerning the farm, feed, fertilizers and fungicides as well as herbicides, pesticides, preparing, processing and packaging the processed meats can become a harmful or healthy food choice. Many people are eating processed meats without doing the research from the Animal to Zapped. Therefore it is essential to do your homework before accepting or buying it as a healthy food.

My experience shows there is a big difference between processed meats in various countries and United States (US). In Australia, Central America and EU they appear to have much higher standards regarding feed, preparation and processing. In Austria, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland you can see them prepare meat following the time tested artisan standards they have used for thousands of years. Normally the bratwurst, ham, jerky, minced meats, pepperoni, salami, sausage and sliced meats are properly fermented and prepared with less or no additives. Animals are raised and treated with a much higher standard of care and compassion.

It is best to mention a caveat about meats in the UK due to past problems with prion agents like transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) or mad cow disease. This results from feeding animals parts of other animals that may contain contamination and disease.

Most countries use natural feeds and avoid GMO feeds. Unfortunately commercial food growers and animal products producers in the US make extensive use of GMO corn and soy for animal feed.

What’s Wrong with Processed Meats?

Meat Platter

For decade’s doctors, researchers and scientists have known that exposure to more chemical contamination is bad for us, children and our environment.

Many things are wrong with processed meats in the US.  Modern big commercial farms, commercial feedlots and commercial food producers (often inter connected and owner) are determined to use biotechnology and GE/GMO seeds grown with toxic chemical fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides. The processed meats that come from this system are made to look very appealing and convenient even when it is clear they are not healthy. Processed meats typically use artificial chemical additives, colorings, flavor enhancers, monosodium glutamate (MSG), preservatives and even sweeteners like High Fructose Corn syrup (HFCS) so they taste better. They look for ways to cut corners for high profits and longer display and shelf life instead of a higher quality product.

For decade’s doctors, researchers and scientists have known that exposure to more chemical contamination is bad for us, children and our environment. These chemical toxins are leading contributors to many diseases and health problems. Modern processed meat with these synthetic chemicals turns what could be a healthy meat product into an unhealthy one contributing to health problems like: cancer, cellular damage, chronic disease, diabetes, DNA disruption, hormone problems, learning problems, mental impairment, obesity and more. Commercial processed meat that is not labeled organic probably comes from sources using GMO alfalfa, canola, corn or soy feed which is then exposing people to harmful chemicals and compounds.

Most consumers are clueless when it comes to what is in the processed meats they are eating. Due to deceptive details, lack of transparency, meat marketing manipulation and no full disclosure labeling regulations people are buying and consuming processed meats that are harmful and paying big bucks for them

The billion dollar meat industries in cooperation with government agencies like the USDA are determined to sell you more meat and processed meats in spite of significant evidence regarding the health concerns. Most countries are concerned with higher standards and many do not allow the typical low quality products from the US to be sold in their country.

Instead meat producers in the US get away with low standards which set up us for disease and health problems from processed meat products. It is quite obvious after doing the research on Commercial Animal Feedlot Operations (CAFO) that the meats and processed meats which come from them are not good choices for human consumption even thought the majority comes from there.

Common sense would advise us to avoid processed meats from animals exposed to chemical compounds and GMO feeds. The more processed, refined and treated these manufactured meats are the more we are best served to avoid them. This includes most bacon, baloney, breakfast sausage, chicken nuggets, ground meat, ham, hamburger patties, lunch meats, meat sandwiches, pepperoni, pizza with meats, salami, sausage links and sausage patties.

It is our responsibility to read and research a processed meat before buying or consuming to insure it is made with quality ingredients and prepared properly. Chemical contaminated and genetically modified corn and soy fed to animals can cause long term damage and disruption that sets us up for cancer, diabetes, genetic damage, obesity and other preventable diseases.

Are Processed Meat Products Health Hazards?

Corn Field

Since 90% of corn and 90% of soy is GMO and farmers use synthetic chemicals and compounds like fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides most feedlot meat is contaminated.

Unfortunately the majority of commercial processed meat products are. While the companies and even the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) downplay the risks of commercial processed meat products it is well documented that most will have a negative impact on our health. Since about 90% of corn and 90% of soy is GMO and farmers use synthetic chemicals and compounds like fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides most feedlot meat is contaminated. Then the commercial processed meat is further treated with additional chemicals and compounds. These processed meats are more manufactured than they are natural. Do you want to risk being a human guinea pig to see what happens to your health in the future? Not me.

As more people realize that most commercial processed meat products are low quality for a high price (especially when you factor in future health problems) and avoid them, they will begin improving the quality. When we demand locally produced nutrient dense organic whole foods we protect our finances, future and health. Unhealthy foods and ingredients are not worth the high risk to your most important financial asset which is your ability to generate current and future income.

Stop Buying Harmful Processed Meat Products

Buying unhealthy processed meat products hurts us while helping the commercial food companies stay in business.  They only make what we are willing to buy.  They will gladly sell cheap unhealthy foods if you are foolish enough to buy them.  Choose only nutrient dense organic sourced meat products that have been properly prepared.

  • Avoid eating commercial processed meat products fed, prepared or produced using unhealthy methods such as:
  • Avoid animal products given feed that contains chemical compounds like fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides. Unless there is some reason you enjoy eating these chemicals with your processed meats.
  • Animals fed Genetically Engineered (GE) and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) feed like alfalfa, canola, corn or soy. Unless you do not care about your health and longevity and you like consuming Frankenfood products that are health hazards.
  • Animals which are fed with other animals: blood, bones, feathers, offal, parts, scraps or waste (yes they feed fecal waste).
  • Consuming processed meat products which contain High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).  Many BBQ sauces, glazing, marinades, and sauces contain HFCS.
  • Consuming processed meat products made with chemical: additives, bleach, colorings, dyes, flavor enhancers, “Liquid Smoke”, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), preservatives and sodium nitrite alternatives like biological acidulants, parabens and sorbates or other unhealthy compounds is a serious health hazard.
  • Eating processed meat products containing HFCS and table salt (NaCl).  Many are made with these cheap ingredients to enhance the taste.  Sea salt is acceptable because it contains a wide range of minerals and trace elements.
  • Avoid processed meat products from animals raised in large commercial crowded CAFO’s made into bacon, baloney, breakfast sausage, burgers, hot dogs, meatballs, nuggets, pepperoni, salami and sausage.
  • Avoid hamburgers from fast food franchises because they are usually made from dairy cows that were abused and used to produce massive milk supplies. They age faster and it shortens their life from 20 years to maybe 4.

Start Smart Shopping for Meat


Buy free range humanely raised organic beef, bison, chicken, duck, goat, lamb, pork, turkey, venison from health food stores and local growers and farmers markets.

Now that you are better educated about what to stop buying it is time to learn what is safe to start buying.  We want to start buying locally grown organic meat products that are naturally grown and properly prepared.  Simple choices for nutritious meat products include:

  • Buy free range humanely raised organic beef, bison, chicken, duck, goat, lamb, pork, turkey, venison from health food stores and local growers and farmers markets.
  • If you have land or can access land raise your own beef, chickens, ducks, goats and pigeons. Another option is to form a cooperative group to share an organic cow.

Today we revealed some serious health hazards regarding commercial processed meat products. By avoiding most commercial processed meat products we will avoid and help stop most of the harmful GMO contamination and chemical exposure. Following the simple suggestions in this post will help us make better choices for nutrient dense organic meat products. This empowering education and intelligent information will help even more people discover the dangers of commercial GMO products containing chemical compounds and processed meats manufactured with harmful ingredients and procedures that turn them into health hazards.

This Great NEWS post regarding “Are Processed Meats Health Hazards“ offers simple steps to help protect our health. While helping more people become aware of the health hazards of consuming commercial processed meat products we will encourage companies to offer healthy organic choices instead. This will in turn help reduce chemical contamination and help protect the environment since CAFO’s and commercial factory raised meats are a major source of harmful chemicals and compounds.   Applying and sharing the important message in “Are Processed Meats Health Hazards” will help promote protecting the health of people and the planet.

What is your current Gap?

How many processed meat health hazards are you consuming?  Are you reading all the ingredient labels to look for GMO ingredients and harmful ingredients? If the ingredient labeling does not include free range and organic then avoid it to protect your health and wealth.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help you make better meat choices? Mike Adams has also published the Grocery Warning manual to help you make better shopping choices for food.  For more details read the great article about processed meats from the Organic Consumers Association. 

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding commercial processed meat products?  What else can we do to stop buying harmful processed meat and start making healthy meat choices instead?

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