The previous Great NEWS post asked Are Amalgam Filings Health Hazards and today we ponder Are Root Canals Health Hazards? This post is important for all children, men and women because our mouth and teeth require constant maintenance to prevent gum and tooth disease. Bacteria, cavities and gum problems can start as little issues which lead to big dental problems that can lead to even bigger long term health issues. This post will answer Are Root Canals Health Hazards and outline what you can do to minimize your dental problems.

The Great NEWS Coach Health Hazards series is designed to alert us to risks that rob us of our happiness and health. Cavities and fillings can lead to root canals which contribute to major health problems.  Root canals kill the tooth nerve and the dead tooth can harbor microbes which can contribute to: brain, endocrine, heart and organ damages and allow significant health issues to manifest.


Bacteria, cavities and gum problems can start as little issues which lead to big dental problems that can lead to even bigger long term health issues.

The American Dental Association (AMA) and your dentist may be part of the problem instead of part of the solution. By not educating the public enough to the long term ramifications of oral health early on and then promoting over dependence on amalgam filings and root canals they create customers for life. Microbes in the mouth are a major contributor to overall disease and health issues. Root canals give the bacteria a safe place to live outside the reach of antibiotics and our nature immune defense system of white blood cells and microphages.

Dentists, doctors, researchers and scientists have known for decades that microbes can cause numerous health problems like:  cancer, cellular damage, disease, DNA damage, genetic disruption, hormone problems, mental impairment and organ problems.  Since root canals have become a common dental procedure for many decades there are hundreds of millions of people with harmful root canals in their mouth.

Root canals result in dead teeth which harbor harmful microbes in our mouth. This in turn can harm our emotional, mental and physical health so we must avoid them in every way possible.

Many people are confused about root canal procedures and believe the tooth is still alive, healthy and OK with the nerve removed.  They do not realize that a root canal removes the tooth nerve killing the tooth so you end up with a dead tooth in your mouth.  A tooth has many minute chambers and tunnels within it and when it is dead and no longer part of our living system it becomes a staging area for harmful bacteria to establish a safe haven in our body.  From here they can multiply and travel to other parts of the body on a regular basis.   Within this dead tooth they are outside the reach of antibiotic and oral hygiene treatments which prevents us from eliminating them.

Awareness of root canal complications and dangers is essential in order to promote early oral hygiene and biological dentistry in order to prevent the normal chain reaction which leads to root canals.  Common sense tells us to practice proper oral hygiene daily in order to avoid cavities which lead to filings which often lead to root canals.   Most people do not connect the dots when it comes to bacteria, biological dentistry, health, infections, life style, longevity, nutrition, oral hygiene, mental health, prevention and well being.

Teeth and Mouth

Most of us have been cleverly deceived about the damage of drilling, filings, root canals and toothpaste with fluoride which leads us to be long term dental customers and unhealthy people.

Most of us have been cleverly deceived about the damage of drilling, filings, root canals and toothpaste with fluoride which leads us to be long term dental customers and unhealthy people.  This may be due to a deceptive and deliberate attempt by the American Dental Association (ADA) to divert our attention away from the real cores causes of tooth problems so they can focus on the effects of damaged gums and teeth which generates billions of dollars in revenue.  Unfortunately too many people have placed too much faith and trust in the American Dental Association and their dentist which may be keeping us in the dark regarding the known dangers of amalgam filings and root canals.

Are Root Canals Health Hazards?

While many groups, individuals and organizations downplay the risk of amalgam filings and root canals it is well known they are major contributors to poor dental health and physical health. Amalgam filings are a source of mercury contamination and root canals provide a safe haven for bacteria to hide out and avoid being destroyed.

Many countries have stopped using amalgam filings and fluoride due to the well known consequences and health problems.  What do they know that we should know so we can do the right thing for long term happiness and health?

Stop Toxic Tooth Exposure

Beans and Coffee

Try to avoid excessive coffee consumption.

Promoting the use of harmful and toxic, dental procedures, fluoride treatments, mouth wash and toothpaste are counter productive to long term happiness and health. Things to avoid and minimize include:

  • Acidic beverages (alcohol, black tea, coffee, fruit drinks, juices, pasteurized milk, sodas, sports drinks, sweetened beverages)
  • Acidic foods
  • Avoid amalgam filings (remove existing amalgam filings)
  • Avoid chewing gum
  • Avoid commercial chemical mouthwash
  • Avoid commercial chemical toothpaste with fluoride
  • Avoid fluoride treatments
  • Avoid metal caps and crowns
  • Avoid refined sugars
  • Avoid root canals

Start Using Holistic Dental Hygiene

When we stop promoting the problems and start promoting the solutions we will enjoy better happiness and health in all aspects of our life. Behaviors, habits and routines to do regularly include:

  • Brush several times a day especially after consuming any sugar
  • Floss regularly
  • Gargle with sea salt and water
  • Holistic health habits
  • Hydrogen peroxide mouthwash solution
  • Neem oil with cinnamon mouthwash
  • Natural nutrient dense whole foods nutrition
  • Oil pulling is great for gum health
  • Regular check ups and cleanings
  • Rinsing with sea salt water
  • Practice tongue scraping
  • Protect and preserve your gums, mouth and teeth
  • Use baking soda to clean and rinse your mouth
  • Use essential oils
  • Wear a mouth guard and night guard

Today we revealed some serious concerns regarding dental treatments and root canals.  While we may not be able to avoid all dental problems we now have some simple steps to help protect our gums and teeth from unnecessary complications and contamination.  Being educated and empowered with this information will help us avoid root canals and other sources of dental problems.

This Great NEWS post …Are Root Canals Health Hazards clearly outlines reasons that they pose a serious health risk to all children, men and women who have them.  The goal is to help people be aware about preventive dental hygiene and encourage them to seek help from a biological and holistic dentist.  Applying what you learned from “Are Root Canals Health Hazards” will help you protect your family and self from dental problems and root canals to be even happier and healthier.

What is your current Gap?

How many sources of dental challenges are you exposed to?  The average person is applying and eating more toxic substances than they realize.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help you reduce your dental health exposure? For a detailed warning about root canals from a doctor go to: Dangerous Dental Procedure:

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding root canals?  What else can you do to stop harmful habits and start making healthy lifestyle choices for even better dental health?

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