The previous Great NEWS post asked Are Root Canals Health Hazards and today we ponder Are Cell Phones Health Hazards? This post is important for the health of all children, men and women because cell phones have become part of our daily lives and can increase certain health risks. We have become accustomed to them and take for grated potential health hazards and safety issues. Cell phones pose a high health risk for several reasons to be covered today. This post will answer Are Cell Phones Health Hazards and suggest ideas to help you minimize your risks from cell phones.

The Great NEWS Coach Health Hazards series is designed to alert readers to risks that can rob us of our happiness and health. Cell phones pose several risks that can result in death, disease, dismemberment and disability. Yes this is serious stuff so please read on.

Cell phones can be a helpful tool or dangerous weapon as you will soon learn. They are the high technology game changer that is connecting the world while at the same time leading to abuse and misuse by contributing to unfortunate death, destruction and disease.

Talking on Cellphone

The cell phone manufactures and telecommunications companies have been slow in notifying the public about the risks and warnings regarding cell phones and cell phone towers.

The cell phone manufacturers and telecommunications companies have been slow in notifying the public about the risks and warnings regarding cell phones and cell phone towers. By not educating the public enough to the long term health ramifications of cell phones and cell towers they have been complacent in protecting our health and well being. There is significant evidence that cell phones and cell towers have been a contributor to health and safety issues in many ways.

Cell phones depend on cell phone towers to receive and send signals in the form of Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation. While it is very difficult to avoid cell phone radiation completely due to the number of cell phones and cell towers, we must find ways to avoid and reduce our exposure in every way possible.

Doctors, researchers and scientists have discovered significant evidence that cell phone radiation is similar to other forms of radiation which can contribute to health issues like:  cancer, cellular damage, disease, DNA damage, genetic disruption, hormone problems, mental impairment and organ problems. Since cell phones have become a common communications device over a billion people are being exposed to cell phone radiation on a regular basis.

Many people are confused about cell phone and cell tower radiation due to confusing messages, empathy and lack of industry warnings. They do not realize that cell phones and cell towers receive and send EMF radiation constantly. Depending on the duration, proximity and strength this EMF radiation can affect human cells and cause damage. Brain, endocrine glands, nerves cells and reproductive tissues including eggs and sperm have been found to be particularly susceptible to EMF radiation damage.

Awareness of cell phone and cell tower dangers is essential in order to promote health, safety and environmental awareness and protection strategies. Common sense tells us to practice proper protective procedures when dealing with EMF radiation in order to protect ourselves. Most people do not connect the dots and see the big picture when it comes to cell phone and cell tower EMF radiation for their mental and physical health and well being.

Woman with Cell

Most of us have been complacent regarding the potential damage from cell phones and cell towers.

Our body’s cells depend on a flow of natural energy, information, nutrition and vibration for function and health. Cell phones use EMF radiation in the microwave range which can expose us to excessive disruptive radiation. Like a microwave oven this EMF radiation can cook and damage our cells.

Most of us have been complacent regarding the potential damage from cell phones and cell towers. This could be the result of deceptive or defensive attempts by the cell phone industries to focus our attention on the connection and convenience benefits offered by cell phones as they generate billions of dollars in revenue. Unfortunately too many people have placed too much trust in cell phone technologies and remain in the dark regarding the full range of dangers from cell phone usage and cell EMF radiation.

Are Cell phones Health Hazards?

While many groups, individuals and organizations downplay the dangers and risks of cell phones and cell towers it is well documented they can have a major impact on our health and well being. Cell phones and the EMF radiation they utilize are a major health hazard. Consider that many businesses, cities, communities, counties, countries and even military bases have created regulations and rules regarding the safe use of cell phones for children and adults. This includes driving, operating equipment and usage.

They have realized that using cell phones create health hazards due to the consequences and health problems that have occurred. What do these groups know that we should know so we protect our selves for long term happiness and health?

Stop Harmful Cell Phone Habits

Woman on Phone

Talking on a cell phone while in buses, planes and trains is annoying to others and can result in personal information disclosure

Using cell phones at the wrong times or in the wrong ways can be a disaster waiting for a place and time to happen. Cell phone habits and health hazards to minimize and stop include:

  • Avoid holding and talking on a cell phone while driving
  • Avoid holding a cell phone next to your brain
  • Avoid wearing a blue tooth device constantly
  • Avoid carrying a cell phone near you (belt, body, bra or pocket)
  • Avoid carrying a cell phone near sexual glands and organs
  • Avoid sleeping with a cell phone in the room or within hearing range
  • Children and teens on cell phones are distracted and vulnerable
  • Minimize cell phone and cell tower EMF radiation
  • Talking on a cell phone while in buses, planes and trains is annoying to others and can result in personal information disclosure
  • Texting while driving is a dangerous death wish

Start Using Cell Phone Protection Strategies

When we stop creating bigger problems and start creating better solutions we will enjoy even more happiness and health in our life. There are simple steps to reduce your risks when using cell phones.

  • Avoid carrying a cell phone directly on your body. Backpacks and purses help.
  • Avoid long cell phone conversations that can distract your driving
  • Avoid living or working near cell phone towers
  • Avoid texting while driving
  • Avoid reading emails and text messages while driving
  • Find an EMF radiation shielding device to protect your body
  • Keep a cell phone away from the ear to protect our brain
  • Keep conversations short while driving in traffic (voice messages are even better)
  • Keep cell phones away from children
  • Recycle old cell phones to keep toxins out of land fills
  • Teach children safe cell phone habits and usage
  • Use the speaker for hands free operation
  • Use an EMF shielded ear phone or wireless device
  • Use programmed dialing and voice recognition for calls

Today we revealed some serious concerns and health hazards regarding cell phones and cell towers.  While we may not be able to avoid all cell phone usage we now have some simple suggestions to help protect you and your family from unnecessary hazards and risks associated with cell phones.  Being better educated and empowered with this information will help us avoid the dangers related to cell phones and cell towers.

This Great NEWS post …Are Cell Phones Health Hazards reveals smart steps you can implement to protect your self and family from the potential health risks associated with cell phones and cell EMF radiation.   The goal is to help people become more aware of simple protective measures to help minimize the health, safety and environmental risk factors from cell phone usage.  Reading “Are Cell Phones Health Hazards” will help you protect you and your family from cell phone related health and welfare factors that could impact your long term happiness and health.

What is your current Gap?

How many sources of cell phone health hazards are you gambling on?  The average cell phone user today is typically unaware of the serious consequences of casual and unprotected cell phone interactions.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help you reduce your cell phone EMF radiation and risk exposure? For a detailed warning about cell phone risks search the internet or go to Environmental Working Group:

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding cell phones?  What else can you do to stop harmful cell phone habits and start using them with more caution for even better health?

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