The previous Great NEWS post asked Are Cell Phones Health Hazards and today we focus on food and Are Baby Foods Health Hazards? This post is important for the health of all infants, newborns and toddlers because commercial baby foods have become the baby steps into the Standard American Diet Disaster (SADD) and increasing certain health risks. Parents have become accustomed to buying baby foods without reading the ingredients or understanding the labels. Baby foods pose a high health risk for several reasons. This post will answer; Are Baby Foods Health Hazards and suggest simple ideas to help you provide delicious and nutritious baby foods for children.

The Great NEWS Coach Health Hazards series is passionate about alerting readers to common health hazards that can harm our happiness and health. Baby Foods pose several risks that may result in diabetes, digestion issues, disease, obesity and premature death, stunted body and brain development. Yes what you feed a baby is very important for every area of their development so please begin implementing this important information.

Baby Food

Parents must be careful at guarding their children from harm that could result from eating these fake, fast and junk baby foods disguised as healthy.

Baby foods can be a healthy or harmful based on the ingredients, processing and sources as you are about to learn. They are the foods our children first consume after being breast fed. Commercial baby food companies are utilizing biotechnology crops, modern marketing and technology production systems to create fake, fast and junk foods to sell to adults to feed children. Parents must be careful at guarding their children from harm that could result from eating these fake, fast and junk baby foods disguised as healthy.

The baby food manufactures and marketing companies are determined to sell you what they want your children to eat based more on convenience, profitability and shelf life. They have been slow in disclosing, educating and informing the public about the ingredients and potential risks in baby foods. By not educating the public enough to the long term health ramifications of baby food ingredients and processing they have been complacent in protecting the health and well being of our children and future generations. There is significant evidence that baby foods have been a significant contributor to developmental, health and learning issues in several ways.

Commercial baby food companies depend on commercial food producers for the ingredients to produce their products. Since most commercial growers are using Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) like Canola, Corn, Soy and Sugar Beets the primary source of foods are GMO based. In addition the high use of commercial fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides results in food crops being a transporter of these synthetic chemicals to our children. While at first it may seem difficult to avoid baby food chemical contamination we must find ways to avoid and reduce our exposure in every way possible.

For decade’s doctors, researchers and scientists have found significant evidence that chemical contamination from our food and environment are leading causes of many childhood difficulties and diseases. Baby food concoctions, contamination and creations are now a well established starting point for the harmful Standard American Diet Disaster (SADD) which contributes to health issues like: cancer, cellular damage, diabetes, disease, DNA damage, genetic disruption, hormone problems, learning issues, mental impairment, obesity, organ problems. Since commercial baby foods and baby formula became a common and convenient staple over a billion children have been exposed to unhealthy foods starting at a very young age.

Many parents are brainwashed and confused about how and what to feed their children due to deceptive dietary practices, lax industry standards, marketing money machines and manipulation of misguided and outdated government guidelines and policies. Most people do not realize that baby food is a billion dollar business that sets the stage for many future behaviors, habits and rituals as children grow up with a faulty and flawed food foundation.

Quality baby food depends on the ingredients, manufacturing, preparation, processing, source and storage of foods used. One weak link in the food chain can affect a baby’s behavior, body and brain for life. A baby’s brain, endocrine glands, nerves cells and reproductive tissues including eggs and sperm are highly susceptible to damage by contaminated beverages and foods they consume.

Awareness of baby food heath hazards is the responsibility for all members of society because what baby’s eat will affect every aspect of our social system and success. We must learn to promote health, safety and environmental protection programs to insure that after optimal breast feeding the baby foods to follow are the best foods possible. Common sense tells us to prepare proper portions of nutrient dense whole foods for happy and healthy children. Most people can not see the forest for the trees when it comes to baby food choices and future eating behaviors and habits affecting children’s emotional, mental and physical health and well being.


Babies depend on us to provide great nutrition for their development, health and vitality.

Babies depend on us to provide great nutrition for their development, health and vitality. Low quality baby foods can cause long term damage and disruption that affects children for life. Like a mighty oak tree that can live over 100 years; without adequate beneficial bacteria, enzymes, nutrients, minerals, phyto-nutrients, sun, surroundings, trace elements and water it cannot reach its full longevity, maturity and potential.

Most consumers are deceived by the baby food industry regarding the additives, colorings, ingredients, labeling, processing and recipes associated with their products. Could this be the result of a deliberate attempt to divert our attention away from the health hazards as they make billions and get baby’s addicted to fake, fast and junk foods loaded with highly processed, refined and sugary formulas? Unfortunately too many parents lack the skills and training to choose healthy adult foods let alone healthy baby foods. We place too much trust in baby food and big agriculture companies which keep us in the dark and ignorant of what goes on behind the closed doors and secret screens hiding the growing, manufacturing and producing of modern foods.

Are Baby Foods Health Hazards?

While many companies, individuals and organizations downplay the dangers and risks of modern baby foods it has been well documented they have a significant impact on our children’s health for the short and long term. Most commercial baby foods are fake, fast and junk foods that replicate the SADD and start infants on the path to even more health hazards in the future. Thank goodness that many parents are wising up to the baby food dilemma and making their own and seeking healthier alternatives.

Many parents have come to realize that baby food companies are more interested in making big bucks rather than being too concerned about the consequences and health problems that result from excessive use of additives, chemicals, colorings, flavorings, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), pesticides, preservatives, processing, refining, sugars and unhealthy ingredients. More parents must learn baby food and children food basics in order to protect their children’s long term happiness and health.

Stop Buying Harmful Baby Food

Baby Eating

Most commercial baby foods are considered a health hazard due to the unhealthy ingredients and processing.

Buying and serving unhealthy foods to our children is like planting poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac in your yard. It is only a matter of time before it takes over and causes everyone in the family major problems. Most commercial baby foods are considered a health hazard due to the unhealthy ingredients and processing. Since “children are what they eat”, as parents we must minimize and stop buying and feeding them commercial fake, fast and junk foods:

  • Avoid baby formulas which contain commercial dairy with antibiotics, GMO animal feed and hormones
  • Avoid formulas which contain herbicides, pesticides and GMO soy
  • Avoid baby and children cereals and foods which contain GMO corn, GMO soy, GMO High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and synthetic vitamins.
  • Avoid fruit drinks and juices which are concentrated sugars.
  • Avoid giving your children energy drinks and sodas. Water with a dash of sea salt, fresh lemon, lime or green powder is optimal.
  • Avoid buying commercial homogenized dairy products like cheese, milk and yogurt to avoid antibiotics, GMO feeds, hormones, herbicides and pesticides. Buy free range organic animal products..
  • Avoid commercial Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) raised meats to avoid antibiotics, GMO feeds, hormones, herbicides and pesticides. Choose organic grass fed beef and organic free range eggs and poultry only.
  • Avoid commercial farm raised fish fed animal by products, antibiotics, grains and colorings.
  • Avoid cooked and processed fruit in cans, cups and jars. Children need fresh whole foods instead.
  • Avoid highly processed and refined biscuits, breads, cakes, cereals, cookies, crackers that consist of sugars and white flour.
  • Avoid giving infants a commercially processed formula or milk bottle.
  • Minimize all processed and refined foods for children.

Start Smart Baby Food Habits

Cute Baby Girl

When we stop buying commercial baby foods and start finding better solutions our children will enjoy even more happiness and health in their early years and through out their life.

When we stop buying commercial baby foods and start finding better solutions our children will enjoy even more happiness and health in their early years and through out their life. There are some simple steps to start providing delicious and nutritious baby and toddler foods.

  • To insure a healthy start in life babies must be breast fed for at least 6 to 12 months. Many mothers have found that even longer is optimal. This will help the baby and mother to bond. It is also important for the mother to reduce her stored fat reserves. Breast milk is the perfect food with everything the baby needs. It will also boost the child’s immune system, mental and physical development.
  • While some will argue and falsely claim baby formula is easier and just as good this simply is not true. The easiest thing is to feed the baby how and what our creator intended which is breast feeding.
  • Raw organic goat milk is very similar in composition to human milk.
  • While not as optimal there are organic dairy formulas that can be used to supplement breast feeding for those that need it.
  • For centuries mothers have also used nut and seed milks as a supplemental food source. Properly soaked nuts and seeds like almonds, Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sesame seed, sunflower seeds and walnuts have been turned into nut and seed milks fed to infants. This is a great strategy to be fit and healthy for life.
  • Coconut milk and coconut water have also been used extensively around the world and are amazing super foods for children of all ages.
  • While some cultures do make soy milk it requires a very special procedure and process to properly culture and deactivate the defensive compounds that exist in dried soy beans which serve as a protective mechanism.
  • After breast feeding for a significant time parents have introduced whole foods to infants that are easy to consume like fruits or have been prepared specially for infants and toddlers.
  • Blending, chewing or a food processor is a great way to break down fresh eggs, fruits, greens, meats, roots, tubers and veggies for infants.

Today we revealed some serious concerns and health hazards regarding baby foods. While we may not be able to avoid all baby food usage we now have some simple suggestions to help provide our infants and toddlers delicious and nutritious healthy whole foods the majority of the time. Being better educated and empowered with this information will help us avoid the dangers related to commercial fake, fast and junk baby foods.

This Great NEWS post regarding “Are Baby Foods Health Hazards“ reveals smart steps that can be implemented to protect our children from the potential health risks associated with commercial baby foods. The goal is to help parents become even more aware of the risks of being penny wise and pound foolish and cutting corners by using commercial baby foods. Nursing and preparing whole foods will minimize the developmental and health risk factors associated with using commercial baby foods. Learning and understanding the important message in “Are Baby Foods Health Hazards” will help protect our children and family’s with health and well being strategies to help insure their long term happiness and health.

What is your current Gap?

How many unhealthy baby food health hazards are you exposing children, grandchildren, nephews or nieces to? The average child (newborn, infant, toddler and youth) is typically surrounded and trained with unhealthy food choices by the adults and teens in their life. Even with good intentions these influences are typically unaware and uneducated about the short and long term health risks associated with food choices and habits established early on.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help you make better choices for baby foods and adult foods for that matter? Cereal is a health hazard and unhealthy food due to artificial food colorings, GMO ingredients, HFCS, sugar and synthetic vitamins. Read more about how Synthetic Vitamins in Cereal are Harming Children.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding baby foods and formula? What else can you do to stop making harmful baby food choices and start making healthy baby food choices instead?

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