The 2015 Great NEWS posts enjoy sharing Healthy Habits to promote happiness, health and harmony success strategies. Today’s post is about a new Belize Eco Village and Sustainable Living master plan. This information may provide insights for those eager to design, build and live sustainable in eco communities and committed to long term ecological balance, quality of life and wellness. My goal for today’s post is to share additional ideas and plans for this new eco community being created in Belize.

For the last two years we have been busy learning the lay of the land to create a land plan for our master planned eco community. Six trips in 2015 have been focused on observing the fauna, flora and flow of the property and surrounding area. By studying the plants, seasons, terrain and weather  it is easier to design, build and live in harmony within an eco friendly sustainable living community.

Sunset in Belize

Great resources and role models are essential to help with being aware and conscious of the earth, ecology and environment.

One of the first key aspects of land planning is to identify clear values, vision and a very experienced advisory team offering guidance for your path and progress. Great resources and role models are essential to help with being aware and conscious of the earth, ecology and environment. They will go a long way to educate and enhance our master planned sustainable living community and reforestation project.

Once we had a good feel for the unique aspects of various government departments and regulations, people projects planned, property, surrounding areas, vegetation and weather it was time to begin creating an eco village master plan. After recruiting the advisory team and construction and development team it will be time to focus on the budgeting, financial guidelines, future community residents, funding  property utilization, resource management and realistic progress to begin creating a practical timeline.

To maximize rapid results and minimize learning life lessons it is imperative to seek out experienced experts for buildings, construction guidelines and restrictions, drainage, landscaping, roads, topography, utilities, vegetation, waste management and water sources. My key goal for 2015 was to create a basic land plan draft. Main first year outcomes included planting flowering plants, food trees, hardwood reforestation and shade trees during the rainy season to help provide better plant diversity and insure better plant suitability during the dry season. Plantings included: over twenty coconut, twenty mango, forty moringa, fifty madre cacao, thirty sea almonds, fifty mahogany seedlings, fifty cedar seedlings and several hundred mahogany seeds planted. The entire highway frontage was selectively cleared and planted with bougainvillea and hibiscus. Additional miscellaneous plantings included acerola cherry, cactus, cacao, cashew, chaya, flamboyant trees, palms, papaya, soursop and teak trees.

Creating an organic permaculture food forest and reforestation project in harmony with the land and local weather will create a more sustainable environment. Organic food forests and permaculture plantings require a good awareness of the local ecosystem and long term environmental impact of decisions made. Organic food forests and permaculture gardens in green spaces will surround the future homes. These will provide fantastic flowers, foods and fragrances to delight your taste buds, entic your nostrils and nourish your body, mind and spirit.

Planting a wide variety of diverse seedlings and seeds today will start the process to manifest a magnificent ecosystem that will benefit all organisms in the community together. Our key goal is to design, build and live in a way that promotes sustainable and our eco community near Maya Centre Village, Belize. A high priority after having electricity installed on the property is to begin construction of the eco community buildings for bathroom facilities, bed and breakfast, caretaker houses, dining and kitchen, guest houses, palapa, parking, washing machine facility and walkways.  We are planning to make extensive use of Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEB) made with local clay, sand and less than 10% cement. After attending the DwellEarth training my contractor Carlos Reyes and I are eager to begin building with this eco building material with a proven track record in 44 countries.

Monkey Bay

Who you surround yourself with on a consistent and regular basis goes a long way in determining the progress and results you attain.

Five trips in 2015 have been devoted to clearing brush, permaculture planning and planting seeds and seedlings. The strategic meetings with Christopher Nesbitt a permaculture teacher and resident managing the Maya Mountain Research Farm and Matt and Marga Miller at Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary have been extremely helpful in planning the projects. I am super excited that Christopher and Matt have agreed to be on the advisory board to help guide us with permaculture principles and proven business strategies to offer valuable insights to help us design, build and live sustainable community in our paradise in Belize.

Experts like Christopher, Marga and Matt each with 30 years of valuable experience in Belize will be instrumental to our success. With access to additional experts like Ken McKenzie with the Design Build Live – Natural Building Sustainable Living organization in Austin, Texas we have a great community and network committed to being green and sustainable. Our advisory board and construction and development team are being carefully chosen based on proven abilities and desires to collaborate and cooperate  to help us create an amazing eco community and sustainable lifestyle that is in harmony with the earth, ecology and environment of our Belize Caribbean paradise.

Who you surround yourself with on a consistent and regular basis goes a long way in determining the progress and results you attain. Our body, heart, mind and spirit are driving our planning and thinking to make this eco community a true piece of paradise. We are actively seeking a team with the right stuff and the energy, health and vitality to create a holistic health  habitat offering magic moments and a wonderful world of wellness.

Beneficial Beliefs for Building Better in Belize

  • Possible name consideration. Garden of Eden Belize Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Attraction factors for guests, investors, residents: Values, Vibration and Vision – Happy, Harmony, Healthy & Holistic
  • Belize rainforests, reefs, reserves, rivers, ruins and rustic adventure.
  • Retreat center for rapid results to rebalance, reboot, rebuild, re-energizer, refresh, regenerate, reinvent, rejuvenate, raving relationships, relax, romance, repair, reprogram, revitalize, rest and restore body, mind and spirit
  • Belize sanctuary with the sights, smells, sounds and stimulation of Mother Nature and natural beauty
  • Design, build live in a beautiful, healthy, vibrant sustainable living eco friendly community
  • Focus on a higher consciousness and sustainable living lifestyle
  • Conscious, cooperative and curious lifestyle in an earth friendly sustainable living based eco village
  • Compressed Stabilized Earth Block (CSEB) Eco construction and eco-houses with dedicated green spaces and organic gardens
  • Minimal external energy usage and maximum off-grid living features (biofuels, LED lights, solar and wind power systems)
  • Anti-aging, holistic and longevity lifestyle support systems
  • Grow our own nutrient dense organic whole foods
  • Natural living dedicated to food forests, organic gardens, permaculture, renewable and sustainable living food systems.
  • Recycle, redesign, reduce, repair, repurpose and reuse all things possible
  • Minimize our food footprint with organic food, raw foods and wild foods
  • Eco homes based on minimal carbon footprint and sustainable construction
  • Minimize water footprint. Rain catchment, storage and utilization for each building.
  • Black and gray waste water systems.
  • Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEB) earth friendly home construction
  • Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) technology
  • Design and plans include LED lighting. No compact florescent lights (CFL) allowed
  • Natural landscaping and nursery plants and services with healing, medicinal, native and therapeutic plants.
  • Living and loving nature (biking, birding, canoeing, gardening, hiking, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, walking)
  • Eco-tours (Beach, birds, cacao, canoe, fitness, islands, kayak, medicinal plants, meditation, orchids, palms, reefs, river, ruins, snorkeling, tubing, wildlife and yoga tours)
  • Exercise and fitness programs for energy, health, longevity, rehabilitation, resilience and vitality
  • Exercise and fitness in nature (Body Weight, MovNat, Peak 8, Pilates, Running, Swimming, TRX, Walking, Yoga)
  • Ayurveda, meditation, mindfulness, yoga and zen practices
  • Tree in Rainforest

    Reforestation with flowering trees, fruit trees and hardwoods is part of the plan.

    Cleanse, detox and energize retreats and seminars

  • Organic gardens and permaculture principles
  • Aquaponics Agriculture: Fish and Green Foods system
  • Reforestation with flowering trees, fruit trees and hardwoods
  • Abundant avocado, cacao, coconut and fruit trees
  • Healing herbs and medicinal plants grown. Mayan medicine principles promoted
  • Happy and healthy habitat for peace of body, mind and spirit
  • Belize sanctuary for happy, healthy and holistic families
  • Beautiful bed and breakfast for guests, travelers and visitors
  • Restaurant and rest stop for travelers
  • Homes for Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO)

The Healthy Habits 2015 series is excited to share simple steps to help improve our happiness, harmony and health. This post shared the values and vision guiding our eco community in southern Belize. Our programs and progress may entice you to become a member of our amazing advisory board, construction and development team, family, fans, followers, friends, guests, interns, residents and volunteers creating a permaculture paradise and eco friendly community.

What is your current Gap?

How curious are you about the rainforests, reefs, rivers, ruins and rustic adventures waiting for you in Belize? Do Mayan Medicines, Mountains, and Myths awake curiosity and wonder within you you?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

Two organizations committed to doing their part to promote and protect Belize are the Belize Audubon Society and Belize Tourist Board. Both are doing a great job of educating, promoting and protecting areas of Belize that will help insure valuable resources are available for generations to come. During my recent visits to Belize I learned a great deal about the many projects both of these organizations are involved with to help maintain the eco tourism Belize.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the shared values, vibration and vision for our master planned eco community in Belize? What other ideas and inspiration will help motivate you to plan a trip to the rainforests, reefs, rivers, ruins and rustic adventure in Belize? What will you do to make your beliefs, behaviors and beverages healthier which will in turn help make your life better and more eco friendly?

Next week the Great NEWS blog will share:

Belize Eco Village (Part III)

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