The 2015 Great NEWS posts enjoy sharing Healthy Habits to promote happiness, health and harmony success strategies. Today’s post is about a new Belize Eco Village and Sustainable Living master plan. This information may provide insights for those eager to design, build and live sustainably in eco villages committed to long term ecological balance, quality of life and wellness. My goal for today’s post is to share ideas and plans for this new eco community being created in Belize.

We have been busy learning the lay of the land to create a land plan for our master planned eco village. My last five trips have been focused on observing the fauna, flora and flow of the property and surrounding area. By studying the plants, seasons, terrain and weather patterns it is easier to design, build and live in harmony within an eco village. One of the first key aspects of land planning is to have clear values, vision and a very experienced advisory team guiding your path and progress. Tapping into great resources and role models that are aware and conscious of the earth, ecology and environment will go a long way to enhance our master planned eco village.

Belize Waterfall

By studying the plants, seasons, terrain and weather patterns it is easier to design, build and live in harmony within an eco community.

Once we had a good feel for the unique aspects of local government departments and regulations, people projects planned, property, surrounding areas, vegetation and weather it was time to begin creating an eco community master plan. In addition to contemplating the  advisory team, budgeting, construction and development team, financial guidelines, future community residents, funding  property utilization, resource management and realistic progress it was time to begin creating a practical timeline. When it comes to buildings, construction guidelines and restrictions, drainage, landscaping, roads, topography, utilities, vegetation, waste management and water sources there are a lot of moving parts to take into consideration.

A key part of the 2015 land plan included planting flowering plants, food trees, hardwood reforestation and shade trees during the rainy season to help provide better plant diversity and insure survivability during the dry season. I am happy to say that over twenty coconut, twenty mango, forty moringa, fifty madre cacao, thirty sea almonds, fifty mahogany seedlings, fifty cedar seedlings and several hundred mahogany seeds were planted. We also planted the entire highway frontage with bougainvillea and hibiscus. Additional miscellaneous plantings included acerola cherry, cactus, cacao, cashews, chaya, flamboyant trees, palms, papaya, soursop and teak trees.

Creating an organic permaculture food forest and reforestation project in harmony with the land and local weather will create a more sustainable environment for all. Organic foods, forests and permaculture plantings require a good awareness of the local ecosystem and long term environmental impact of decisions made. Imagine an organic food forests and permaculture gardens around your home. These will provide fantastic flowers, foods and fragrances to delight your taste buds, entic your nostrils and nourish your body, mind and spirit. Planting a wide variety of diverse seedlings and seeds today will help manifest a magnificent ecosystem that will benefit all organisms in the community together. Our key goal is to design, build and live sustainably in our eco community near Maya Centre Village, Belize. A high priority after having electricity installed on the property is to begin construction of the eco community buildings for bathroom facilities, bed and breakfast, caretaker houses, dining and kitchen, guest houses, palapa, parking, washing machine facility and walkways.

See the previous post regarding Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEB) made with local clay, sand and less than 10% cement to be used as our main construction material. Having attended the DwellEarth training my contractor and I are eager and ready to begin building with this ultra eco friendly material that has a proven track record in 44 countries around the globe.

The last four trips have been devoted to clearing brush, permaculture planning and planting seeds and seedlings. The strategic meetings with Christopher Nesbitt a long term resident and permaculture teacher managing the Maya Mountain Research Farm and Matt and Marga Miller at Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary have been extremely helpful in planning the projects. I am super excited to report Christopher and Matt have agreed to be members of the advisory board to help assist and teach us permaculture principles and proven business strategies to help with planning our design, build and live eco friendly community for sustainable living in the Garden of Eden, Belize.

With the wide variety of activities exploring the rainforests, reefs, rivers, ruins and rustic life in Belize it will be very valuable to access experts like Christopher, Marga and Matt each with 30 years of valuable experience to share. The plan is to design, build and live in a sustainable way within a great community and network. Our advisory board and construction and development team are being chosen based on proven abilities and desires to collaborate and cooperate  so we create an amazing eco community and sustainable lifestyle to be in harmony with the earth, ecology and environment of the Belize Caribbean paradise.

Most people are all well aware that we are the cumulative cause, effect and result of the world we surround our self’s on a consistent and regular basis. What we breathe, drink, eat, feel, hear, see, smell, taste, think and touch we become. Our body, mind and spirit can be depleted or nourished by our cumulative life experiences. To have energy, health and vitality we must do our part to immerse yourself in optimal conditions for magic moments and peak performance to occur.

Beautiful in Belize

Local Belize People

Our body, mind and spirit can be depleted or nourished by our cumulative life experiences.

Lets look at some of the key concepts planned to help enhance our overall health and well being within the developing eco village in Belize.

Our Belize Sanctuary is a new master planned eco friendly community for sustainable living being developed on 149 acres of land within the Red Creek Biological Reserve in the Stann Creek district of Belize. It is about 1.5 miles south of Maya Centre Village, on the southern highway past mile marker 16.  It is near the master planned communities of Kanantik Belize (5,800 acres) and Sanctuary Belize (14,000 acres). It is being designed as an ecology and environmentally friendly green and sustainable community focused on building eco-minded businesses, eco-construction, eco-tourism, educational experiences, healthy lifestyle, local organic food and permaculture as well as a holistic health, meditation, yoga and wellness center.

It will consist of a wide variety of eco friendly businesses committed to creating a master planned community building eco housing for guests, residents and tourists. Significant land will be devoted to green spaces, organic permaculture farm and community infrastructures. In the future lots will be offered for investors and residents eager to build a second home or retirement home using earth-friendly Compressed Stabilized Earth Block (CSEB) construction.

We are in the design and planning stage to build a few houses for hosting a small team of dedicated, determined and driven eco enthusiasts. With the right global team of hard working and passionate eco minded individuals we will build and develop the first phases of community infrastructure and structures for a thriving eco village.

After showing their commitment to our Belize  Sanctuary Eco Village for at least one year, we’d like interns, volunteers and workers to continue living on the land and invest in a lot in the community. This will be a holistic health community and special sanctuary for a team of dedicated people who chose to live together in a master planned community with a common purpose and working in cooperation to create a lifestyle that reflects shared core values and vision.

Our core values are based on incorporating the proven principles and sustainable living systems of black/grey waste water systems, composting, cooperative community, ecology, organic gardening, permaculture, recycling, reducing our carbon footprint, self-sufficiency, solar and wind power and sustainability into our daily lives. We plan to have a central community meeting, service and wellness center, eco friendly lots and home sites, organic food forest as well as chickens, guinea fowl and goats.

We are attracting members to live their passion and purpose and support each other with collaboration, communication and cooperation. We envision a team aptitude and attitude that will band and bond us together to help support each member of the community to create the life of their dreams. We are all in this together and as an eco community we create a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Our Belize Sanctuary Eco Village aims to have a global outreach to like-minded communities as well as invite local citizens of Belize to be a part of our vision. We plan to add massive value to the expat, local and visitor community as the foundation for managing our facilities and finances. This will fuel our growth and revenues to maintain and sustain our values, vibration and vision. We will invite open minded families, friends and fans into our ever-expanding circles of enthusiastic newbies, veterans and visitors to come to the eco village and participate in our eco friendly sustainable lifestyle.

Pair of Goats

We plan to have a central community meeting, service and wellness center, eco friendly lots and homesites, organic food forest as well as chickens, guinea fowl and goats.

We will actively engage with local and international communities by exchanging fun, housing, knowledge, labor, meals, resources and wisdom. At Belize Sanctuary Eco Community, we think it’s very important to be good Samaritans, stewards and students as we share the how-to and in sights helping each other to live long and prosper.

One of our primary goals is to create a warm and welcoming wellness center that attracts holistic health experts to host their events and seminars at our community complex. One of our highest priorities is to serve veterans and other groups that are challenged with emotional, mental and physical issues and offer them affordable options to discover the wide variety of healing benefits offered by alternative and complimentary procedures, protocols and therapies.

We are blessed to be located across the road from a planned medical tourism facility that will also be offering a wide range of alternative and complementary medical options and services. Stayed tuned for more information as our happy and healthy sustainable living community develops.

The shared values, vibration and vision of our eco community help provide some insight for a person to determine if this project might be one to enhance their happiness, harmony and health. The proven principles that everything in our life affects everything about our life is even more apparent as we take more trips around the sun. We plan to access the beautiful Mayan culture and wisdom in Belize by creating an eco community to  balance, benefit and restore our health, resiliency and vitality. We will manifest an environment and lifestyle for maintaining our state of happiness, health and well being so stay tuned for progress reports and updates.

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2015 series is excited to share simple steps to help improve our happiness, harmony and health. This post shared the evolving vision for an eco community in southern Belize. Following our progress may position you to become a member of our advisory board, construction and development team, family, fans, followers, friends, guests, interns, residents and volunteers creating an eco community and permaculture paradise.

What is your current Gap?

Do Mayan Medicines, Mountains and Myths call out to you? How curious are you about the Belize rainforest, reefs, reserves, rivers, ruins and rustic adventure waiting for you?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

Two organizations committed to doing their part to promote and protect Belize are the Mayan Mountain Research Farm and Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. Both are doing a great job of educating, promoting and protecting areas of Belize that will help insure valuable resources are available for generations to come. During my recent visits to Belize I learned a great deal about the many projects both of these organizations are involved with to help maintain the natural fauna, flora and wildlife of Belize.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the shared values, vibration and vision for our new eco community evolving in Belize? What other ideas and inspiration will help motivate you to plan a trip to the rainforests, reefs, rivers, ruins and rustic adventure in Belize soon? What will you do to make your beliefs, behaviors and beverages healthier which will in turn help make your life better and more eco friendly?

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