Shaking HandsWelcome to the Belize Eco Village Bulletin 10 update for our master-planned eco-community based on sustainability. If you share our values, virtues, and visions we are eager to hear from you regarding our planning, planting, and progress posted on the first Thursday of the month. As more eco-friendly people are reaching out to find a tribe we hope you consider our Belize Eco Village and decide if it is right for you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. We are eager to share our exciting experiences and lessons learned to help others and ask for your help as well. A special thanks to Don Norris for his construction experience and support along with Abram Froese for help with dirt work and our new water well. This is Feb 14 to 21 trip progress report with many exciting things to celebrate.

Stabilized Compressed Earth Block Home #1 & #2

We started SCEB Homes #1 and #2 in May and both now have the roofs on. In spite of many delays, distractions, and dumb luck the crew will renew working on plastering and roofing to finish the exterior. The steel studs and reflective roof material looks stellar, strong and stunning compared to any house in Belize. The crew stopped work late November due to excessive rain and other issues (like my fractured tibia) until I could heal and return to inspect the work in February. We now know the roof steel frame is less expensive, looks great, saves trees and will stay stronger far longer than wood. The SCEB walls and metal roof with the shiny silver exterior are reducing heat inside by reflecting sunlight outside better than other roofing or wall materials.

House in BelizeNext steps are for the crew to start on the plastering coat of the cosmetic corners and foundations. Also, the roof wood flashing will need to be removed and redone to a more optimal size with a 2X4 reinforced purlin behind the flashing board. Then they can install the rain gutters and water storage tanks. Then during the dry season, the septic systems will be dug and installed. Then they install the doors and windows so the bathrooms, electrical and plumbing can be installed

Rain and standing water have been the biggest factors hindering our planning, planting, and progress for the last 8 months. The caretaker family and project supervisor will share one of the completed houses until we can get a fresh start on the caretaker house. Our lime and coconut trees seem to be doing well on the drainage ditches raised dirt berms. The culvert installations are still delayed due to other progress issues. The plans for the bulldozer and excavator to contour additional land, clear more access lanes and boundary lines are on hold until dry season in late March 2019. The water well is now in.

HomeThe Beltraide Executive Investment Summary for Belize Eco Village is now on the Beltraide website thanks to the help of Gian Hernandez and others.  It has been eight years of blood, sweat and tears to finally release this BEV project proposal to the public.  All comments, questions and shares are greatly appreciated.  Gian Hernandez and I attended the Belize American Chamber of Commerce Investment Forum in Houston on February 28th to promote the project. The Beltraide Executive Investment summary proposal listing is here:

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