Welcome to the Belize Eco Village Bulletin 11 update. If you share our values, virtues, and visions we are eager to hear from you regarding our research on building eco homes. As more eco-friendly people are reaching out to find a tribe we hope you consider our Belize Eco Village and decide if it is a good fit for you. We are eager to share our lessons learned to help others and ask for your help as well. We are investigating building a variety of eco green homes. A special thanks to Carlos Reyes for his construction experience and suggestions. This is March 25 to April 1 trip progress report with inside and outside work progress.

Eco VillageIn the last Belize Eco Village Bulletin 10 we announced our Executive Investment Summary is now on the Beltraide website thanks to the help of Gian Hernandez and others. After eight years of blood, sweat, and tears our BEV project proposal is ready for release to the public. All comments, questions, and shares are greatly appreciated. Gian Hernandez and I also attended the Belize American Chamber of Commerce Investment Forum in Houston on February 28th to promote the project. Click here for the Beltraide Executive Investment Summary listing. 

Stabilized Compressed Earth Block

The Stabilized Compressed Earth Block with a galvanized roof has proven to be excellent for building two high-quality homes that stay cool even in sunny tropical Belize. Several challenges occurred in building house 1 and 2 without certain construction equipment. The SCEB houses exceed our expectations but it also exceeds our planned budget, so we are looking for additional ideas and options like monolithic dome homes. We know with each house we will become more efficient. After staying at the Funky Dodo and eating meals in Maya Centre we gathered ideas and designed our bathroom and kitchen. The ideas we learned offer advantages that will require less labor, material and time and therefore lower our construction costs.

Belize Eco VillageThe crew is now working on the shower, sink, and toilet. The showers will not have tile but a concrete shower pan and galvanized metal shower lining. While they have an industrial look they offer long term ease of cleaning and maintenance free durability. The sink is a conventional ceramic basin on a concrete counter and will have a medicine cabinet with a mirror above it. The toilet is American standard with eco-efficient water saving flush. The septic system is being supervised by a retired American plumber. There will be storage space cabinets from floor to wall top. The kitchen will have a double stainless steel sink with drain shelf in front of the kitchen window. The refrigerator goes on the left and the stove goes on the right with a pantry to the right of the stove in the corner. [clearboth]

Window & SinkThis week they will also start on the doors and windows. There is more painting to do outside. Soon they will add the rain gutter and rain catch storage tank. Then we will be ready for the caretaker/security guard to move in with his family.

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