Hiking CoupleWelcome to the thirteenth blog on Positive Progress with Simple Steps. Previously we learned how to reverse constipation and let go naturally. Today we will address another major issue that leads to deteriorating mental and physical health. Too many people are weak, winded and wobbly when it comes to their everyday activities and lifestyle. Many people exercise too little and sit too much. Walking works wonders for anyone and everyone that will make talking and walking a daily routine. As a holistic health coach, my role is to share baby steps that lead to big success when you are committed to upgrading your lifestyle. Our passion and purpose are to share suggestions and simple steps for rapid results.

Talk and Walk Wellness

Talking while walking is so easy and fun to do. Why not combine your desire to communicate with family and friends with the benefits of walking to boost your health and well being? With a little extra planning and preparation, you can significantly increase the benefits accomplished as you talk and walk. Walk outdoors when the weather is good and in a mall or similar place when the weather is less optimal. Here are some simple steps to crank up your walk and accomplish much more in the same amount of time as a normal walk.

Couple HikingBreath walking is a powerful technique to be more mindful as we tune into our walking and the world. This can be very beneficial for our body, mind and spirit wellness. To really connect at a deeper level with someone close, go on a breath walk and see what happens. Learn more about a breath walk from my teacher Gurucharan Singh Khalsa‎ Ph.D. at the Kundalini Research Institute.

Carry a backpack when you walk to give your legs a more beneficial fitness routine. Carry a cell phone and water bottles and add weights as your strength increases.

Carry hand weights or water bottles to give your arms and upper body a wonderful workout. Start light and try different fitness routines while you walk.

Forward, sidewards and backward walking is a great way to develop better all round agility, balance, and fitness. Be sure the path is clear and use caution. New walking patterns develop new neurons in your brain and create a better awareness of the space around us.

HeavyhandsHeavyhands are a custom designed hand weight from AMF that have a padded grip and strap across the back of your hand. The weights can be removed and changed for different weights.

Let off steam while walking to reduce and release stress which is one of the most harmful factors in our modern society.

Lunges & squats while walking is a great way to increase the intensity of a walk and build better endurance.

Ski poles or trekking poles are a unique way to build upper body strength as you also provide better stability and support.

Talking about issues that occurred during the day allows the mind to release the issue rather than hold on and stress out over it.

Walking down and up hills as well as stairs is a great way to build better lung capacity. Focus on breathing as you go up and talking on the way down.

Poles for WalkingWalking can also be turned into High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Power Walking by simply fast walking for 30 seconds and then normal walking for 60 seconds and repeat. Most people stroll and walk slowly so they get some but less than optimal benefits.

Walking can also help improve the quality of your sleep which many people could benefit from. When we talk and walk we can actually be more effective and efficient in our communications and connections. Even standing up and walking in place can improve our communications and connections. More talking and walking is just what the doctor should prescribe for patients struggling with sleep and stress issues. So go out for a talk and walk and enjoy Mother Nature.

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