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The squalls, storms, and struggles are coming to test your survival skills. What is your level of preparedness for the many challenges, disasters, problems, and uncertain times that lie ahead? The media are reporting on droughts, fires, food and fuel shortages, electric grid power issues, and water shortages to get your attention and warn you to prepare. Do you understand the serious situations and potential problems for you and your family in the future? How much time are you investing in preparedness planning? The crazy coronavirus conditions we have endured are a wake-up call and warning of more things to come and what we must prepare for more of in the future.

There are severe food shortages, supply chain issues, and storms brewing around the world, and now is the time to access the mental mindset of a passionate prepper and take the pledge to…Be Prepared. Be Prepared passionate preparedness projects are being promoted by preppers around the planet to be prepared for anything and everything that can disrupt their health, safety, environment, and wellness.

This blog contains some bonus be prepared passionate preparedness projects to focus on.  Be sure to read and maybe reread my previous blogs Emergency Preparedness Checklist, Dehydrated and Dried Foods to Be Prepared, and 33 Tips Passionate Preppers Promote To Be Prepared. These blogs will help you discover hundreds of terrific tips that I have personally researched in anticipation of more adversity and alarming news to come. Since it is impossible to predict when a disaster, severe situation, or weather event will cause significant damage, destruction, and disruption, common sense dictates we identify resources, role models, and real-world preppers now to help us be prepared. Intelligent people will create a massive action plan mindset, preparedness plan, and safety strategy so themselves and their families.  The bonus be prepared passionate preparedness projects will help you be prepared for any severe emergencies, serious situations, or storms that might occur. Many people will be sorry they did not take this serious and may end up sad, sick, and struggling because they were too slow, too stubborn, and too stuck in their self-sabotaging stories.

Being prepared involves being emotionally, mentally, and physically prepared. A passionate prepper is a person who is ready and resilient for whatever chaos, conditions, or confusion may occur and turn our world upside down. This can include chemical spills, fires, flooding, food shortages, HazMat incidents, high winds, natural disasters, or power outages. Now is the perfect time to update and upgrade your family preparedness plans to Be Better Prepared.  This…be prepared passionate preparedness prepper bonus content will help you plan and prepare for various scenarios by doing drills, dry runs, and dress rehearsals.

Medical Supplies

Bonus – Be Prepared Passionate Preparedness Projects

  • Avoid keeping your freezer and refrigerator full when summer or winter storm warnings are being predicted. Use this time to analyze and audit what you have and consume healthy items and remove unhealthy items. Chest freezers are the most efficient way to store frozen food. Be sure to focus on long-term, shelf-stable foods that do not require a refrigerator or freezer in case we experience long-term power outages.
  • Learn how to capture and store greywater and rainwater and use it to water your food forest, garden, house plants, and trees. Water is life for the food you need and you.
  • Find events, meetups, and organizations that share your values, virtues, and vision to be prepared and live sustainably. Now is the time to reach out and find like-minded groups of people. We all need a team and a tribe to weather the storms on the horizon. Find your prepper community, network, team, and tribe resources and role models now so you have time to learn and train with other like-minded people. Great groups to connect and learn include: Permies, Exit and Build, Homesteads of America, Mother Earth News, Paul Wheaton Labs, and Permaculture Institute.
  • The 80/20 Rule is also known as the Pareto Principle. Human dynamics and psychology would predict that 80% of the people will not be prepared and the remaining 20% are somewhat prepared at differing levels of preparedness. To put the best odds in your favor you need to be part of the 20% passionate preparedness prepper group now and improve your preparedness knowledge and skills.
  • Get your prepping and survival stockpile ready before the proverbial Storm Hits The Fan (SHTF). You want to have the things you may need for a prolonged power outage. You do not want to be out in the chaos and confusion and running around like a crazy person when a crisis or storm is bearing down on your area.
  • Financial planning is also an important part of passionate preparedness. Be sure to organize your most important financial documents and files for your protection and safekeeping. Cash is king when the ATMs stop working and the power goes out. Credit cards may not work due to network disruptions and power outages. How much cash do you have immediate access to (within 5 minutes) in the event of a significant emergency?
  • Identify equipment, supplies, and tools that will come in handy and are important to your preparedness planning. Plastic and plywood can be secured and screwed in place to protect doors and windows from severe wind damage. Have duct tape and tarps handy. You never know when they may be useful.
  • Conduct dress rehearsal and family drills to ensure your family knows the responsibilities, roles, and routines necessary for when the power goes out or Storms Hit The Fan (SHTF).
  • First aid and medical supplies and training are a top priority. What level of medical preparedness have you made a top priority? You may need to become a key first responder for your family and friends. How prepared are you for this responsibility?
  • Network with farmers and gardeners because they can help you learn how to grow food in your organic victory garden. Organic farmers and permaculture people are some of the best resources for you to become friends with.
  • Rather than recreate the wheel find several passionate preppers and role model them. Read their articles and blogs and subscribe to their websites. Attend training in person because being prepared requires demanding, demonstrating, and doing experiential learning and training with experts.

Ready Prepared Preparation

Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. This blog offers helpful information and insight for being prepared and preparedness planning. Please commit the energy, money and time to be prepared for the rough storms ahead.

“A prudent person takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”—Proverbs 27:12

“A prudent person will be prepared and become passionate about presparedness.” —Michael Morningstar

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