Last week the Great NEWS blog post was devoted to the Perfect Health Power Hour and this week you will learn the importance of Perfect Health for Conceiving Parents.

Many questions have been asked recently about health issues for adults, children and infants which inspired me to create a series of articles dedicated to Perfect Health Mastery strategies focused at different stages in life. Many couples are having issues with conceiving, infertility and pregnancy difficulties so it seemed like a great time to start at the beginning.

Perfect Health for conceiving parents has information that applies to anyone, but is especially important for those planning to have children and for parents with young children that want to be even healthier.

In today’s world of excess pollution, stress and toxins it is imperative to follow a proven system with super specific strategies and suggestions to create a happy and healthy family environment. You can do this by building on the foundation created by the New Year Vision Board, Principles for Perfect Health and the Perfect Health Power Hour.

Pre-Parenting Questions

Baby FishermanSince the previous blog post focused on the Power of Questions you may want to think about the following ones to help you be a better person and also help you be a better parent:

  1. How can I laugh, learn, live and love even more today?
  2. What rituals will I follow every day so I am happier and healthier?
  3. What are my most important emotional, mental, nutritional and physical outcomes for today?
  4. Why are these priorities a must for me today and everyday?

Guidelines for Conceiving A-Z

Once you are clear about your goals, motivations and outcomes it is time to focus on the perfect health for conceiving parents A to Z guidelines:

Attitude – A positive emotional, mental and physical attitude sets the stage for something beautiful to happen. We are what we eat and what we think so choose wisely.

Body, Mind & Spirit – It is essential to align all three aspects of your being for perfect health.

Cleansing – This is a great time to focus on cleaning out the emotional, mental and physical toxins that are clogging your body, mind and spirit. It is very important to clean out the colon and liver to allow these organs to work more effectively and efficiently.

Detoxing – For every type of toxin in your body there are natural agents, foods, methods and systems which will help neutralize and remove them. Many toxins are accumulated in fat cells so it is essential to reduce fat cells and reduce your toxic load.

Eliminating – With so many harmful compounds, products and substances it is essential for you to eliminate and reduce as much toxic exposure to alcohol, antibiotics, artificial ingredients, birth control, chemicals, emotions, Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMF), heavy metals, molds, pollution, smoke, synthetic sweeteners, tobacco, vaccinations and other toxins prior to conception. Actually these are valuable guidelines for everyone to follow at all times.

Foods – There are Food that Harm Foods that Help. Learn about the amazing power of live nutrient dense organic whole foods

Gastro intestinal tract – Your gut is a key part of your digestive, immune system and intelligence system. Be sure to you consume great foods and maintain the healthy pro-biotics which are essential for proper digestion and immune functions. Any digestive and immune issues the mother has can impact the child’s health.

Hormones – It is very important for you to have your glands and organs checked to be sure your hormones are at optimal levels. Any deficiencies need to be identified and corrected before undergoing the rigorous demands of creating a healthy baby. Also be sure the home is audited to identify any areas of concern regarding perfect health, safety and environmental factors. Decide on home or hospital birth and learn the conditions and procedures which apply since these will have a major impact on your delivery and health of the mom and newborn.

Identify issues – Have a full exam with diagnostic testing completed to identify any genetic, health and wellness issues prior to conceiving so you are aware of them and they can be dealt with. A child is a unique 50/50 composite resulting from equal amounts of DNA contributed from each parent. Therefore both parents should be totally committed to perfect health for themselves and the baby.

Just Say No to Synthetic Stuff – The world is full of synthetic chemicals, compounds, fake foods and materials which can harm your health and your child. Learn about these risks and learn to say not to synthetic substances which may harm you and your child’s health.

Knowledge – It is vital for you to educate yourself about the serious responsibility you are undertaking for your own health and well being as well as your child. The more you know in advance about health and early development the better you can respond and the more time you will have to prepare.

Blue Eyed Baby GirlLove – Be sure you totally love yourself, your partner loves themselves and you love your partner before you create a child. Every child deserves to be the recipient of love from both parents and grandparents. Parents should focus on dealing with their emotional, mental and physical issues before conceiving to prevent unresolved issues, problems and toxins from harming their health or the child.

Minerals – Minerals and trace elements are essential for your health and that of a developing child. Many foods grown today are grown in soil that is depleted in the full spectrum of minerals and trace elements our bodies need. Therefore supplementation is needed.

No Genetically Engineered (GE) or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) – Avoid all foods that might contain these ingredients. The risks are too high due to the lack of safety testing of these frankenfoods and the presence of harmful fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides which are used on the items and often are inside the food itself.

Organic Foods – This area is so important that it bears repeating in another format. Be sure to choose organic whole food beans, berries, fruits, green leafy plants, herbs, legumes, nuts, roots, seeds and vegetables.

Parents’ Planning and Principles – Begin learning from the best parent role models and resources you can find. Find parents that are walking the talk and their children and health reflect it.

Questions – Ask lots of quality questions to put yourself on the path to perfect health parenting. Ask lots of questions about birthing, breast feeding, doctors, formula, health, hospitals, labor and delivery, mid wives, natural births, nutrition, vaccinations, vitamins and more.

Reasons come first and the how will follow – Learning how to ask better questions now is a valuable skill that will serve you in every area of your life. Once you learn to be totally direct, honest, open and safe with yourself and your partner you are on the path to happiness and health. This conditioning will help you individually, as a couple and as a family for the rest of your life. Therefore it is imperative to learn how to ask better questions.

Stress – We are learning more about the effects of stress everyday. Stress from family, home, school and work plays a huge role in the quality of our happiness and health. This will have a direct impact on our health and our children. Couples having sex can lead to pregnancy so it is essential to be sure everyone old enough to have sex and conceive is aware of the facts of life and the responsibilities that a couple have regarding conceiving a child.

Trauma – Identify any emotional, mental or physical trauma that has occurred during your life. Many times the trauma will cause a residual affect that is impacting your health and well being today. Find measure to correct or reduce the impact of these traumas. Emotional issues may benefit from EFT. Injuries from accidents may benefit from chiropractic care or physical therapy to correct any structural or biomechanical issues. Unresolved trauma can lead to many unwanted consequences for you and your child in the future.

Understand the Commitment – There are many complex aspects to the process of conceiving, delivering and raising a child. While many people have obviously raised children the vast majority seen to agree; they wish they had known more about the do’s and don’ts in advance. Therefore it is imperative for you to learn as much as you can to insure you are up to this major responsibility which may be the biggest and most important one of your life.

Vitamins – We should all realize the importance of vitamins for health and wellness. Unfortunately much of the food today is not grown in a way that insures it will have the optimal level of minerals, trace elements and vitamins. All of the vitamins are essential for different reasons and it is imperative you receive at least the recommended daily dosage for each one. Some holistic practitioners recommend consuming more than the minimum daily requirements before and especially while pregnant to insure there is an adequate supply for mother and developing child. This is why prenatal vitamins are used. Be sure that the vitamins are high quality from whole food sources and not low quality synthetic ones.

Water – Since our body is approximately 70% water it is essential to consume adequate amounts of clean and pure water each day. This means minimizing any harmful bacterial, chemical, metal, mineral, industrial, pathological and pharmaceutical contamination.

X-ray – We know that many forms of ionizing radiation are harmful and therefore you want to avoid as many of them as possible. This includes avoiding unnecessary man made EMF, microwaves and x-rays from all sources possible.

Yes – Yes there are a lot of factors to consider for your health and well being prior to conceiving children. If you are unwilling or unable to address all of these issues than maybe it is not the right time for you to be conceiving. Many issues with conceiving, infertility and pregnancy are a result of problems that have not been identified and resolved prior to conceiving and the body is sending you signals to pay attention and address them first to insure the best possible outcomes for mother and child. Listen to your body and intuition and invest the time to optimize your happiness and health first.

Zero risk – Why not focus on reducing the controllable risk factors to zero to help insure the best outcomes for father, mother and newborn baby? The more we know today the more important it is for us to take all prudent measures into consideration to create the best likelihood for happiness, health and harmony for the entire family.

Parents Taking Baby Steps

Remember we all take baby steps before we learn to run. So even though this list seems detailed and long anyone with the energy and intention for a happy and health family will want to pay close attention and apply these super strategies and suggestions. As a reminder the perfect health power hour has been designed to help you improve your health, stamina and vitality so you will have more energy and be able to create the perfect health for conceiving. All you have to do is invest one hour each day in your most precious asset, which is you.

Wow! That is quite a comprehensive A – Z guideline to help parents discover the steps for Perfect Health for Conceiving. While the list covers many topics and is long it is not as detailed and specific as could be achieved with a great book for couples considering conceiving.

Toxic Sandbox BookcoverTherefore, look at this as the tip of the iceberg and commit to doing further homework on this subject. Even with a degree in Biology, minor in Environmental Studies and having both parents during my childhood development I was not fully prepared to undertake the responsibility and role of a parent when the time arrived. Luckily and in spite of my lack of education at the time things worked out. As a proud parent of three happy and healthy adult children it feels great to share the valuable life lessons learned in this A – Z guideline for perfect health for conceiving parents.

Mastery Action Plan

Be sure that you incorporate the proven principles for perfect health in your vision board to keep you focused and on track with your daily habits and routines to manifest perfect health.

It is highly recommended for you to read “The Toxic Sandbox” by Libby McDonald, M.D., M.P.H. Also read the resource from the Environmental Working Group

Our next blog post will share: Perfect Health for Pregnant Women