Last week the Great NEWS blog post was devoted to Principles for Perfect Health and this week you will learn about the Perfect Health Power Hour.

Some of you may already be saying or thinking you are too busy to invest an additional one hour a day for your health. Before you begin making excuses about not having any time let me assure you this is not an additional one hour of time each day. The Perfect Health Power Hour is about re-engineering your day and investing one hour to be even more happy, healthy and in harmony for life.

Most people work hard and spend their health seeking wealth. Then people retire and spend their wealth seeking health. Your Health is Your Wealth.

With that thought always in the back of my mind I am always seeking ways to be healthier with No Extra Time required. I do that by combining the principles for perfect health with my daily routine and multi-tasking.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Your perfect health power hour is about using one hour of your time more effectively and efficiently than you currently are in order to receive perfect health benefits and results. This one power hour may be the best Return On Investment (ROI) you can make. Without your health your wealth is almost meaningless.

You can not take it with you when you go so why not invest it wisely to increase the quality and quantity of your life here on earth. Avoid the toxins, toys and trinkets that many people waste their money on and invest wisely in fitness, nutrition and wellness for perfect health.

When you ask better questions your brain to seek and then find new ways to begin improving your happiness and health immediately. Rereading last weeks Great NEWS Letter will help you to remember to open your mind to helpful energy and information to support you with the shifts needed in your awareness.

Morning ExercisesAlmost everyone can benefit from reducing their level of stress and sickness and increasing their level of health and performance. Remember it is our lifestyle choices about behaviors, habits and routines which cause us stress or create perfect health and peak performance.

Proven Principles for Perfect Health

Here are some suggestions to incorporate into your Perfect Health Power Hour:

Wake and drink warm water first thing. (1 minute) Most people are dehydrated and stay that way all day long.

Look at posted notes on the mirror to remind you to be happy and smile today. 🙂

Do some gentle yoga (5 – 10) minutes)

Look at your Vision Board on your wall or computer screen saver repeating your incantations for perfect health while you do toe raises or rebounding for (3-5 minutes). (Say and think abundance, forgiveness, gratitude, happiness, joy, love, peace, smile, thankful, wellness and whatever motivates you)

Perform some high intensity interval, Peak 8 or super slow strength training full body anaerobic exercise three times a week. (When you really optimize this routine 12 minutes is all you need to receive significant benefits) On non high intensity days do power / speed walking with small water bottles in your hands and a back pack with some added weight. Walk faster for 30 seconds then walk at a comfortable speed for 90 seconds and repeat until you do this 8 times. (16 minutes). Walk or walk in place to cool down for 2 minutes.

Prepare an Energy Elixir in your blender for a super easy, quick and delicious nutritious whole foods breakfast. (5 minutes) When you sign up for the Great NEWS Letter you will receive 12 Energy Elixir recipes as a bonus.

While traveling to work by bus, car, subway or train listen to educational and motivational content on CD’s or MP3 to utilize this time as your happiness and health mastery university on wheels. Avoid the typical radio shows with bad news, talk and trash. This is also a great time to do some deep diaphragm breathing. You can also do some EFT tapping with one hand or even just mentally visualizing it as long as it is totally safe to do so. You can focus on resolving negative emotional issues or programming for positive peak performance. This is also a great time to sing and develop your vocal cords as well. (When you are traveling any way  there is No Extra Time required)

While at home, school or work you can enjoy power hour perfect health breaks every hour. Engage is some Egoscue Method strengthening and stretching breaks to build strength and release tension. Simple positions and postures allow you to strengthen and tone the cartilage, joints, ligaments, muscles, spine and tendons of the entire body. Be sure to focus some time on the back, neck and shoulders where most people hold a lot of stress and tension. Be sure to breathe deeply during these stretch break activities. (1-2 minutes per hour) These can even be done while you are on the phone, on hold or standing in a line.

Go for a power walk or meditate for 10 minutes before eating a healthy lunch based on what you think your body and brain need the most at the moment. On a nice day go outside and enjoy some sun shine while eating your healthy lunch. The change of scenery, fresh air and more relaxed environment will be much better for you than eating at you desk or a noisy restaurant. By making a healthy meal at home and brown bagging it you can avoid going out to lunch which will waste valuable energy, gasoline, money and time. Eating your perfect health lunch will save energy, gas, money, stress and time so you can enjoy the benefits of your meal more. Most people waste valuable energy and time during lunch and end up feeling more stressed and struggling over little problems. Stop stressing and start smiling to create more of what you want and less of what you want to avoid.

Eating Raw Fruits and NutsAfter leaving work and while on the way home you can use the same strategies as the morning commute. (No Extra Time required)

When you arrive home you can use the morning routine again or if you missed it here is your second chance to do some special health activities for your self to ensure you enjoy the health benefits. (15 to 20 miutes)

Nutrient dense organic whole foods play a major role in maintaining and sustaining a healthy and long life. Prepare healthy foods for dinner and create a healthy meal environment without the radio or TV playing in the background. Classical or instrumental music is acceptable. Be sure to share something good that happened during the day and then say a prayer of gratitude for all the blessings in your life. (3 minutes for sharing and prayer) After dinner and before email or Facebook time read one educational article on exercise, fitness, health, longevity, nutrition or wellness. Subscribing to for the newsletter and exercise videos is a free way to improve your knowledge for perfect health. (3-10 minutes)

If you watch TV or a movie in the evening be sure to avoid sitting on the couch and becoming a couch potato. Instead say out loud that you choose not to be a fat couch potato and instead choose to stand up or sit on a Swiss exercise ball while watching. You can alternate between the two. During the commercials do some squats or lunges to develop your muscles and stretch out your legs. (No Extra Time required and reducing the amount of TV watched frees up extra time)

Journaling and reading inspirational information is a great way to wind down after a long day and capture some key distinctions and life lessons learned. This is a great time to review The Ten Commitments for Perfect Health and your 10 Daily Outcomes for a Great Life to begin programming your body and brain for the next day. (5 – 10 minutes)

Use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping before you go to bed to release any negative emotions, feelings or issues that occurred during the day. (2 minutes)

Sample morning or evening incantations said with emotional, mental and physical enthusiasm and intensity: (3 minutes)

  • Every little cell in my body is happy and every little cell in my body is well!
  • Every day in every way I am being happier and healthier!
  • I laugh, learn, live, love and leave a legacy every day!
  • Power of Focus and Power of Questions for Morning and Evening:
  • What did I learn today?
  • What was great about today?
  • What are my most important outcomes for today?
  • Who do I appreciate in my life right now?
  • Why is this, a high priority today?
  • How can I be even more appreciative and grateful today?

Power Packed Proven Principles

Benefits of Daily MeditationFollowing the proven principles in the perfect health power hour will help you begin to see benefits almost immediately.

You will notice provide benefits include being even more energized, enthusiastic and excited each day. This will lead to feeling happy, healthy and in harmony consistently. You will likely begin enjoying better brain function and memory. This helps create the energy, power and endurance you need to deal with a wide variety of emotional, mental and physical situations that occur during the day.

The perfect health power hour has been designed to quickly improve your health, stamina and vitality so you will be able to create and manifest the ideal life you desire and deserve. All you have to do is invest one hour in your most valuable asset and resource which is you. Are you ready to begin using the perfect health power hour to create perfect health and more magic moments?

Mastery Action Plan

Invest some time learning and modeling from outstanding leaders sharing the proven principles for perfect health and peak performance. Immerse yourself with great role models that have done the research and applied the knowledge for themselves to create amazing results.

Two great sites to visit include: read articles published by:

Our next blog post will share: Perfect Health for Conceiving