Even though Costco sells many unhealthy foods my focus today will be on my Costco family food healthy top 20 list. When you are shopping for healthy foods for your family at a good price Costco is a great choice. As more people are becoming more concerned about what foods to avoid and what foods to eat this blog post will help with healthy suggestions sold at Costco. There are so many food choices today we often do not know what companies and products to trust. With summer in full swing now is a great time to focus even more on strategies for helping your family be happy, healthy and holistic. Unfortunately, too many people do not understand the shameful safety standards regarding foods for sale. There are too many companies with powerful financial incentives that put profits before people’s health and are willing to tell us tall tales regarding food ingredients, growing methods and the processing and refining of their foods.

Grocery StoreMany people are too brainwashed by advertising hype and marketing hypnosis to fully understand the long-term environmental, health and safety consequences from these unhealthy foods. Caveat emptor (which means buyer beware) is a mantra to repeat while shopping for any family food items. While most packaged foods have ingredients labels there are many creative ways to confuse, hide and misrepresent what is actually being sold to consumers (FYI: fish, raw fruits, and vegetables are exempt from nutrition fact labeling). Many herbicides and insecticides are used on food crops without the health hazard warnings being shared with the consumer. Just because a chemical is not labeled does not mean it is not there. Many additives and ingredients are not required to be labeled. Thinking we have total transparency in our food ingredients is a dangerous delusion with damaging long-term consequences. When we eat out most restaurants do not even provide detailed ingredients information.

Previous blog posts have addressed the importance of avoiding foods with harmful synthetic chemicals and compounds which can harm you. Too many people continue to buy and consume foods without comprehending the serious health hazards caused by unhealthy ingredients. While the FDA is tasked with responsibility for food regulations and safety and even provides written guidelines many believe there could be some big health loopholes in their practices and policies. Luckily there are many books and documentaries covering information and insights regarding the dark side of the big agriculture and big food companies that put profits before the health of people and the planet. If you care about your self and family be sure to read and research about growing methods, ingredients and preparation methods to protect your health and well being.

Fresh Frozen FishMany people are allowing their long-term health and quality of life to be harmed by a lack of awareness about the food they buy and consume. The education, information, and misinformation most people are receiving hides the real harm to our environment and health by painting a deceptively rosy picture of foods without the true consequences and cost involved. We cannot depend on government agencies like the FDA and USDA that have become complacent, confused, and corrupted by money and power to protect us. It is up to us to be better educated and share the newly discovered food and health revelations to help more people stop buying unhealthy foods and start being smart regarding food ingredients, safety, and toxin potential.

With a little basic education, common sense and health information, we will all be able to make better choices and decisions regarding our health. If your health and wealth are high priorities it is essential to make smart decisions about which products to avoid and which products to buy. The goal of this blog post is to educate and inform readers about better choices for buying healthy food choices.

Food Health Hazards

Stack of BooksGrowing food with chemical fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides could be considered chemical warfare and a crime against humans and Mother Nature. Unfortunately, many people and pets are being slowly poisoned by synthetic chemicals in foods and the environment often without any awareness. Have we been brainwashed by advertisements, commercials, and government agencies to believe that synthetic additives, chemicals, colorings, flavorings, GMOs, and preservatives can be present in foods without harming us? Or is this a dangerous deception? Our body and microbiome are made up of a complex and elaborate interconnected matrix of organisms that affects every other cell in our body. Many companies are making big bucks by making foods with GMOs and synthetic ingredients. Thanks to the power of independent information sources and the internet we are able to educate and inform ourselves with a wealth of information on holistic health and natural products. While it can take an investment of time to read, research and review resources to become educated on natural health choices the hard work has already been done for us. After many years of reading and researching holistic health champions, Dr. Joseph MercolaRobyn O’Brien and Robyn Openshaw are three of my favorite references and trusted resources with powerful messages.

Costco Family Food Healthy Top Twenty

  • Coconut OilBob’s organic steel cut oats
  • Organic bananas, berries and other fresh and frozen fruits
  • Organic butter from Kerrygold
  • Organic cacao powder
  • Organic chia seeds
  • Organic chicken
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Organic eggs
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil
  • Organic honey
  • Organic greens (romaine lettuce and spring mix)
  • Organic raw pumpkin seeds
  • Organic quinoa
  • Organic veggies
  • Hawaiian spirulina
  • Hemp hearts
  • Krill oil
  • Nuts (almond, pecans, walnuts)
  • Paleo pancake mix
  • Wild-caught cod and salmon

Healthy Habits & Habitats

In 2018 Morningstar NEWS will focus 50% on Healthy Habits and 50% on Healthy Habitats. Researching and role modeling proven principles for a fantastic future drives us to share these words with wisdom. Our vision is attracting a wide variety of eco-friendly people to help design, build and live in a more healthy and sustainable way. We invite ideas, insights, and inspiration to help us focus our planning and progress. Sharing solutions, strategies, suggestions, and systems will help us all design and develop better eco-communities and transition towns.

Where is Your Gap?

What actions, behaviors, beliefs, and decisions regarding your habits and habitats are impacting your happiness and health? What is your motivation for making better choices to avoid health hazards and adopt healthy habits? Investing in our health helps protect our wealth. When we are happy, healthy and holistic we naturally shift to a more sustainable ecological, economical and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

Our daily habits and habitats directly impact our happiness and health. There are many reasons to buy healthy organic foods to help keep your family happy and healthy. What are you willing to do differently today to embrace better choices in 2018? Creating a healthy habits code of conduct and mastery action plan will enhance our quality of life. Our happiness and health benefit from healthy challenges, changes, and choices. Choose wisely.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding healthy habits and habitats?

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