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Due to the repetitive negative news about global panic, paranoia, and problems, it seems like common sense to focus on being better prepared and learning prepping success strategies. Living in Sugar Land for over forty years and having been through Hurricane Harvey (2017) and Ike (2008) and a dozen other hurricanes as well as the great Texas freeze electric power crisis of 2021 has caused me to be more aware and prepared for electric power grid issues and weather problems. My attention and intention are focused on having a better understanding of risks associated with electric grid power problems and preparedness. The electric power grid in the United States is outdated, prone to problems, and vulnerable to hackers.

Most people can manage to get by for a few days without electric power. Consider what would happen if the power were to go out for weeks or even months. Most people do not understand how serious the electric grid problems and vulnerabilities are and how serious the situation could become if the electric power grid were to fail for some reason. Recently an excellent presentation by an energy expert with four technical degrees from Austin, Texas explained the shocking truth of how outdated and vulnerable our national and Texas electric grid systems are. He said they need Trillions of dollars of updates and upgrades. He also said during the great Texas freeze in February 2021 the Texas grid came very close to a total blackout. He warned the damage would be severe to the entire system in the event of a blackout and some parts of the state could be without power for 12 to 18 months. The Texas power outages also caused food, fuel, and water shortages. Most of Houston was under an advisory to boil all water.

The electric grid system of power plants, substations, and transformers is delicate and sensitive. A major power problem can trigger a chain reaction that can knock out power plants for a long time. There are also not enough replacement parts, specialty items, and transformers in the US to fix the system should a massive power problem and shutdown occur. It could take years to get the systems back online. Think about having no power for a year and imagine the problems and suffering that could occur during the different seasons of winter, spring, summer, and fall as communities try to function without electric power.

Since we can never predict when a disaster, severe situation, or weather event will cause a major electric power blackout or brownout it is important to think about the possibilities and come up with some ideas and plans. Now is a great time to identify some resources, role models, and real-world preppers to educate you on ways to be better prepared. Smart people will create backup plans so the family will be prepared for a prolonged power outage. It is better to plan and prepare for the possibility than to end up sad, sorry, and struggling with desperate times and troubles.

Power Transformers

Being prepared for a blackout means being emotionally, mentally, and physically fit to deal with the consequences of the power going off for an unknown length of time. Prolonged power outages will lead to a chain reaction of fires, flooding if pumps stop, food shortages, fuel shortages, looting, medical mayhem, store shortages, traffic jams, and water shortages because everything in our life depends on electricity to function. With summer here, now is the perfect time to update and upgrade your family preparedness plans to Be Better Prepared in the event of an electric power grid failure or shut down. Families require additional layers and levels of preparedness planning to make sure all family members are well cared for. With so many potential possibilities for electricity disruptions now is the perfect time to plan and prepare for various scenarios by doing drills, dry runs, and dress rehearsals.

Most people have come to depend on and expect the electricity to be there when you flip the switch. When the power goes out there are often thousands of people who will be dependent on someone else to rescue and save them. Many people are connected to medical devices that require electricity. Many people are bedridden and in nursing homes. Many seniors and young children are dependent on others to take care of them. During a cold or heat wave, the electric power grid system can be overloaded and overwhelmed to the point it starts to shut down with a rolling brownout to save the system from a total blackout. Passionate prepper invests the time to educate, prepare, and train their thinking on the best ways to adapt and adjust to the consequences of the electric power grid going offline.

The Morningstar NEWS blog is passionate about helping people to identify and prepare for potential problems to minimize the discomfort and downside for themselves and their families. Today we will share some life lessons learned and smart success strategies to help keep family members happy, healthy, and hopeful despite indefinite power outages. Even if you are not a passionate prepper, now is the time to begin conditioning your emotional, mental, and physical resilience and resourcefulness. The family that plans and prepares together has the best chance to stay happy, healthy, and hopeful when the electric power goes off

Hopefully, the crazy coronavirus conditions have taught you some life lessons about being prepared and staying protected. Things get crazy fast if the power goes off and panic, paranoia, and problems sets in. Now is the time to train your brain to react and think differently so you will be prepared for adversity and chaos that results from a power outage. It is important for you and your family to be calm, centered, and committed to working together using your self-sufficiency skills and success strategies.

Passionate preppers plan for all the chaos and craziness that follows an electric power outage. They know the longer the power is off the crazier things will get. We’ve all seen examples of all of the crazy situations over the last few years, where people become crazy and criminals to get what they want. Now is the time to find and learn from passionate preppers the savvy, skills, and success strategies you will need when the electric power goes off.

Lightning Can Cause Power Outages

Life Lessons Learned Regarding Electric Power Shutdowns

It is important to think about what you will do if the electric power goes off. It is vital to think about the signals, supplies, and systems that will be affected and how you will deal with the potential problems that may occur. Preparing checklists and planning for resources and role models is very reassuring and can help you be better prepared:

  • Water is highly dependent on electricity to keep the water lines, pumps, tanks, and towers operational. In the event of a major power outage and Shift Hits the Fan (SHTF) scenario water disruption is likely. Hopefully, there are backup generators to operate the system but remember generators depend on fuel and fuel depends on resupply. Storing enough water is a high priority. Three gallons of water per person per day adds up fast. Cases of plastic water bottles are expensive and pollute.
  • Having a good gravity-fed water filter system is very important because, during a power disruption, the municipal water supply can easily become contaminated. Always have the backup systems in place if they post an advisory to boil water and the electricity is off. This happened to millions during the Great Texas Freeze. Many preppers use Clorox and iodine tablets to purify water.
  • Vehicles are essential for power generation and transportation. Be sure to keep them maintained and fueled. Some preppers keep extra gas in 5-gallon gas jugs.
  • Bug Out Bags (BOB) are backpacks, duffle bags, or small suitcases packed with the clothes, essentials, gear, and toiletries needed for 3 to 7 days.
  • Communicating and cooperating with your family, friends, and neighbors is very important. During a power outage anxiety, stress and upsets can be significantly magnified.
  • Bartering will come in very handy when the power goes off. Be prepared to barter, share, or trade items you want.
  • Cell phones, computers, laptops, and tablets are key for communication. Keep batteries and cables handy to use your vehicle as a charging station.
  • First aid kits and medical supplies are vital in the event of a power outage. They should contain bandaids, disinfectants, medicines, and supplies that are essential. In the event of an accident, illness, or injury. Even minor situations can turn serious if you are not prepared. A good first aid manual and holistic health resources will be very helpful.
  • Freezers and refrigerators are great until the electric power goes off. They may keep food cold for a day or two if unopened. Some large plastic bottles filled with frozen water in the freezer will come in handy at the bottom of an ice chest. Light the BBQ. and cook the good meats first. Passionate preppers own a chest freezer because they are more efficient.
  • When the power goes out read your checklist to the family and start implementing the planned prepper success strategies. Without plans and preparation panic can set in.
  • Passionate preppers pride themselves on having a variety of ways to cook food if the electric power goes off. An outdoor BBQ grill, propane grill, or smoker is perfect for cooking food. Be sure to have plenty of fuel on hand. Charcoal grills and portable camping stoves can work if you have fuel and matches available.
  • Most homes would want to have a four-week supply of easy-to-prepare and non-perishable food items. Goof items include; beans, canned chicken, salmon, sardines or tuna, cereal, chickpeas, chips, crackers, dried fruit, flour, grains, granola bars, honey, jelly, jerky, lentils, mac and cheese, pasta and sauce, peanut butter, rice, nuts, salsa, and special dark chocolate treats. Many passionate preppers feel it is important to have food for one year. You can learn a lot about being prepared from the LDS Prepper Store.
  • When the electric power goes off it is easy to be overwhelmed as the SHTF. Without electricity, many things in your home will stop functioning. When the dishwasher, internet, lights, microwave, oven, stove, thermostat, TV, and washing machines are not operational it is essential to have your Plan B in place. Learning to cook easy one-pot meals will come in very handy except for picky eaters.
  • Going out for fast food and home-delivered fast food can be expensive and a waste of valuable resources. Have a plan for several weeks of DIY meals. Avoiding fast food for one year will very likely fund your plans to be prepared.
  • For those that can afford a generator, it may be a good investment. Remember it also requires fuel to run it. This is where having a friendly neighbor prepper plan in place (20% prepper people) can come in very handy when done in advance and not as the unprepared beggar or borrower of the 80% group.
  • Some passionate preppers feel having a propane refrigerator or solar generator in an RV, or trailer is a combination of an evacuation and vacation preparedness plan. Having access to an RV or trailer might offer some additional peace of mind if you host some family or relocate.
  • Many preppers have discovered the benefits of a solar oven. They are a great investment for long-term electricity outages. Chimineas, fire pits, and rocket stoves can use dead wood gathered around the neighborhood.
  • Flashlights are very important items to have when the power goes off. Battery-powered flashlights and rechargeable flashlights are very important during any power outage. You can recharge them in your car or use a solar charger. It is a good idea to own both and have extra batteries. Headlamps can also be great.
  • Investing in solar panels and battery storage systems may be a great investment to cut your electric bill and be prepared. Special systems may be needed so do your research.
  • If there is a power outage the biggest concerns are during extreme cold or heat. Except in severe subfreezing weather, the cold can be easier to adjust to. Be sure to have blankets, sleeping bags, and warm clothes ready to help people stay warm. During the Great Texas Freeze when the electricity went off it also shut down our gas heater system. Hot summers can be dangerous and miserable if you cannot stay cool and comfortable. Wet bandannas or misting cool water can help keep you cool. When working outdoors be sure to wear a broad brim hat and lightweight clothes to protect your skin.
  • Gnats, mosquitoes, and the sun can damage our skin and make us miserable. Bug bites or sunburn can cause pain and problems and easily lead to skin infections if not properly cared for. The best advice is to prevent these problems by being prepared. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  • The art and science of easy herbal teas, medicinal drinks, and refreshing beverages are important when the power is off and you feel down. Avoid the temptation to consume excessive alcohol which can lead to hot tempers and potential problems.
  • Candles are useful items in the event of power outages. Burn candles outside using extreme caution to avoid starting a fire. Burning candles inside a home is a serious hazard because of the potential of a devastating fire. Citronella candles are useful to repel mosquitoes which breed more after rain and standing water.
  • Having the right clothing for every season is key should the electricity go off. Being cold and wet can be a deadly combination.
  • Be sure you have your special and valuable items packed and stored in containers or waterproof bags for easy transport to safety. Think about what items would be most difficult and disappointing if they were destroyed or lost.
  • Tents can be very useful in the event the power goes off and family members need to sleep outdoors to stay comfortable and cooler. Good airflow and bug screens are important. Going on a camping trip for a week is one of the best ways to embrace and teach preparedness skills to the family.
  • Cash is the king when the electric power grid goes off so having extra cash safely stashed is a smart suggestion if SHTF.
  • Passionate preppers believe having weapons to protect your family and homestead are high priorities if the electric power goes off. During prolonged power outages the police will be overwhelmed. There are people in the 80% that are not prepared and willing to steal your stuff if you are not a passionate prepper and prepared to protect it. Even during the good times there are lots of criminals and thieves so invest some energy, money, and time to prepare for the criminal elements and gangs that go crazy during a crisis. Passionate preppers plan on being prepared if the dark side decides to do dark deeds. Study power outage history and be prepared to avoid being a victim.
  • Physical fitness, resilience, and survivor mentality require conditioning, discipline, and training. Remember the words with wisdom about the laws of nature and survival of the fittest. Being a passionate prepper means investing the energy, money, and time to prepare for a power outage. Our choices and decisions each week allow us to be prepared or be pathetic. Stop wasting money on fake and fast food and start being better prepared. Schedule time each week to connect, learn, and role model passionate preppers with smart solutions. Having a network of passionate preppers is a great investment in your health and wealth.

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Passion for People & Planet

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. Being prepared for an electric power outage can provide us better confidence and peace of mind knowing we can provide for and protect our family. Now is a great time to gather your family together to design and discuss a family electric power grid outage. The peace of mind that comes from knowing you took action to be prepared is priceless. Remember…preparedness is a process and requires crawling and baby steps until you have built the memory muscle and mindset.

“Remember – Be Prepared! The family that plans and prepares together has the highest probability to stay happy, healthy, and hopeful during an electric power failure. Failure to prepare is not an option if you care about and love your family.” —Michael Morningstar

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