Welcome to the sixth blog on Problems Reversed with Simple Suggestions. Many people are challenged with gum and teeth problems due to a lack of good habits, nutrition, and health information. Our passion and purpose are to do the research and share simple strategies with proven results. I have numerous gum and teeth problems and feel it has been my Achilles heel which has contributed to excessive financial drain, frustration, pain, and suffering. I was unaware of many aspects of holistic dental care and it is also very disappointing to learn how the American Dental Association and many dentists actually contributed to making my conditions and long term outcomes worse. Dental and mental health must be high priorities for a great quality of life.


With a summary of simple strategies each week we can take charge of our oral health.

As a holistic health coach, my role is to help identify and implement custom action plans. By condensing the coaching into simple suggestions that can be read in two minutes you can benefit and improve your dental health. Even if you have not had gum or teeth problems yet, now might be a great time to start implementing better prevention and protection strategies to avoid gum and teeth issues in the future. Staying healthy requires a commitment to better behaviors, beliefs, and brushing. With a summary of simple strategies each week we can take charge of our oral health. Applying these blog ideas can help set the stage for fast results without harmful side effects. Today we offer DIY ideas to reduce gum and teeth problems with natural suggestions.

Simple Suggestions Help Prevent Dental Disease

These suggestions can safely improve your oral health by upgrading the support you provide for your gums and teeth. Imagine what your life and smile will be like after implementing the ideas and seeing your gums and teeth improve. Be sure to consult with a qualified dental health advisor regularly to detect potential problems early. It is a great idea to find a resource and role model such as a biological dentist.

Plastic Teeth

Too much sugar too often is a recipe for dental, mental and physical health challenges that get worse over time.

This is a summary of some of my favorite holistic dental health routines to protect and support gums and teeth. Regular and systematic maintenance and support have been shown to be the best solution for preventing oral health problems. By the way, blood pressure and blood sugar must be maintained, managed, and monitored to prevent high blood pressure or blood sugar which can lead to diabetes and tissue damage.

Avoiding excess sugar is good for our overall health and great for our gums and teeth. Too much sugar too often is a recipe for dental, mental and physical health challenges that get worse over time. Sugar is known to feed bacteria and they can produce plaque which contributes to many health issues.

Brushing and Flossing

Brushing and flossing are very important to keep gums and teeth healthy. As we all know it is best to brush and floss after every meal to prevent bacteria and plaque from becoming big problems. Be sure to use a quality toothbrush and brush properly to avoid damaging your gums and teeth. Many people find that using an electric toothbrush is a great way to clean your teeth better and faster than manual brushing. Always use caution because improper pressure and stroke can actually erode gums and teeth. Flossing is great to clean and reach into spaces below the gumline and between the teeth. Our tongue eliminates toxins so brushing or scrapping our tongue has many benefits.


Be sure to use a quality toothbrush and brush properly to avoid damaging your gums and teeth.

Checkups and cleanings on a regular basis are vital to identify potential problems early and get treatment that can help. Having our teeth cleaned by a professional can help with valuable feedback on how well you are doing your part for maintenance and prevention. Avoid excessive x-rays and fluoride treatments because these can be more harmful than helpful. It is recommended to have a checkup and cleaning every six months. Rinsing with coconut oil and neem oil before and right after cleanings help get rid of bacteria to minimize the toxin release.

Natural Nutrition

Natural nutrition is very important for health. Since our gums and teeth are living material they need proper nutrition to regenerate new material and stay healthy. Adequate antioxidants, enzymes, fiber, minerals, trace elements, and vitamins are essential to our overall health. By eating at least 5 servings of fresh nutrient dense organic fruits, greens and vegetables daily, we can enhance our health and vitality. What we eat has a direct impact on our gums, teeth, and tissues so minimizing highly processed and refined foods is vital to maintaining our health.


Oil pulling is a powerful technique with many benefits for maintaining healthy gums and teeth.

Oil pulling is a powerful technique with many benefits for maintaining healthy gums and teeth. Simply swishing some coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or sesame oil around the mouth for several minutes, then spitting it out is a great way to nourish our gums and teeth and remove harmful bacteria. Many people are unaware that harmful bacteria in the mouth can lead to bad breath, gum disease, and even heart disease.

Overall emotional, mental and physical health is a key component for oral health. How we live our lives and nurture our health has a direct impact on our health. If we are sad, sleep deprived and stressed we are more likely to make unhealthy choices that lead to bigger problems.

Repairing and replacing gum and tooth damage or deterioration is a key part of our dental health. Great caution must be used. Some dentists are too eager to drill and fill a small cavity that can be reversed with natural protocols and treatments. Be sure no dentist ever puts an amalgam filing into a tooth because they contain mercury, a toxic heavy metal. Even root canals are a major problem because the nerve of the tooth is removed which means the dead tooth will begin to harbor harmful bacteria that will lead to more problems in the future. Crowns are another problem because many use metal which can affect your health.  Many cosmetic procedures like bleaching and veneers can lead to worse problems in the future. Consulting a biological dentist may prevent a problem you regret for the rest of your life.

Teeth Toxins

Baking Soda

Use baking soda to brush your teeth.

Teeth toxins like chemical mouthwashes, fluoride, gum, toothpaste, and tobacco in all forms must be avoided. Most mouthwash contains high levels of unhealthy alcohol and chemicals that are absorbed into the cheeks, gums, and tongue. Fluoride is a dangerous chemical that is toxic to humans. Read the warning label on toothpaste which says a pea size amount and any excessive swallowing is toxic. All tobacco products harm your dental, mental and physical health. Try using natural products like activated charcoal, baking soda, neem oil, and Dr. Bronner’s soap instead.

The passion and purpose of the Morningstar NEWS is to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. Remember baby steps can lead to big success when you program your body and brain with proven steps for sustainable success. Nadine Artemis has many great techniques and tips for natural oral health on her website.

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