Welcome to the fifth blog in the Problems Reversed with Seven Suggestions series. Many people are challenged with kidney problems due to a lack of good nutrition and natural health information. Our passion and purpose are to do the research and share strategies with proven results. One of my aunts had high blood pressure which contributed to kidney failure and shortened her life was severely impacted by regular dialysis treatments that were painful and problematic. It was also very difficult on my grandmother to see her daughter die before her in pain and suffering.

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Now is a great time to implement prevention strategies to avoid kidney issues.

As a holistic health coach, my role is to help you identify and implement a custom action plan. By condensing the guidance into seven suggestions that can be read in two minutes you can benefit and improve your kidney health. Even if you have not had kidney problems, now might be a great time to start implementing prevention strategies to avoid kidney issues in the future. Staying healthy requires a commitment to better behaviors, and beliefs. With a summary of seven strategies each week we can take charge of our health. Applying the blog ideas can help set the stage for fast results without harmful side effects. Today we offer DIY ideas to reduce kidney problems with natural suggestions.

7 Natural Suggestions to Prevent Kidney Problems

These 7 suggestions can safely improve your renal health and support your kidneys. Imagine what your life will be like after implementing the ideas and see your blood, body, and brain improve. Be sure to consult with a qualified health advisor regularly to identify and detect potential problems early. It is a great idea to find a resource and role model that has experience with functional medicine and holistic health.

This is a summary of some of my favorite holistic health routines to protect and support our kidneys. Regular and systematic maintenance and support for kidneys have been shown to be one of the best solutions for preventing kidney problems.

Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar Maintenance

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure and blood sugar maintenance must be maintained by lifestyle choices and decisions.

Blood pressure must be maintained by lifestyle choices and decisions. Monitoring our blood pressure is easy to do and easy not to do. Without monitoring your blood pressure you could be playing Russian Roulette with your life.

Blood sugar must also be maintained, managed, and monitored to prevent high blood sugar which can lead to Syndrome X and pre-diabetes which often leads to full-blown diabetes. What we eat has a direct impact on our blood sugar levels during the day. Obviously avoiding and minimizing highly processed and refined carbohydrates and sugars are vital to keeping our blood sugar safe and stable.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Mass Index (BMI) is one measurement of body fat that is important to address. Too much body fat starts a chain reaction of factors that can quickly lead to chronic health issues. Burning body fat for fuel is very important to promote optimal health and longevity. When our body is trained to burn stored fat for fuel we are able to help maintain our blood sugar more easily and be rewarded with sustained energy all day.

Chronic Inflammation

Wrist Inflammation

Chronic inflammation issues must be identified and rectified.

Chronic inflammation issues must be identified and rectified. Chronic inflammation triggers a domino effect of consequences that can be fatal at worst and harmful at the least. It can wreak havoc on our kidneys, intestines and other organs. By avoiding acidic beverages and foods and consuming alkaline foods goes a long way towards avoiding chronic inflammation. Especially harmful are artificial ingredients, fried foods, sodas, and sugars.


Exercise & Fitness

Exercise and fitness are vital to protecting our kidneys. No expensive gym membership is necessary when you learn the benefits and the full range of options available with bodyweight exercises to keep you fit and strong. Some of my favorites are Monkey Bar gym, MovNat, and TRX.


Place Setting

Fasting can prevent diabetes and high blood sugar issues that can damage kidneys.

Fasting is a great strategy to reverse diabetes, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar which can all contribute to kidney issues and even kidney failure. My previous blog, Burn Body Fat with Fasting, shared a treasure chest of great suggestions for fasting to prevent diabetes and high blood sugar issues that can damage kidneys. Fasting allows us to avoid chewing and consuming foods to give the digestion system a rest to repair and reset.


Hydration is vital for body, brain and kidney health. Most people on the planet are frequently dehydrated which leads to many health issues and can start chain reactions which rob you of your health. Sufficient water must be consumed all day, each day.  Consuming water is easier when you use green supplements, herbal tea or lemon. Adding various blends of herbs, spices and supplements offer amazing health support for our body, brain, and kidneys.



Whole foods can reduce inflammation.

Natural nutrition based on locally grown organic whole foods is vital to kidney health. Consuming a nutrient dense organic rainbow of colored whole foods is a great step towards reducing inflammation. Especially avoid the highly processed and refined GMOs, grains, oils, and sugars. Some great food for kidney health include beets, green leafy plants, and kidney beans,

When it comes to kidney issues an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure so follow these seven suggestions to prevent kidney issues before they develop.

The passion and purpose of the Morningstar NEWS is to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. Remember baby steps can lead to big success when you program your body and brain with proven steps for sustainable success.

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