In 2015 the Great NEWS posts are dedicated to sharing Healthy Habits and today we offer simple suggestions to send and share healing love to help heal hurting hearts. It is easy for negative emotions and experiences to harden and harm our heart. Unresolved hurts can easily turn into powerful heart harming negative emotions that slowly but steadily weaken our heart and health. Healing the heart and then doing what it takes to help it stay healthy is easy to do and easy not to do depending on whether or not we know the healthy habits and profound principles we are about to reveal here.

Our heart is the perfect pump that delivers blood, energy, fuel and oxygen to the rest of our body to keep us happy and healthy. It is also associated with love. When we lead a calm, centered, collaborative, compassionate, confident, congruent and cooperative life it is easy to feel love and loving towards others and ourselves which nourishes and supports our heart. If we feel frequent negative emotions like: afraid, aggravated agitated, anger, animosity, anxiety or anxious it is damaging and disruptive to our heart and makes it harder for us to be happy and healthy.

Sand Heart

When we lead a calm, centered, collaborative, compassionate, confident, congruent and cooperative life it is easy to feel love and loving towards others and ourselves which nourishes and supports our heart.

When our heart is heavy and hurting it begins a chain reaction that slowly starts disrupting and distressing our body, mind and spirit.  We need our heart to be flexible, resilient and strong in order for us to be happy and healthy so we can easily rebuild, regenerate, rejuvenate, renew, repair, replace, reprogram and re-synchronize our cells, glands, organs and tissues. Doing simple things each day to neutralize negative emotions and nourishing our heart with nutrient dense organic whole foods are some of the most beneficial healthy habits we can do consistently to maintain our overall heart health and well being.

A daily stress reduction routine that includes Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping, exercise, hugging, laughing, massage, meditation, nature, prayer, singing, smiling, touching and yoga  can significantly improve our health and heart. It is easy to make these habits a part of our daily life when we realize how easy, effective and efficient they are for relaxing our mind, rejuvenating our body and renewing our spirit.

These behaviors, habits and routines have been found to provide absolutely free anti aging, feel great and longevity benefits in a world promising to sell you a pill or potion designed to do the same things.

Pampering, preparing and protecting our heart require a minimum of effort and time to feel, hear and see rapid results. We can do it any time and any where since it does not require any person, place or product for us to give this gift to others and our selves.

Many health experts, professionals and researchers are finding that being in a state of gratitude, joy and love are very beneficial in helping us rebuild, rejuvenate, renew, repair, restore and revitalize every cell in your body.

When we invest a little energy and time to release negative emotions, feelings and thoughts we allow our heart to stay in a state of balance and bliss. Holding on to these negative emotions and thoughts weakens our heart, immune system and mental well being which robs us of being happy and healthy.

It is vital to do what ever it takes to keep our heart in harmony and healthy to function for optimal resilience and peak performance. Little things we can do to strengthen and support our heart includes: being calm, classical music, deep breathing, EFT tapping, energizing exercise, forgiveness, HeartMath, living in the now, love your body with nourishing nutrition, positive mental attitude, meditation, pray for peace, restful sleep, reinforcing relationships, self love, stress reduction, thinking loving thoughts, yoga and wellness rituals.

When we support our health and heart on a daily basis we find it easier to be happy, healthy and holistic. Remember it is essential for us to re-balance, rebuild, re-energize, regenerate, rejuvenate, relax, renew, repair, reprogram, restore and revitalize our heart each day if we want our body and brain to deliver peak performance consistently. I even do a morning affirmation saying this to send a clear signal to my body, mind and spirit. Following these simple suggestions on a consistent basis will help us begin to see big benefits in a short period of time. At our very core our heart deserves and desires Tender Loving Care (TLC) to be happy and healthy.

Happy and Healthy Heart Benefits


Integrating healing the heart rituals into our day is great for helping our body and brain to be happy, healthy, in harmony and energized.

Our brain and especially our ego is easily agitated, bored, brainwashed, confused, distracted, hypnotized, self centered and stressed from the daily noise and nonsense that surrounds our everyday life.  This can impede our performance and progress as it slowly wears us down. Often we engage in unhealthy behaviors as a distraction and diversion which contributes to us feeling even more sad, sick, stressed and tired. Integrating healing the heart rituals into our day is great for helping our body and brain to be happy, healthy, in harmony and energized.

Simply listening to the “Happy” song could be enough to snap our body and brain out of an unhealthy state. Dancing, music and singing are great ways to provide a quick benefit and boost to our brain.

Twenty minutes of exercise, meditation or yoga is a great way to decompress and distress. We all have ten to fifteen minutes to benefit our heart.

A walking meditation in nature or a park is an excellent way to help your heart be happy and healthy at the same time. Enjoying the beauty of our creator is a quick way to help our heart reconnect to the beauty and source of creation.

Walking barefoot on the beach, grass or trail is a simple way to become reconnected to Mother Earth.  This is referred to as earthing or grounding and has been found to be beneficial for helping us relieve many aches, illnesses and pains. It may also help realign our body, mind and spirit as it helps maintain our happiness, health and harmony in a sometimes non loving world.

What if taking small steps to heal our heart could help with: better digestion, calming our mind, enhancing endocrine glands, improving immune function, producing endorphin’s, promoting a healthier lifestyle, reducing high blood pressure, reducing stress, strengthening our mental function and supporting sound sleep?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping on acupressure points is a great way to let go of unresolved emotional issues in order for our heart to feel more at peace and relaxed. A regular practice of EFT can make a big difference in reducing the amount of strain and stress our heart feels. Anything we do to relax and rejuvenate our heart will help all other functions that depend on the heart for support.

Holding on to past hurts and negative emotions is very damaging and harmful to our heart health.  When we forgive and let go of the hurts we send a profound message to our heart and soul about choosing to be happier, healthier and more in harmony. Doing tapping two or three times a day can be extremely profound. Imagine the benefits of doing tapping before a meal and before going to bed to release and resolve emotional upsets rather than eating or going to bed with them.

Our body, mind and heart will benefit from the calming affect and emotional release that EFT offers.  Our brain performs better when we synchronize it with our body to be calm, energized, fit and relaxed.  Meditation helps our brain benefit as we nurture our emotional, mental and physical well being.

Our spiritual life will benefit went we turn to a Heart of Worship with quality time devoted to adoration, devotion and prayer. When we nurture our spirit we access amazing healing energy and peace of mind.

Fountain and People

Being in a state of acceptance, appreciation, bliss, calm, grace, gratitude, hope, joy, love and peace we are more likely to maintain and sustain great relationships.

We can also improve our relationship with our self and others when we heal whatever is blocking or damaging our heart. It is believed by many that people who have a heart attack and die actually die of a broken and hurt heart from emotional trauma that has not been healed and resolved. Being in a state of acceptance, appreciation, bliss, calm, grace, gratitude, hope, joy, love and peace we are more likely to maintain and sustain great relationships.

Healing our heart can also help promote our development, growth and success. When our heart is feeling loved and open we have energy and enthusiasm to expand our abilities and try new things

To live our life to the fullest we must maintain our passion, performance and profession with a healthy heart. When our heart is feeling whole and wonderful we are able to be, do and have more in life.  Making healing our heart a priority helps us to be even more happy, healthy and in harmony which becomes a self fulfilling prophesy for progress and success in all areas of our wheel of life.

When our heart is hurting often our finances will suffer as well. Many people turn to addictions, confrontations and distractions to avoid focusing on their hurting heart. Most of the strategies, suggestions and support offered in this post are free forms of therapy, transformation and transition. To create our financial freedom requires us to maintain a healthy body, mind, heart and spirit. When we are emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually fit and resilient we are able to access our state of flow and power for financial success.

Abundance is our birth right when we do our part to heal our heart and maintain our health. When our heart is loving, open, trusting and warm our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual life we are able to life up to our full potential and power. What is preventing us from healing our heart and seeing how great and glorious our life can be? We are the only thing truly blocking our progress by not allowing our heart to heal. It is up to each of us to decide on to commitment for being, eating and living healthy.

Healthy Heart Suggestions

There are many simple things we can do to help heal our heart and stay healthy for life.

  • Avoid consuming processed and refined carbohydrates, fruits, juices, sodas, sugars and sweets because diabetes and obesity contributes to heart problems and cost $400 billion worldwide in health care and lost productivity.
  • Eating nutrient dense organic whole foods is one of the best things we can do for maintaining a healthy heart. Many foods are promoted as being heart healthy that are not, so carefully read the ingredients and labels.
    Eating nutrient dense organic whole foods is one of the best things we can do for maintaining a healthy heart.
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping on energy meridians is an easy, fast and terrific energy psychology protocol.
  • Exercising with High Intensity Interval Training for fifteen to thirty minutes several times a week is great for maintaining our heart health.
  • Have fun as we laugh and love often.
  • Heart math is very helpful for entrainment of our heart.
  • Hugs and touch for health are some of the most important daily habits to maintain.
  • Mantras and mudras are also fantastic for helping to keep our body, mind, spirit and heart healthy. They are some of the oldest therapeutic techniques known to man.
  • Meditation is great for emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health which heals and maintains our heart.
  • Participating in couples, religious and spiritual retreats is a great way to associate with other health seekers.
  • Yoga is great for breathing, relaxing, strengthening, stretching, and toning.
  • Visualization is very valuable for healing and helping our heart to be healthy and manifest our desires.
  • Vision boards with our mission, purpose, values and vision are a great way to keep us on a path that supports and sustains our heart for health.
  • Walking in nature is one of the best recommendations and remedies for a healthy heart.

Remember heart health is the result of utilizing many healthy habits that are part of a comprehensive overall healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2015 series offers simple suggestions and small steps to help create a balanced body, healthy heart and magical mind. Our heart health today will determine our level of being happy and healthy in the future.

This Great NEWS post on Healthy Habits offers simple strategies for a meditation practice that can transform our body, mind and spirit. All areas in our wheel of life contribute to our level of overall health and vitality. There are many great resources available to help you maintain a healthy heart.  We must do our part to create a lifestyle that supports our heart health which will in turn support our body, mind and spirit health. Healthy Habits suggestions are like planting small seeds that help create magic moments and even more happiness, harmony and health in life.

What is your current Gap?

What are you doing daily to maintain your heart health?  How easy would it be to indulge in these simple suggestions to help heal your heart? What big benefits might you experience on the path to healing your heart?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans and habits will you implement to help your heart?  Consider reading the Hug a Day article by Dr. Mercola or book: Healing the Heart by Deepak Chopra.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the healthy habits for healing the heart? What other ideas and inspiration will help motivate us towards better behaviors, beliefs and biology for a great 2015 and beyond?

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Healthy Habit – Blessings and Prayer

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