Last week the Great NEWS blog shared Part 1: Health and Beauty Suggestions for Spring and this week will follow up with Part 2: Health and Beauty Suggestions for Spring. The article became so long it was obvious a Part I and Part II were necessary.

As you may remember from the last posting, most people are super excited when winter wanes and spring starts for a giant infusion of extra energy, sun shine and warmer weather. Since spring is here and people are eagerly enjoying the warmer weather it is time to think about strategies and suggestions to clean out the excess fat, sluggishness and toxins of the winter season. Are you applying these Health and Beauty Suggestions for Spring to maintain your best body, mind and spirit health all year long?

Many people are determined to do a good spring cleaning of the home and working in the yard. We all enjoy the great feeling of living in a clean home with nice landscaping and yard. How often do you think about the importance of doing an annual spring cleaning of your body?

It is more important for each of us to first focus on how we feel on the inside and look on the outside than being compulsive and obsessive about the home and yard. While there are many articles this time of the year regarding fertilizing the yard, organizing the clutter spring cleaning it is important to remember your health is your greatest resource for wealth.

Body Mind Spirit Self-Care

When is the last time you made your body, mind and spirit the top priority for spring?

It may seem like a sad state of reality yet most people take better care of their car, house and yard than they do their body, mind and spirit.

If you do not take care of your self who will? Do you want the doctors, hospitals, nurses, pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies to be your primary health care givers or are you ready and willing to step up and take charge of your health and happiness? This article contains easy and effective suggestions and support to help you give yourself the Tender Loving Care (TLC) you desire and deserve.

Unfortunately many of the articles written on heath, beauty and skin care have secret and subliminal ulterior messages and motives to influence your thinking and sell you something or steer you to a certain product or procedure. Some articles promote synthetic beauty products, chemical peels, crèmes, lotions, pills, potions, sunscreen, teeth whiteners and toxic compounds that have serious risks and side effects.

Some promote harmful, unnatural and synthetic products and procedures such as: breast implants, cosmetics, cosmetic surgery, lipo-suction, tanning, tummy tucks, While others promote anti depressants, diets, drugs, gimmicks, gums, meal replacements, patches, sleeping pills. Anything that is proposed as an artificial or synthetic fix or recommendation can be substituted with a holistic, natural and safe method.

To be green gals and green guys for Earth Day as well as super hero’s for our family and friends we must first stop the clutter and noise and begin to look within to see if we are receiving what we need for our health and beauty. To be all we can be requires the desire, drive and insight to see both our positive and negative aspects and then decide to step up to a higher consciousness and standard for our life. Once you fulfill your desires, needs and wants then you will be in your best state for helping the world around you.

Restorative Wellness Steps

The following are additional simple suggestions that any child, man or woman will benefit from to help create a better body, mind and spirit:

Massage is a great way to feel great and stimulate your immune system at the same time. Therapeutic massage has been found to have numerous benefits for health and beauty.

Meditation is a great way to improve your hormone balance, improve your immune functions, reduce stress, relax, rejuvenate and turn back the aging process. Many people have found Transandental Meditation and Primordial Sound Meditation very effective at bringing their life back in to balance and harmony.

Minerals, trace elements, antioxidants and vitamins are essential for health and beauty. Be sure you eat nutrient dense whole foods as your main source. To be extra sure you are getting all the essential ingredients your body requires find a supplemental source with ones that are minimally processed at a low temperature to protect all the delicate composition and vital structures that are key for perfect health.

Mud baths (clay), sea salt and sodium bicarbonate baths have all been found to be very calming and relaxing as they also help cleanse and detox the body. Try a body mud pack, facial, foot facial or mud bath to see what benefits you begin to notice.

Oils from good organic food sources are your best choices and most cost efficient to use on your face and body. Top choices include extra virgin raw almond, avocado, castor, coco butter, coconut, jojoba, kukui, neem, olive oil, sesame and shea butter.

Read all food labels for ingredients to be sure you are avoiding the Genetically Engineered (GE) and Generically Modified Organisms (GMO). Stop the insanity of fake foods and start the intelligence of natural nutrient dense organic foods.

Rebounding is a great way to exercise every cell in your body at the exact same time with each bounce. It also helps to move lymph fluid through our bodies. We have more lymph fluid than we do blood in our bodies. The lymph system is similar to a sewage treatment system transporting dead cells and waste matter from the body to be eliminated. Muscle contraction is needed to keep the lymph flowing easily. This is key for a healthy body and immune system.

Reflexology for the feet and hands is an ancient practice with many known health and beauty benefits. Practitioners learn that the feet and hands correlate to the energy meridians, glands and organs of the body. This allows the therapeutic touch of reflexology to impart benefits to your body, mind and spirit while also feeling great.

Bare feet in SandSand is super special for health and beauty in many ways. Sand at a beach is great for building sand castles, developing foot and leg muscles, exfoliating dead skin off the feet, beneficial walking surface for exercise and posture. Edgar Cayce felt being buried in warm sand was a great way to cleanse and detox your body. Checking your foot prints in the sand is also an excellent method of analyzing your foot pace, position and stride for alignment and orientation.

Sea Salt is essential for healthy blood, glands, organs and tissues due to the many minerals and trace elements it provides. Sea salt or Epsom salt water is super beneficial for detox baths, gargling, neti pot and soaking feet. Sea salt has the minerals and trace elements our body and mind needs for health and beauty. Have you every noticed how great it is to be at the beach by the sea with the sea salt and ionic activity that occurs? Avoid typical table salt (NaCl) which is an industrial compound and replace it with natural sun dried Sea salt and bring the healing power of the oceans into your body.

Skin care is important to children, men and women for obvious reasons. Our skin is our exterior being to the world around us. Great skin is a blessing and problem skin is a big concern. Skin brushing with a soft skin brush is a great way to remove dead skin cells, increase circulation and revitalize the skin and underlying tissues. Be sure to avid synthetic skin crèam’s and lotions. As mention in this article be sure to use only natural products you are willing to eat since that is what you do when applying something to your skin. BTW aloe vera is a great natural treatment for your skin to help nourish, soothe and tone your face and body.

Smiling is one of the most important things you can do every day to enhance your health and beauty. A big smile is attractive and magical for the state of being it creates in others and in you. It cab help brighten the mood of those around you and your mood too. Make a conscious effort to smile for one week and notice the reaction of your family and friends. Have someone take a picture of you smiling and one of you frowning and notice the difference. Which one do you prefer others to see? Be sure to avoid the harmful bleaches and teeth whiteners and chose a natural one like baking soda and strawberries instead. Be sure to take great care of your teeth since they must last you a lifetime for great health and beauty.

Sun shine is super special for long term health and happiness. We need exposure to sun light to make Vitamin D which is essential for our health and beauty. Our biological functions, hormones and immune system depend on Vitamin D to help maintain and regulate them. Contrary to all the scare tactics about wearing sunscreen whenever you are in the sun you must actually have sun exposure for your body, mind and spirit health and well being. Sun screens often excessively block the suns rays which can cause Vitamin D deficiency. They can also cause cancer due to the synthetic toxic chemical exposure. Obviously you should gradually increase your time in the sun and avoid excessively long exposure which can lead to burning which is harmful. Clothing and hats are much better for protecting you from a sun burn than toxic chemicals.

Saunas and sweat lodge are both beneficial ways to help remove toxins and provide therapeutic health benefits. You can chose for a dry sauna, wet sauna or a far infrared sauna to help the body sweat which helps clean out pores, release toxins and stimulate the blood circulation. Learn more about the benefits of saunas here:

Sweating is good because the body has increased blood flow which is releasing toxins and waste, helping your natural oil glands function and opening the pores of your skin. It helps bring back your natural heath and beauty glow and is nature’s way to help the body stay cleaner and cooler. Too much cold and dry air can easily dry out your skin and cause dead cells to accumulate which can lead to less vibrant skin and accelerated aging.

Teeth deserve special attention since they are important for chewing and a great smile. Many people use toxic toothpaste with harmful chemicals and fluoride. Luckily there are many natural tooth pastes, and tooth soaps made with natural ingredients. Dr Bronner’s pure castile soap is a great choice for bathing soap and tooth soap. Avoid using gargles which contain toxins and alcohol. Using sea salt water or baking soda water is an environmentally friendly choice and a great gargle and low cost option.

Walking with a back pack with some water bottles and water bottles in your hands is one of the best activities you can do in the spring to build your cardiovascular system, endurance and strength. After a long holiday season and winter most people have put on a few extra pounds and increased their toxin load. A brisk walk with additional weight helps to exercise every muscle in your body and condition your entire skeletal system for peak performance and perfect health. Great hiking boots or all terrain walking shoes are important to provide good traction and support your feet. This is especially important on hills, stairs, trails and on wet days. When walking be sure to enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of spring so the hike is enjoyable and fun. Find a friend to join you and you will both benefit while you walk and talk.

Yoga BreathingYoga is derived from an ancient Ayurvedic tradition that connects the body, mind and spirit for improving health and beauty. It can also be great exercise to simultaneously condition the cardio vascular system, joints, lungs, muscles and tendons while helping to calm and relax the person. While there are many books written on the various styles of yoga it is good to know that something as simple as the Sun Salutation done for 3 – 5 minutes each morning is very beneficial for your health and beauty.

The 10 R’s for a Healthy Lifestyle

Remember to Rebuild, Refresh, Relax, Rejoice, Rejuvenate, Renew, Rest, Restore, Retreat and Rewind.

Every minute you invest to create a better body, mind and spirit will pay double dividends for a life time. Every minute you waste money on artificial fixes robs you of the quality of life you desire and deserve.

Now is the perfect time of the year to focus on Health and Beauty Suggestions for Spring. Notice the signals from Mother Nature that spring is here as you notice the beautiful bouquets, extra energy, sun shine and warmer weather. Spring time is an invitation to implement smart strategies and suggestions to clean out the unhealthy chemicals, fats, toxins and wastes from the winter season. It is up to you to implement the Health and Beauty Suggestions for Spring that will support your best body, mind and spirit for a healthy and long life.

Mastery Action Plan

Did you create a Mastery Action Plan last week? If you did create one congratulations! If you did not create one yet this is the perfect time to do it.

  • Be sure to make a list of your top ten toxic tendencies that trash your body, mind and spirit.
  • Come up with the top ten terrific treatments to tantalize your body, mind and spirit.
  • Next schedule and post these top ten TLC treatments to your calendar or planner.
  • Do it now because you deserve TLC and it will pay dividends for you and the ones you love. Thinking about it is a day dream whereas putting it in writing makes it a real list of outcomes. Go ahead and do it now to feel fantastic, look great and live longer.

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