Last week the Great NEWS blog shared Subscriber Solutions and Suggestions for Earth Day and today offers Health and Beauty Suggestions for Spring. Most people are super excited when winter wanes and spring starts for a giant infusion of extra energy, sun shine and warmer weather. Since spring is here and people are eagerly enjoying the warmer weather it is time to think about strategies and suggestions to clean out the excess fat, sluggishness and toxins of the winter season. How many of these Health and Beauty Suggestions for Spring do you follow to maintain your best body, mind and spirit health all year long?

It is common this time of the year for people to be doing a good spring cleaning of the home and working in the yard. We all enjoy the great feeling of living in a clean home with a nice looking landscaping and yard. Have you thought about how important it is for an annual spring cleaning of your body?

It is more important for each of us to first focus on how we feel on the inside and look on the outside than being compulsive and obsessive about the home and yard. While there are many articles this time of the year regarding fertilizing the yard, organizing the clutter spring cleaning it is important to remember your health is your greatest resource for wealth.

TLC for Body, Mind, and Spirit

Healthy Essential OilsWhen is the last time you made your body, mind and spirit the top priority for spring? It may seem like a sad state of reality yet most people take better care of their car, house and yard than they do their body, mind and spirit. If you do not take care of your self who will? Do you want the doctors, hospitals, nurses, pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies to be your primary health care givers or are you ready and willing to step up and take charge of your health and happiness? This article contains easy and effective suggestions and support to help you give yourself the Tender Loving Care (TLC) you desire and deserve.

Unfortunately many of the articles written on heath, beauty and skin care have secret and subliminal ulterior messages and motives to influence your thinking and sell you something or steer you to a certain product or procedure. Some articles promote synthetic beauty products, chemical peels, crèmes, lotions, pills, potions, sunscreen, teeth whiteners and toxic compounds that have serious risks and side effects.

Some promote harmful, unnatural and synthetic products and procedures such as: breast implants, cosmetics, cosmetic surgery, lipo-suction, tanning, tummy tucks, While others promote anti depressants, diets, drugs, gimmicks, gums, meal replacements, patches, sleeping pills. Anything that is proposed as an artificial or synthetic fix or recommendation can be substituted with a holistic, natural and safe method.

To be great green gals and great green guys for Earth Day as well as super hero’s for our family and friends we must first stop the clutter and noise and begin to look within to see if we are receiving what we need for our health and beauty. To be all we can be requires the desire, drive and insight to see both our positive and negative aspects and then decide to step up to a higher consciousness and standard for our life. Once you fulfill your desires, needs and wants then you will be in your best state for helping the world around you.

Spring Forward with Simple Suggestions

The following are simple suggestions that any child, man or woman will benefit from to help create a better body, mind and spirit:

Refined Sugar

Sugar is very toxic to the body

Stop putting the toxins on your body.Harsh synthetic cleaners, conditioners, cream’s, lipstick, lotions, makeup, shampoos, sunscreens and soaps are easily absorbed by the skin. Many people know that the skin is the largest organ for absorption and elimination and still put things on that are harmful. What are they thinking and what message does it send to your body, mind and spirit when you do something harmful to yourself? It is imperative you only put something on your skin that is safe enough to eat, because that is indirectly what you do every time you put something on your skin and it is absorbed into your cells and tissues.

Stop putting the toxins and trash in your body. Highly processed fast foods and junk foods are loaded with harmful additives, adulterated oils, antibiotics, chemical treatments, colorings, fats, flavor enhancers, heavy metals, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), hormones, pesticides, preservatives, scents, sugars, sweeteners and table salt for addictive taste, longer shelf life visual appeal. You are what you eat, so consuming junk food causes your body, mind and spirit to become jammed with toxins and junked out.

Cleanse and detox the harmful chemicals, compounds and toxins out of your body, cells and organs. There are many natural methods to help the body release toxins. Baking soda, colon hydrotherapy, enemas, gall bladder flush, liver cleanse, mud (clay) baths, sweating, and thermal springs are just a few of the many modalities you can use in the spring or any time for that matter. Why not consider a quarterly spring cleanse and detox of your body, mind and spirit? Are you worth it?

Calcium Bentonite Clay is a great way to naturally cleanse and detox on the inside and outside. Due to its alkalinity, absorption and adsorption it is a super solution to the many harmful compounds that exist. Many studies have found that clay is antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. It seems to help with bug bites, insect stings, It also has been found to help with poisonous plants like poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. In the military we used clay for the decontamination of biological, chemical and nuclear agents.

Deodorants are usually made of synthetic chemicals and toxic compounds like aluminum chlorhydrate which have been shown to contribute to health issues. A crystal sea salt stick and essential oils like lime or patchouli work great with out the toxins. Besides saving your health and money they also help reduce the landfill waste from the plastic containers.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a super way to deal with the negative emotional issues that impair our lives. EFT is part Energy Psychology that combines acupressure and verbal stimulation to reduce negative influences and increase positive feelings for long term benefits. It has been found to be very effective for a wide range of challenges and issues that often are less than responsive to other therapies. It has been used with people of all ages from young children to senior citizens with amazing results.

Essential oils are an excellent way to reenergize and renew your body, mind and spirit. They have also been found to have very therapeutic benefits where particular smells correlate to specific benefits. Excellent choices to try including cinnamon, clove, frankincense, lavender, lemon, oregano, rosemary, rose wood, sandal wood, tea tree, Lavender and rosemary are known for calming the mind and supporting a restful nights sleep. Oregano oil is one of the most powerful antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti- viral essential oils known. Beside having special therapeutic properties they smell great!

Exercise Helps Cleanse Out ToxinsExercise is an excellent way to help clean out toxins and improve the entire cardio vascular, muscular, organ and tissue systems simultaneously. Exercise is essential for circulation, endurance, fitness, flexibility, lymphatic drainage, support and toning all of which contribute to long term health and beauty.

Fasting is an easy way to help the body cleanse itself of accumulated toxins and give the digestive system a rest from the heavy foods often consumed during the winter months. A spring fast allows the body to consume more of the fats accumulated and to direct more energy toward the digestion and elimination. Spring is the perfect time to do this after eating the abundance of fall and winter foods with more fats and sugars in them. Green juices and water are excellent to help move the stagnant materials out of the fat cells and colon.

Feet deserve special attention since many people are very unkind to their feet which provide out primary source of mobility and transportation. Wearing shoes which are problematic due to high heels, improper foot support, poor design, too tight, wrong size or other issues can lead to many issues. Improper shoes can affect your walking stride as well as physical alignment and cause major problems to your bones, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons in your feet, legs and back. Proper fitting and supportive shoes help provide the comfort and configuration your feet and body need. Going barefoot on a regular basis is also important to strengthen the feet and remain grounded with the earth.

Finger nails and toe nails deserve special mention due to the lack of awareness and frequent mistreatment. Most nail polish and nail polish remover is very toxic. It contains toxin compounds which enter your body when you breathe it and is absorbed into your tissues from your nails. Many people also suffer with fungal infections under their toe nails. The best suggestion is to use all natural essential oils and food quality oils mentioned in this article and avoid the toxic fake nails, glues, polish and polish removers totally.

Food availability changes with the seasons and it is important to rotate your eating habits to coincide with foods that are in season and as fresh as possible. Another area of caution is to avoid allowing your eating to shift later in the evening as the daylight hours increase. The optimal plan is to consume your evening meal by 7:00 so you have several hours to digest before bed time at 10:00 to 10:30 to remain synchronized with the seasons and sun.

Green algae, grasses, herbs, leaves, plants, phytoplankton, sea veggies and vegetables are great for feeding the planet and feeding you some of the best foods on the planet. This is because the green color comes from the chlorophyll in the plant cells which can harness the amazing energy of sun light and convert it into a form of energy we can consume to fuel and maintain our bodies. Imagine for a minute how powerful the photosynthesis process is which allows sun light to be magically transformed into carbohydrates using the chlorophyll in plants. All we need to do is drink and eat those green plant cells or their juices to release that potent power into our bodies. Chlorophyll is a super nutrient and almost identical to the hemoglobin in our blood cells which helps carry oxygen. Remember the mantra that green is great and enjoy more green plants at every meal.

Hair can be one of our best features or a constant source of stress and toxicity. Most hair colorings, conditioners and shampoos are harmful and toxic due to the chemicals and compounds in them. Avoid the toxic ones and use all natural versions instead. One of the worst things you can do and (most men do it daily) is to over shampoo your hair and scalp. This exposes you to excess toxins and strips the natural oils off your hair and scalp which keep your hair and head healthy. Use minimal natural shampoo if any at all and brush, comb and massage your hair and scalp for natural health and beauty.

Heavy metals are a problem all year long. People are exposed to them from the facilities (coal and nuclear power plants), factories, farms, filings, fish, fireplaces, foods, fuels, fumes and furnaces. It is essential to learn about natural methods of continually cleansing and detoxing them from your body. Many sources recommend clay, cilantro, chlorella, sea weed and spriulina as natures natural detoxifiers.

Water & an AppleHydration is a key component for health and beauty all year long. During the colder winter months it is easy for the cells, skin and tissues to be more dried out and less resilient. Warm liquids are especially beneficial during the winter as well as the entire year.

Juicing fruits, grasses, greens and vegetables is a great way to receive concentrated nutrients that as super easy to absorb and assimilate.

Luscious lips deserve the best care and natural products available. Avoid petroleum based and rendering fat based lip sticks which usually contain harmful compounds. Choose natural plant based oils like castor, coconut, olive oil and other oils listed later in this article.

Love Thy Neighbor As Thy Self

Lastly, loving they neighbor as they self  is an important proven principle to follow in order to insure optimal beauty, health and longevity.

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(To be continued in Part 2 next week)

Remember to Rebuild, Refresh, Relax, Rejoice, Rejuvenate, Renew, Rest, Restore, Retreat and Rewind. Every minute you invest to create a better body, mind and spirit will pay double dividends for a life time. Every minute you waste money on artificial fixes robs you of the quality of life you desire and deserve.

March and April are the perfect months to focus on Health and Beauty Suggestions for Spring. Notice the signals from Mother Nature that spring is here as you notice the beautiful bouquets, extra energy, sun shine and warmer weather. Spring is a time to implement smart strategies and suggestions to clean out the unhealthy chemicals, fats, toxins and wastes from the winter season. Now it is up to you to decide on the Health and Beauty Suggestions for Spring that you will implement to craft and create your best body, mind and spirit for the rest of your long life.

Mastery Action Plan

  1. Make a list of your top ten toxic tendencies that trash your body, mind and spirit.
  2. Now reread this article and come up with the top ten terrific treatments to tantalize your body, mind and spirit.
  3. Next schedule and post these top ten TLC treatments to your calendar or planner.

Do this now since you deserve it and it will pay dividends for you and the ones you love. Unless you commit to do it in writing it is only a day dream and not an important goal and outcome. Go ahead and do it now. You will be so glad when you feel fantastic, look great and live longer.

Next week the Great NEWS blog will share: Part Two: Health and Beauty Suggestions for Spring