The previous Great NEWS post was dedicated to help adults and teens Avoid Acne and today we help you have Healthy Hair in seven Simple Steps. Many adults, teens and seniors are abusing their body, hair and head which results in hair and scalp issues. This blog post is dedicated to help with simple steps to stop stressing and suffering from unsightly hair and scalp challenges. For Healthy Hair follow these simple steps to stop harming your hair and scalp and start some special strategies for better hair and scalp conditioning.

Your Healthy Head of Hair

There are common causes and contributing factors that impact the quality of your hair and scalp. Everything you do affects the quality of your hair, hair follicles and scalp so this post will help you better understand the cause and effects regarding healthy hair.

All aspects of your beauty, health and lifestyle routines including; bleaching, colorings, conditioners, dyes, food, hair care products, hormones, lifestyle, medications, minerals, protein intake, shampoo, sleep, soaps, stress, treatments and vitamins have been shown to impact the quality of your hair and scalp. To encourage your hair to grow and stay healthy as well as to reduce hair loss requires some basic Tender Loving Care (TLC) hair and scalp strategies.

Man With Beard and Head of Hair

Hair is made from protein and grows from hair follicles. Health, heredity and hormones play a significant role in the quality and quantity of hair.

Even though balding has been linked to a genetic trait it is well documented that great hair care, health and nutrition habits can play a major role in hair growth and vitality. While many hair care products on the market today harm your hair there are also many natural conditioners, foods, masks, products and shampoos that can also prevent hair loss and restore healthy, strong and vibrant hair.

To understand your hair and scalp better let’s look at the biological basics. Hair is made from protein and grows from hair follicles. Health, heredity and hormones play a significant role in the quality and quantity of hair. In Ayurveda (India – Science of Life) hair is greatly influenced by your dosha. Basic guidelines indicate Vata types have dry hair, Pitta types tend to have more balding, graying, red and thin hair while Kapha types have strong and thick hair. Oil glands at the hair follicle also affect your hair. A healthy scalp is important for healthy hair.

Hair Damage and Hair Loss

Let’s look a little further into the worst culprits for damaging hair and hair loss.

  • Bleaching hair is very damaging to the hair, follicles and scalp.
  • Colorings and dyes usually use toxic chemicals which can harm your hair and health.
  • Conditioners usually contain toxic chemicals
  • Foods play a major role in the quality of your hair and health. Fake foods, fast foods and fried foods are especially bad for your hair.
  • Hair care products most often contain harmful chemicals
  • Hormones have a major impact on your hair and when out of balance can harm your hair health.
  • Lifestyle influences every aspect of your health. Disease, medications, smoking and toxic chemicals harm your hair and health.
  • Medications have side effects and often affect your hair quality

    Shampooing Hair

    Some shampoos contain harmful synthetic chemicals which can damage your hair.

  • Minerals are important to your health and when you are deficient various aspects of your body like hair and hair follicles are impacted.
  • Protein deficiencies can harm your hair
  • Shampoos usually contain harmful synthetic chemicals
  • Sleep is essential for health and lack of quality sleep affects everything in your life
  • Soaps usually contain harmful synthetic
  • Stress has various negative impacts on your health. Alopecia is a condition associated with stress which often results in excess hair fallout.
  • Treatments to make hair relax and be straight usually use toxic chemicals
  • Vitamin deficiencies will affect your hair and health

Seven Simple Steps for Healthy Hair

Now that you know which potential problems to stop let’s focus on solutions. Healthy enzymes, minerals, nutrients, pro-biotics, proteins, trace elements and vitamins will help you be even more healthy and grow healthy hair.

  1. Hair is made of protein so it is essential to consume high quality protein from organic animal or plant products. Animal products such as free range organic eggs, dairy, fish, meat or whey protein are good choices. Great plant sources of organic protein includes algae, beans, coconut, grains, grass, green plants, hemp seeds, herbs, legumes, nuts, roots, seeds, sea weeds and tubers. Consuming healthy combinations of carbohydrates, essential fats and oils and proteins is essential for health and healthy hair. Be sure to avoid GMO products such as canola oil, corn oil and soy oil and animal products feed these GMO seeds.
  2. All vitamins are important for healthy hair. Having sufficient amounts of Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K is a major component for having healthy hair. The vitamins must be from properly prepared cool processed and whole food sources. Avoid synthetic vitamins which are harmful.
  3. Minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium and zinc can help reduce hair loss. Minerals are essential for healthy blood, cells and tissues. When the body is healthy this helps increase circulation to the scalp and hair follicles for hair growth.
  4. Brushing and combing your hair and massaging the scalp is important for a healthy hair and scalp. Be sure to avoid all the toxic synthetic chemical hair conditioners, shampoos and treatments. Most people use toxic products and way too much shampoo too often. Only use natural organic products like castile soap and foods for healthier hair. Natural hair treatments including external and internal use of coconut, olive and sesame oil are great. You can also use combinations of raw apple cider vinegar, avocado, egg, essential oils, herbs, honey, lemon juice, oatmeal and sea salt in water.

    Hair Brush

    Brushing and combing your hair and massaging the scalp is important for a healthy hair and scalp.

  5. Proper hydration is essential for growing healthy hair. Drinking adequate water each day to keep your urine a clear to slightly lemonade color is important for health and growing healthy hair. The hair shaft is about 25% water.
  6. Consume more alkaline beverages and foods to strengthen your hair follicles and health. Reduce acidic beverages like alcohol, coffee, juices and sodas to reduce hair loss. Acidic beverages are hard on the body and reduce hair growth. Replace acidic fake foods, fast foods and fried foods with organic whole foods that are minimally processed and refined. Consume large quantities of low temperature heated and raw foods every day.
  7. Your hormones have a major influence on hair growth so be sure to maintain and monitor your hormones for optimal health. Some hormones like estrogen and testosterone may decrease with age and impact the body‘s balance and slow hair growth. Compounding bio-identical hormones for men and women are an exciting possibility to maintain hair growth and health. Since many natural whole foods also contain hormone balancers and enhancers this offers an exciting opportunity for maintaining a healthy body and hair. Cortisol is a hormone released under stress and excessive stress is a major contributor to unhealthy hair and poor health. Exercise, meditation and yoga are great for your hair and health.

Hair care is a multiple billion dollar business providing hair coloring, conditioners, dyes, shampoos, styling and treatments from hair product and service companies. The bottom line is that healthy hair can be naturally supported with dietary changes, holistic health protocols, lifestyle modifications, natural hygiene and organic products. The key is to educate your self and read every label to understand the ingredients and risks.

Man Brushing Hair

When you make even more educated and informed decisions regarding hair care and hair care products your will be able to stop damaging you hair and start having healthy hair.

We are talking about big billions of dollars each year around the world to treat the visible effects on hair rather than the invisible underlying causes. Adults, children and seniors will benefit from learning the best methods of hair care. The goal of this post is to share natural measures that anyone can use to help be healthy and have healthy hair. Hair care is so simple when you understand the basics that anyone can do it easily and effectively.

When you make even more educated and informed decisions regarding hair care and hair care products your will be able to stop damaging you hair and start having healthy hair. Are you ready and willing to look behind the hair care curtain to follow the deceptions and dollars to see what and who is harming your hair and pulling the strings? When you do it is easy to implement natural strategies that are best for enjoying Healthy Hair in Seven Simple Steps.

What is your current Gap?

What behaviors, lifestyle choices and products are harming your hair and health?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What choices, decisions and simple strategies must you make now to enjoy healthy hair and improved health? What must you stop doing? What must you start doing?

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What comments, commitments or questions do you have regarding healthy hair?

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