In the article Ten Toxic Threats to Human Health and Happiness the sixth threat deals with: Water water every where but is it safe to drink?

Our body is made of about 75 – 80 percent water. The body needs “water” and not coffee, milk, soda, sports drinks or processed beverages. Commercial drinks are designed to make money for the manufacturer at the expense and health of the consumer.

Alcohol, artificial sweetener, caffeine drinks, coffee, diet drinks, pasteurized juices, sodas & sports drinks are cooked concoctions processed with synthetic and treated compounds that cause more harm than they help. In addition they are very expensive when compared to water.

Clean water is the elixir of life so become involved in water conservation, protection and purification.

Commercial Beverages

The commercial beverage world is determined and driven to make big promises to promote their beverages and brews from the beginning of our life to the end. They sell baby formula, fruit juice, flavored drinks, coffee, cool-aid, sodas, soy milk, sports drinks, tea, vitamin waters, alcohol (beer, liquor and wine) and seniors’ drinks to feed your body and quench your thirst.

Unfortunately there are several problems with this sad scenario. First their drinks cost a lot of money compared to water. Second their products require a lot of energy and petroleum for cooling, manufacture, storage and transportation costs. Third while the product may contain water it often contains a long list of additives, colorings, flavorings, preservatives, synthetic compounds and synthetic vitamins, most of which are harmful ingredients that are harmful to your health.

Water Supply Threats

Unsafe Water SuppliesNext we must look at our water supply. Most of the synthetic chemicals and cleaners in your home and office end up in our water system. Air fresheners, bar soaps, bathroom cleaners, dish detergent, drain cleaners, kitchen cleaners, laundry soaps, personal body care products and various insecticides contain toxic ingredients which are easily absorbed by our bodies and also go down the drains.

All these toxic chemicals cause significant harm to our health and well being. The fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides (Roundup) and insecticides used for crops, gardens and home use contain very harmful ingredients such as neuro-toxins which contaminate our environment and damage our health.

The water you flush down the toilet or wash your body, car, clothes, dishes, goes down the drain and will end up downstream as water for animals, fish or people. The rain also washes a large amount of animal waste, chemicals, heavy metals, industrial waste, pesticides, petroleum products and pollution into our lakes and rivers which eventually ends up in the oceans. We live in a closed ecosystem so when we pollute any fresh or sea water on earth we affect every other part of our environment over time.

90 Day Challenge

For the next 90 days every time you hear or see water going down the drain think about what chemicals, poisons and toxins you may have added to that water. Remember water flows down stream and will be consumed by animals, fish and humans. The water that you are drinking today is the water that was consumed and polluted by animals, fish and people upstream of you yesterday.

Water Waste

During a Earth Day activity in April it became obvious that most people do not understand the complexity, dependency and urgency of solving agriculture practices which are causing extensive soil erosion and water usage. For example most people in the US do not have a clue that some of the most pure aquifer and spring water in the world is being pumped at an alarming and excessive rate to grow crops for animals to produce meat and milk. It takes up to 10 pounds of grain to produce one pound of meat and in the US more than 70 percent of the grains go to feedlot animals.

The world’s cattle consume enough food calories to meet the needs of 8.7 billion people. It takes 5,214 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef according to Soil and Water specialists, Univ. of Calif. Agricultural Extension office. It is obvious we have a problem with modern agriculture practices and water usage which is causing global warming and responsible for people starving while factory farm animals are getting bigger and fatter.

The Messages from Water

Messages in Water Calendar CoverIn the best selling book The Messages from Water – Telling Us to Look Inside Ourselves by Masaru Emoto we discover that water is extremely complex and more mysterious than most people realize. His discoveries and revealing pictures show how water molecules hold memories based on various factors and influences that affect their shape and structure. Something as simple as playing classical music or playing heavy metal music can have a major impact on the structure of the water molecules.

Water is not just H2O but a complex medium of information and memory. Unfortunately water can hold the negative memories from antibiotics, chemicals, heavy metals, hormones, petroleum products, plastics, poisons and toxins so it is essential to consume only the best water. Even blessing your water and expressing gratitude can positively influence the water molecules.

Not All Water is Created Equal

Remember not all water is created equal. Even though the earth surface is covered by about 75% water the vast majority of it is not drinkable for various reasons. I may be frozen, salty or unfit for human consumption. Therefore it is imperative we become better educated about this precious resource and do our part to preserve and protect it from pollution and waste.

The solution to this situation is to drink fresh spring or aquifer water the elixir of life and fountain of youth. The next time you are really thirsty and looking for a drink of water take a minute to look at the bottle or glass of water and ask yourself: water water every where but is it safe to drink?

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