What can you do to protect your health from the consequences and dangers of Genetically Engineered (GE) foods? This blog post provides a simple message for you to share with your family, friends and the federal government, which is to “Just say no to GMO”.

Unlike in the European Union (EU) and other areas of the world many people in the US and abroad are somewhat shocked when they learn that there is no required disclosure on ingredient labels for Genetically Engineered (GE) or Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) components in foods packaged in the US.

Speak Out Against GMOsThis is a frightening situation because without full disclosure on the label it is very difiicult for consumers to make an educated choice about foods and whether any ingredients come from a GE or GMO source.

Right now there are thousands of food items in restaurants and stores that contain GE canola, corn and soy. Biotechnology compaines have also been heavily promoting GE alfalfa, papaya, potatoes, sugar beets, squash and trees.

Recently a request was made to the USDA and FDA to approve Genetically Engineered (GE) salmon in the US. While the FDA still needs to do an Environmental Assessment before approving the GE salmon there are serious concerns regarding this attempt to deliver another “Frankenfood” which has not been thoroughly analyzed, researched and tested in order to protect human health as well as our delicate ecosystem and environment.

Unfortunately the FDA Environmental Assessment will only allow a 30 day public comment period which is not nearly sufficient time to educate the population on the hidden consequences and potential dangers.

OCA Speaking Against Frankenfish

Seeds of Deception BookcoverFortunately the Organic Consumers Association is one of many opponents that have spoken out against this push to contaminate our food supply with more GE foods. Please do your homework and research the risks and then invest a few minutes in your long term health and wellbeing to voice your concerns and reservations regarding this serious health issue.

Most people are not aware this is going on since it does not usually appear in the main media or news networks. Without strong opposition this GE product like others before it could end up in the food system in the near future. It is essential for you to do your own research and read the recent articles or watch video news to understand the harmful long term consequences from allowing these companies and scientists to manipulate Mother Nature and unleashing “Pandora’s Box” of unknown consequences.

Once the GE fish or any GE food is in production there is no way to control what will happen or recall those genes. Only time will reveal the harmful consequences and health issues caused by the affects and chain reactions they will cause to other organisms.

The best recent article and resource for learning the inside story about GMO risks is by Dr Mercola which sites Jeffrey M Smith one of the top experts concerning GE and GMO in our food system.

Smith feels by educating people quickly we will reach enough consumers to reach the tipping point and reverse the trends away from fake foods and back towards natural nutrition and whole foods. When consumers vote for healthy foods with their money and shfit their buying patterns the market will respond to reduce and eventually elimnate those unhealthy choices seen as a financial liability.

It will be a great education and investment in your happiness and health to read these two books: “Genetic Roulette” and “Seeds of Deception”.

To learn more about the 65 serious health risks assocaited with GE and GMO, click > Books by Jeffrey Smith.

Check out Jeffrey Smith’s website, click > Institute for Responsible Technology

Mastery Action Plan

Watch the video with Jeffrey Smith talking to concerned citizens regarding the risks of GMO and how to create a better global future.

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