Starting with Halloween and then Thanksgiving and through year end many people will shift into overdrive and overload as they experience major stress over finance, food and family issues associated with the long holiday season.

As we contemplate our food, gift and holiday purchases during the upcoming holiday season first invest a few minutes to reflect on your current blessings and magic moments. Now is a great time to set an intention for emotional well-being, peace of mind and positive thinking as you focus on family, feelings, friends and foods for healthier holidays.

Creating Healthier Holidays

It is quite amazing to see how early in the holiday season the media marketing masterminds shift into high gear. They use proven influence and persuasion strategies to imprint your mind and mood with suggestions for shopping and spending your savings which could boost your retirement security.

Unfortunately many people are now conditioned to buy gifts more out of habit for a long list of special days in order to show they care. After years of being caught on the gift buying and gift returning merry – go – round it was time to unplug from the shopping madness and mania matrix. Once you realize the holidays are not about how many trinkets you buy, how much money you spend or did you get the cards mailed out, your level of stress will begin to decrease.

When you tune into your heart and find what matters most are the feelings of happiness and joy for the health, love, abundance and time we are given to be with family and friends you can free yourself from the consumers’ treadmill.

Holiday GreetingsTo maintain your happiness and health during the holidays and all year long one of the most important things you can do is to create and share magic moments that people will remember for a lifetime. Many in our circles of families and friends have changed our approach from shopping for stuff to creating unique gifts.

Giving Gifts People Can Enjoy

To come up with better ideas we began to ask people what they really wanted and found they would rather have a specific choice for gift cards, digital picture albums, special treats, home prepared meals, special nights or a consolidated gift so they could enjoy what they needed and wanted most rather than what was on sale.

While some people may think giving a check, cash or gift card is impersonal or lacks holiday appeal it may actually allow the recipient to enjoy the holidays more than putting on a fake happy face and then figuring out how to return it without hurting someone’s feelings.

Just imagine all the energy, money and time you will save when you give the perfect gift certificate which allows them to pick out the item they want most. They can also try it on first to make sure it fits or try it out to ensure it is what they really want.

We can all save a bundle and protect the environment by using fewer bags, boxes, rolls of wrapping paper and trips to the stores. One of the best ideas for children’s gifts is giving the parents money for a savings account to reinforce the importance of saving and being thrifty rather than over spending and being a toy collector.

Some of the best ideas in today’s rapidly changing economic environment are investing in gifts that serve an educational and empowering function.

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  • Educational CD’s or DVD’s
  • Digital camera or camcorder
  • New or pre-owned books to expand their mind (How to, Hobbies, Inspirational, Motivational, Special Interest)
  • Seminar, webinar or workshop
  • Special tools or equipment
  • Sponsoring an educational or experiential trip
  • Training program
  • Website or blog


These might offer insights and inspiration that result in a life lesson and potential business and income stream. Just imagine the benefits of a gift that helps them make money and learn a key life skill that will give them a significant advantage for the rest of their life.

When you understand the potential and power that results from the focus on family, feelings, friends and foods for healthier holidays you tap into your amazing potential and unlimited power.

So the next time you experience feeling down, stressed or tired that is a great time to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and tapping to help you think about these great ideas and help you and those you care about have a happy, healthy and harmonious holiday season.

Mastery Action Plan

Watch the Story of Stuff documentary to educate and empower yourself and your family with the real story going on behind the media marketing master minds. This will help many people to unplug from the manipulative marketing matrix in order to free your self from the tread mill of being an unconscious consumer in order to be a conscious creative being.

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