Hello and Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first edition of the Great NEWS Letter.

It’s the time of year when many of us reflect on last year’s events, and focus on changes and improvements for the year ahead.

We think about:

  • Our dreams; those fulfilled and those yet to be fulfilled.
  •  Our goals; those attained and those yet to be attained.
  •  Our hopes; those realized and those yet to be realized.

The Power of Questions

Antique compassYears ago a great role model introduced me to the power of questions. He specifically discussed the major influence our questions have on the quality of our life. With that theme in mind I invite you to consider some great questions as you think about last year and begin to plan for the New Year ahead.

  • How will you positively influence yourself and those around you? How will you make our world a better place?
  • What actions will you take to create a great life and leave a lasting legacy? Why is this important to you now?
  • Who will you invest more time and energy with to strengthen the connection? Who will you decide to spend less energy and time with?
  • How will you invest in your emotional, mental and physical self growth?
  • Why is your happiness, health and harmony a top priority now? How will you improve your nutrition, emotions, wellness and success this year?
  • What steps will you take to live your dreams and manifest your destiny?
  • What will you do to learn, live and love more during the next 365 days than you did during the previous 365 days
  • Who will you share your dreams, goals and vision with? How will you commit and hold yourself accountable?

I’m sure you will discover many other thought provoking questions.

Have you developed the habit of jotting down your insights and inspiring thoughts? When would now be a great time to journal your experiences and progress? Goal setting and journaling have been identified as key habits of successful people. Be sure to write down those thought provoking questions and insightful answers. Now is a great time to reflect on the current year and begin setting your intentions for the New Year to come.

Creating Your Game Plan

Positive thoughts are a key first step and written goals create our game plan. With specific action plans we move forward to turning our dreams in reality. I highly recommend you create a Vision Board, Treasure Map, Story Board or Life MAP to help you declare your intentions for the coming year.

Emotions are the driving force for our forward motion so include empowering icons and hyperlinks (pictures, words, music, videos etc) to turbo-charge your feelings, inspiration and motivation. Remember to display your life’s master piece on the wall, desk or as a screensaver where it will remind you on a daily basis of what is most important for you to focus on.

Our next blog post will offer some valuable Holiday health and wellness tips.