The 2016 Great NEWS posts are committed to finding and sharing exciting beneficial new Healthy Habits to further enhance our  happiness, health and well being. Today’s post is an overview of the power of music to boost our brain, calm our cerebellum, heal our heart and soothe the savage. This information will provide helpful insights about the benefits of music to better support our happiness, health and harmony. The goal for today’s post is to share some basic benefits from accessing music, sounds and tones as therapy for vibrant health and wellness.

There are many different references, resources and role models that help us focus on the advantages and benefits of accessing a wide variety of healing sounds, music and singing to promote our mental, physical and spiritual well being

Many of us are familiar with the numerous references to the benefits of listening to relaxing and soothing music to calm us down or perk us up.  Classical music has been linked to helping with concentration and learning.   Different sounds and tones offer benefits for our mental, physical and spiritual health. It seems obvious that different frequencies, melody and vibrations resonate with different people at their harmonic core.

Many people have found that using a wide variety of music helps support their activities and life style.  Music is great for enhancing us with calming, exercise, focus, meditation, peak performance, relaxation, sleep, study and waking support.

Different types of music offers a wide variety of benefits.  Classical music has been found to help students learn better and easier. Upbeat music is great for exercise and a quick pick me up.  Instrumental music is great for meditation and relaxation. Nature music and wind instruments can be great for relaxation and sleep.   Country and western music is great for swinging your partner on the dance floor and toe tapping.  Rock and roll is a tried and true classic for creating a nostalgic mood.  Blues and jazz is a great way to chill out.  Classic guitar, flamenco, salsa and tango can be very romantic and sexy. Now matter what your taste there are many great types of music to choose from to enhance and support you mental, physical and spiritual happiness and health.

There are numerous scientific studies that have been done over the years to determine the actual benefits of music.  Here is one interesting case study about the amazing benefits of music for helping people to recover after serious health challenges like a stroke. Be sure to check out Steven Halpern a great composer and musician of harmony for  healing . The Chopra Center website  has a great article about the many benefits of music.

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2016 series is dedicated to sharing a variety of techniques, tips and tools to promote our health and well being. The healing, relaxing and soothing power of music is perfect for restoring and revitalizing our body, mind and spirit.   You and your family may not agree on what type of music is ideal but we can all agree that music plays a vital role in changing our mental state, mindset and mood.

What is your current Gap?

What type of music do you listen too most often? Are you trying a full range and spectrum of music to see what your body needs and responds too? What types of music is most enjoyable? What music is missing from your life? Is there some new and unique music missing from your life that might better support your health and vitality?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

There is a wealth of wisdom about the health benefits of listening to a wide variety of music, sounds and tones. When would now be a great time to try some new music options to see what additional benefits it could provide for enhancing your health and well being?

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the magic moments that music offers? Are you ready to enjoy more music, rhythm, song in your life to be even happier and healthier than you are currently?

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