In a previous blog post there is a reference to the energy found in foods. In order to clarify this further and answer some specific questions this article is dedicated to the great vibrations and energy in food.

Much like the computers and electronic devices we use frequently, our bodies require specific energy and information to function properly and operate at their best. Our cells prefer specific frequency and vibration of energy. If your computer power source requires 120 volts to run at 300 megahertz of energy and you only provide 20 volts which yields 50 megahertz of energy guess what will happen? If you guessed poor performance and slow speed you are right!

Body’s Ability to Convert Energy

Plant EnergyYour body and all the cells, glands, organs and nervous system operate in a very similar fashion. If the needed amount of energy is not provided on a routine basis you will soon begin to experience malfunctions and poor performance. Unlike an electronic machine which will simply malfunction, your amazing body is able to convert energy from air, food and water into the energy needed to maintain the body’s daily requirements. When quality energy resources are lacking your body will begin to conserve and divert energy from less essential areas to your core organs (blood, brain, heart, lungs, nervous system) for priority use and survival.

Cellular activity in your body requires an optimal range of approximately 60 – 70 megahertz of energy to function properly. Research has shown that cysts, diseases, infections and tumors typically occur when tissues are below 50 MHz of energy. Once you understand the importance of the MHz of energy which supplies your “life force” for health and longevity you will quickly discover the best sources for pure energy and unlimited power.

There is a direct correlation between producing fresh, locally grown, organic foods using sustainable farming methods and consuming the best foods for vibrant energy and health. Healthy farming methods produce healthy food products. It is also important to prepare meals with natural herbs and spices and lots of tender loving care (TLC). Great foods are one of the most important sources for sufficient energy to enjoy perfect health.

Anything less than 60 – 70 MHz prevents us from being healthy and performing at our best. This means your digestive, immune and nervous system begins to be compromised and operates at reduced efficiency and effectiveness. This reduces your ability to function and perform at optimal levels and in the process allows degeneration and disease to impact your overall happiness, health and harmony. Many cultures and traditions refer to this energy as the “life force” which fuels and powers all living organisms as well as existing in many forms in nature.

Learning From Animals

Almost everyone has heard the profound saying “You are what you eat”. This may very well be one of the most important health principles throughout human history. Common sense and observing animals in the wild would indicate that eating the most high quality natural whole foods is one of the main ingredients for our health and longevity.

Wild animals eat a wide variety of raw and wild foods in their natural state. Almost all life on planet earth either directly or indirectly receives its energy and nutrition from green plants.

As mentioned in the previous blog post, the miracle of photosynthesis converts the energy from the sun transmitted in the form of light to the green chlorophyll in plants which is converted into carbohydrates (sugars). High quality raw green plants have been tested in the 70 – 90 MHz range and these are essential to maintain your energy levels and health. Some roses produce 300 MHz of energy which helps explain the amazing energetic boost they provide.

Based on discussions, evaluations and observations around the world more than eight out of ten or 80% of the population are operating below this optimal 60 – 70 megahertz of energy and experiencing compromised emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.

This can manifest in many ways such as:

  • addictions
  • anger
  • confusion
  • depression and/or saddness
  • disease and/or sickness
  • endocrine and hormone issues
  • hair issues
  • headaches
  • heartburn
  • irritability and/or moodiness
  • memory loss
  • nausea
  • pain and discomfort
  • physical misalignment
  • poor digestion and/or constipation
  • skin issues
  • sleep deprivation and/or tiredness
  • swelling
  • weight gain, just to mention a few…

Humans are infinitely more complicated and sensitive than a computer and yet we often take ourselves for granted and treat ourselves more like a machine than the sensitive spiritual being we really are.

Remember everything you eat, hear, say, see, smell, taste, think and touch affects every cell in your body. In addition even things you cannot feel, hear or see such as chemicals in body care products, chlorine and fluoride in water, Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) and pollution in the air can affect you in a detrimental way and disrupt your energy. This is why it is essential for you to educate, empower and energize yourself for health and vitality.

Special electronic equipment is used to measure the various frequencies of all the visible and invisible lights of the spectrum of energy fields. This provides us a deeper understanding of wide range of energy and information that exists in the universe. A special technology developed called Kirilian photography which has been used to identify and record the energy fields that are emitted by foods, humans and plants. Using this process you can look at images of fresh foods, flowers and fruit and see the micro-energy fields that are produced. This same technology will also illustrate the absence of this energy in cooked, refined and processed foods which have been destroyed and removed.

Now that you are more aware of these concepts it is important to identify what to be aware of and avoid and what to be attracted to and add into your lifestyle.Hrmful Conditions Which Reduce Your MHz of Energy

  • Man made Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) from power lines, electronic devices, microwaves, cell phone towers
  • Highly altered, processed and refined beverages and foods High temperature baked, cooked, fried, grilled and micro-waved foods
  • Synthetic additives, chemicals, colorings, flavorings and preservatives,
  • Synthetic prescription, over the counter medications and vaccinations,
  • Free radicals, heavy metals and toxins
  • Nuclear and radioactive materials
  • Disorganized and disruptive sights sounds such as chaotic frequencies/ vibrations, florescent lights, Heavy Metal music and loud bass
  • Acidic compounds

Now that you know what to be cautious of here are some super suggestions for increasing your  energy.Hpful Conditions Which Increase Your Megahertz of Energy

  • Eating fresh organic raw foods
  • Caring and loving physical touch from animals and people (caress, hugs, kiss, massage, Reiki, reflexology, etc.)
  • Praying anytime and especially before consuming beverages and meals
  • Consuming foods with high mineral content and also sea salt
  • Walking in nature or on the beach (barefoot is best)
  • Swimming in fresh water (avoid chlorine pools) or salt water and also soaking in a tub of water with Epson salts, baking soda or calcium bentonite clay is great.
  • Using natural magnetic products
  • Smelling the essence of essential oils, flowers, grass, plants, rain and trees
  • Using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping on energy meridians
  • Consuming high quality organic fresh raw green leafy plants or green powders with chlorophyll on a daily basis
  • Enjoying the sun’s natural light on our skin producing Vitamin D and recharging your MHz of energy.[/colored_box]

Now you have a much better understanding regarding the importance of megahertz of energy and the significant impact it has on your happiness, health and harmony. Imagine setting a powerful and unstoppable intention to focus on the simple suggestions and baby steps you can implement immediately to access the great vibrations and megahertz of energy in food.

Mastery Action Plan

Google Kirilian photography of raw foods to see the megahertz of energy that radiates as miniature bolts of lightning from the foods.

Our next blog post will share: Haunting Health and Hormone Issues