Being sure your body receives adequate amounts of essential minerals & trace elements is one of the most important considerations to enjoy radiant beauty, vibrant health and a long life.

Most people do not realize that premature aging, illness and weight gain can be prevented and even reversed with proper mineralization. Even many vegetarians, vegans and raw food followers are frequently missing key minerals and trace elements that your body needs to maintain great health.

Very few people know the quality and quantity of minerals they consume on a consistent basis. Fewer still know the best food sources to insure they receive the value and variety your body needs to create the foundation for health. The quality of your health is based on the level of minerals in your blood, bones and tissues. The minerals and trace elements are so essential to your long term happiness, harmony, health and physical well being that it should be one of our highest priorities to learn the basics and then maintain your body’s optimal needs.

Benefits of Essential Minerals & Trace Elements

Minerals and trace elements are responsible for:

  1. Good digestion and assimilation of nutrients
  2. Strong metabolism
  3. Balanced hormones
  4. Healthy bones, nails and teeth
  5. Beautiful skin and supportive collagen
  6. Thinking clearly and maintaining a good memory
  7. Maintaining your optimal weight

The first important step is to be aware of the quality and quantity of minerals and trace elements your body needs. The next step is to learn about the best sources to supply them. Then it is essential for you to consume these high quality minerals and trace elements on a daily basis. Lastly it is essential for you to maintain your body and environment to sustain the optimal levels of these minerals and trace elements for perfect health.

The Body’s Building Blocks

Seaweed Salad

Seaweed Salad Recipe -

While this may sound like a challenging task at first, you can be assured that after reading this article you will have a great foundation from which to build. With this new awareness you can begin a checklist to insure you get the minerals and trace elements you need to achieve vibrant energy and health.

Minerals and trace elements are the building blocks and foundation for our body’s long term harmony, happiness and health. Many of our foods come from land that has been depleted of the key minerals and trace elements and are therefore not available for the plants to absorb them. What the soil is lacking the plants will be lacking and unable to provide for us. Many of you may be thinking that your foods have more minerals than they actually do.

What’s Missing in Commercial Supplements?

Also many people think they can receive the mineral and trace elements they are missing by simply taking a commercial vitamin and mineral supplement. While at first this might sound like an easy solution it may not be a good idea. Most people do not realize that the quality of the vitamin and minerals are just as important as the quantity you consume.

Many big name vitamin brands use synthetic ingredients that are highly processed and heat treated before they are glued into a hard pill. This high tech processing typically alters the chemical composition and quality of the ingredients within the vitamin. Due to the compressed pills and sealants used to bind them they are often referred to as bed pan bullets by nurses. They often pass right through most individuals without providing the body significant benefit.

Minerals are very complex so if they are not in a natural and bio-available form and if the minerals natural ionic charge is altered then the body and more specifically the cells have a difficult time absorbing and assimilating them for use. Remember you are what you eat so choose the highest quality of vitamins and minerals available. Typically a cool processed whole food based vitamin in a capsule is your best choice.

Adding Essential Minerals to Your Diet

Sea Salt From an Ancient BedThe great news is that one of the best sources of high quality minerals in the right balance and blend comes from natural sea salt. Be sure to look for a pure, unheated and untreated source that is protected from pollution. This can be from evaporated sea water or mined from ancient beds of sea salt.

Another great source is fresh water algae and sea vegetables that absorb these minerals and store them in their cells. These high quality minerals are naturally bio-available and typically in a perfect state for our body to absorb and assimilate into our cells. Plants are the natural and perfect source to supply the carbohydrates, enzymes, minerals, phyto-nutrients, vitamins and trace elements needed by all animal life on earth.

Therefore be sure to eat a healthy variety of locally grown whole foods and nutrient dense beans, berries, legumes, fruits, grains, green leafy plants, herbs, nuts, seeds, spices and vegetables.

Many people may be waiting for a check list of the minerals and trace elements. As mentioned earlier in the article natural sea salt has the optimal blend and balance of minerals.

There are around 92 elements in seas salt!

It  would be a long list and almost meaningless to list them all here. The most commonly discussed elements are calcium, sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, selenium and iodine.

One of the best ways to insure you consume adequate minerals and trace elements is to consume land plants and fresh water algae from mineral rich sources. Also find ways to integrate sea vegetables which are loaded with minerals and trace elements into your meals.

Finally one of the easiest ways to enjoy adequate minerals and trace elements is to add some quality sea salt to your water or meals every day.

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