Ginger is great as a delicious spice and natural health enhancer in many recipes. Ayurveda the ancient “knowledge of life” from India shows it has been used for thousands of years as a flavorful spice to enhance the aroma and taste of many prepared foods around the world.

From this information we also know that Ginger is well known for the many beauty, health, and nutritional and medicinal properties it provides as a phyto-nutrient bonus. My goal is to share some of the additional uses and benefits of ginger so that it can play a more prominent role in enhancing your digestion, health and wellness.

Flowering Ginger Growing in Hawaii

Ginger Growing Wild in Hawaii

Benefits of Eating Fresh Ginger

While traveling on Oahu in Hawaii last November I noticed an abundance of beautiful flowering ginger plants. It grows wild there and is also used as a beautiful landscaping plant. The beautiful flowers reminded me of how beneficial ginger root is to help us maintain our beauty, energy and vitality. As it adds great taste to foods you also receive numerous nutrition and immune enhancing benefits.

Fresh ginger is used in many great recipes and is prevalent in Asian, African, Latin American and many tropical countries. It is so common and has so many benefits that it ranks as a super spice and holistic health super food.

Significant scientific research and traditional wisdom has indicated that the health benefits include being:

  • A natural anti-oxidant
  • Having anti-viral, anti-fungal properties
  • Anti-parasitic,
  • Anti-bacterial
  • An Immune enhancer

All contribute to ginger’s ability to provide amazing benefits for maintaining a healthy body and mind. With great taste and great health benefits it is no surprise that it is a common ingredient in foods and frequently used as a natural supplement to boast the body’s digestion, immune system and vitality.

Tips to Add Fresh Ginger to Your Daily Diet

[colored_box title=”Simple Suggestions to Help You Easily add Ginger to Your Daily Routine” variation=”teal”]Warm Ginger tea made with freshly grated ginger root and a little honey

Grated ginger root in a homemade salad dressing with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, lemon or lime juice, raw apple cider vinegar and spices,

Graded ginger adds zing to salads, soups and steamed vegetables

Fresh ginger is great in many Asian vegetable dishes and soup recipes

Pickled ginger is a favorite with many Japanese foods.

Ginger is great in many pickled Korean Kim Chee dishes

A cleansing and refreshing ginger drink made with warm water, grated ginger, lemon juice, ground cayenne pepper, pinch of sea salt and honey or stevia as a natural sweetener.

Fresh grated ginger, honey, sea salt, Chinese 5 spice powder and a little water makes a great dipping sauce for veggies.[/colored_box]

The best source to maximize the culinary delight and health properties comes from fresh ginger root. Most grocery stores sell it and it keeps for many weeks in the refrigerator.

Freshly Harvested Ginger Root for EatingHippocrates the father of medicine is quoted as saying,

Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”

Enjoy some great taste and healthy benefits as you taste for yourself why ginger is great as a delicious spice and natural health enhancer.

Next week the Great NEWS Letter will share: Herbs for Health

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My Wish for You is Health, Love, Abundance and Time to Enjoy Them.

To Your Perfect Health,

Michael Morningstar