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Today’s post on Natural Cosmetics for  Face, Hair and Skin will offer some super special suggestions to help improve our beauty, health, and skin.  Women around the world are spending billions of dollars on facials, makeup, manicures, pedicures, skin care products and various lotions and potions to help improve their looks and skin.  Unfortunately, most of them are doing this without carefully investigating the product ingredients or production methods.  Did you know that many make up and skin care products are derived from tallow which comes from animals?  Most people would not consciously put rendered fat from cats, chickens, cows, dogs, pigs and roadkill on their face and body.  Yet that is exactly what many women are doing unconsciously when they are using lip balm, lipstick and lotions made with rendered animal products.   With so many unhealthy body care and skincare products on the market it is hard to know which ones to avoid and which ones to trust.   This post will share some simple suggestions to help you discover the benefits of using natural cosmetics for face, hair and skin care you can trust.

Rendering is the process of cooking and extracting fats also called tallow from any products that originated from animals. This could include the whole or unused parts of animals from butcher shops, factory farms, roadkill and zoos as well as deceased animals from shelters and veterinary offices.  Some of these animal products could be diseased and rotting but could still end up at the rendering factory.  You have no way of knowing what was actually in the animal feed stock that ends up in the many products you buy that may contain animal fat or tallow.

Therefore the best way to protect yourself from these types of products is to use plant based products.  While this sounds like the perfect solution many of the body care and skin care products on the market today come from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) sources that are also treated with synthetic chemicals, fertilizers and herbicides so they are contaminated with harmful compounds.   We also know that many palm oil products comes from ecologically and environmentally destructive palm oil plantations that destroy animal habitat, indigenous peoples land and rainforests  to create giant mono crop factory farmers.

So what is a woman to do in order to take great care of her face, hair and skin?  First of all avoid the many cleaning agents, creams, lotions, shampoos and soaps made with synthetic chemicals and compounds.  Synthetic chemical fragrances, parabens and preservatives are harmful and toxic. Only use organic and natural products for your beauty and body care needs.  It is best to use a little totally natural organic product like Dr. Bronner’s soap for body, face and hair.  They have a great reputation for using natural organic plant based oils to make their products.

We can strip the natural protective oils and sebum necessary to protect our hair and skin using synthetic chemicals and soaps.  We actually need very little cleaning compounds to keep our body, face and hair clean, healthy and vibrant.  Unfortunately most of the clogged pores, dirty hair and foul smells are the result of consuming and using products containing fats and oils that have been highly heated, refined and treated with chemicals and compounds.  These unhealthy products go rancid and create foul compounds and smells that are more difficult to remove since they are processed of products very similar to paints or plastics.  Adding more toxic conditioners, fragrances, lotions, make up, oils, shampoos, soaps, and sun screens make the skin even more contaminated, damaged and unhealthy.

By using only a minimal amount of natural cleaner like Dr Bronner’s soap we can gently clean our hair and skin.  It is mainly our pits and privates that need some soap and water cleaning.  There are many factors to determine if and how much cleaning our hair even needs.  Using gobs of shampoo to lather up our hair is harmful to our hair and scalp as well as exposing us to numerous chemicals.  After we are clean and fresh from washing with water we can use natural organic plant oils and products to provide beauty care, cosmetics, conditioners, facials, exfoliants,  moisturizers, sun protection and treatments.

Natural Soap Hygiene Wellness

Beauty Benefits of Natural Organic Products

Be sure to use only natural organic products on your face, hair, and skin.  There are a wide variety of natural face masques, lotions, and scrubs available to chose from.

Calcium bentonite clay makes a great facial or detoxing bath to be used once a week.  Be sure to use premium quality calcium bentonite clay.

Coconut oil and sesame oil offer great natural skincare and protection.

Fresh papaya makes a great facial.  It is a natural source of enzymes that are frequently used to aid in digestion and health.  Our body needs a steady supply of digestive and metabolic enzymes to carry our thousands of functions in our; body, digestion, endocrine system, health and metabolism

Fresh cucumbers also make a refreshing facial or masque.  They can be pureed or sliced and then applied to the face for a clean and refreshing treatment.

Honey is an excellent beauty and skin care product. It has even be found to an excellent way to support the skin for healing faster after an injury.

There are a wide selection of plant based natural body care, cosmetics, skin care and treatments that are available to us to replace the harmful and toxic synthetic products that are detrimental  to our beauty, health and well being.    Unfortunately most men and women fail to read the ingredients on their foods and products and end up doing more harm than good.   We absorb the unhealthy food and skin care products into our system and then wonder why we feel and look sick.  We must therefore condition and train our self to read every ingredient of every product we put n or on our body.  This is essential for developing the habit of using only healthy, safe and toxic free products.

By using natural organic plant products  we can absorb the nutrients to feed and support or cells and skin.  Previous articles have extolled the benefits of nutrient dense organic whole foods to feed our beauty, body and brain from the inside out.  These nutrient rich foods contain chlorophyl, enzymes, minerals, phyto nutrients, trace elements and vitamins that our body and cells needs.

Using only natural plant based products on our face, hair and skin is a smart choice, decision and commitment to feel and look your very best for life. Powerful plants products offer us the vital antioxidants, compounds, elements, minerals, molecules, nutrients, oils and protection for radiant beauty and health.   Today’s post on the benefits of using natural cosmetics is inspired by the book How to Make Natural Cosmetics by Margaret Briggs.

Plant Bases Beauty Products

Margaret Briggs is an expert in making Natural Cosmetics The way nature intended.  In her book she gives the A to Z of natural ingredients for  beauty using natural cosmetics and ingredients. She offers a simple introduction to choosing and using natural beauty care products that are eco friendly, gentle to our skin and safe.  She provides an A to Z list of ingredients from Acadia to Zinc and how they can be used in beauty and skin care preparations.  She offers simple suggestions for all kinds of homemade natural beauty treatments for the body, face and hair.  Her book is a guide to natural ingredients and their helpful properties with recipes for homemade balms,  creams, lotions, scrubs and tonics.

The Benefits of Natural Organic Plant Products

There are many amazing beauty benefits from using natural and organic plant based body and skin care products. Margaret Briggs wrote the book on How To Make Natural Cosmetics – Beauty The Way Nature Intended to help people turn plants into powerful potions.  This book is a great reference and resource for natural beauty and health.   Her health discoveries and teachings on beauty and skin care will definitely provide a wealth of information on how to use natual organic products to feel and look your very best.  Simple suggestions include:

Help maintain your beauty and health by supplying the body and skin with chlorophyll, enzymes, minerals, phyto-nutrients, trace elements and vitamins that benefit our entire body.

Alkalize and energize our blood and cells.

Encourage natural cleansing and detoxing which is vital for beauty and health.

Maintain our cells, glands and skin with natural organic plant based whole food nutrition and treatments.

Help maximize our beauty and skin by hydrating continually.

Offer benefits to our entire musculature skeletal system.

Maintaining and promoting our collagen, hair, muscle and skin skin strength and tone. .

Avoid things that cause harming and inflammation of our skin and tissues.

Plants help promote our entire emotional, mental, physical and spiritual beauty and health.

With a minimum investment of money and time we can provide our body, hair, skin and tissues with body care and natural nutrition to ensure we receive the maximum of benefits with minimum of effort.

What additional reasons do you need to give yourself a ninety day natural beauty makeover to see how it can improve your beauty, happiness and health?  What else do you need to begin implement these simple beauty, health and skin care techniques?  Find hundreds of natural tips that Margaret Briggs shares in her book to improve your beauty and health.

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2015 series shares simple steps to help improve our beauty, happiness and health. This post offers easy, effective and efficient ways to take better care of our beauty, body and brain.  By implementing these powerful principles we can begin to feel and see an improvement in our cells, face and skin as we feel and look even more vibrant and younger. Remember you are the result what you put in and on your body so choose wisely.  This Great NEWS post shared some simple strategies on natural cosmetics for face, hair and skin care to benefit our beauty, health and wallet.

What is your current Gap?

How many harmful, synthetic and unnatural beauty care and body care products are you using per day? Do you have issues with your face, hair, health, skin or weight?  What about any persistent problems with skin issues such as acne, blackheads, eczema, freckles, moles, psoriasis, skin tags, spots or thinning hair?   If you are experiencing any of these or many other issues your quality of life may be suffering needlessly.  Applying and consuming natural organic plant based nutrition for three months will help you see how natural nutrition for your body, face and skin can help support your beauty and health.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

Focus on applying the proven principles of using only natural plants and products on your face, hair and skin for three months to see what a difference and improvement they can make in your beauty, health and vitality.   It may require this amount of time to help retrain your behaviors, habits and rituals that are harming your face, hair and skin.  While some people may notice some initial skin issues this is a normal process of cleansing and detoxing the body to eliminate the harmful things we put in and on our body.   Check out the Natural Skin Care Products form Hawaii  website to learn more and see how their natural products can help improve your level of beauty, happiness and health.  Your mastery action plan may benefit by including the book from Margaret Briggs on Natural Cosmetics as well as online resources to help explain the harmful and toxic body care and skin care products on the market.

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the benefits of using natural plants and products to make natural cosmetics for your face, hair and skin health?   What other ideas and inspiration will help motivate us towards better behaviors, beliefs and biology for a better 2015 and beyond?

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