The 2015 Great NEWS posts share Healthy Habits to enhance our health and nutrition. Today’s post on Wheatgrass a Winner for Wellness will share some great information to help improve your health and well being.  Most people are  not consciously and even unconsciously aware of the tremendous nutritional value in various types of grasses.  When we stop to look and think about a buffalo, cow, deer, elephant, giraffe, horse and rhinoceros eating grasses we realize what a nutrient dense super food it is to contribute to animals powerful muscles, speed and strength.  Consuming grasses can play a vital role in helping us maintain our health, muscles, power, resilience, strength, tone, vitality and weight.  With so many unhealthy fake, fast and junk foods on the market maybe it is time to start eating like the fastest and strongest animals on the planet and consume grasses.   This post will share some simple suggestions to help you harness the power of grasses and especially why Wheatgrass is a Winner for Wellness by improving our happiness, health and harmony.

We all know and are regularly told we should eat a wide selection of plant based nutrition including greens, salads and veggies.   Unfortunately most people fail to follow this sage advice,  We consume these essential foods too little and too seldom.  When you ask why, most people say they are not conditioned or trained to prepare and eat them at every meal.  Let me go on record as recommending it is important if not essential to develop the habit of eating some fresh or prepared grasses, greens, herbs, salads and veggies at every meal. Yes every meal!

Many people may be thinking that is more greens and veggies than they eat in a whole week and this post is recommending to do this every day and at every meal.  Yes.  Last week the post on the power of prebiotics and probiotics mentioned the importance of consuming a wide range of plant fiber (prebiotics) to feed the probiotics in our gut for them to maintain a healthy population and digest the foods we consume.  This allows them to extract the nutrients from plants so we can absorb them.  Consuming a large supply of green plants will provide a wide range of nutrient rich foods that contain chlorophyl, enzymes, minerals, phyto nutrients, trace elements and vitamins that our body needs.

Consuming some form of green plant nourishment at each meal is a choice, decision and commitment for us to make when we are determined to be fit, healthy and strong for life.  Green plants offer our emotional, mental and physical being the vital compounds, elements, life force, molecules and quantum energy for a well peak performance level of awareness, fitness and health.   Today’s post on the benefits of grasses and especially wheatgrass is the result of many expert resources and role models that have shared the profound benefits of consuming these great green superfoods.

Grasses and green plants are the primary food that feeds animals and humans.  If you consume animals products be sure to consume only ones that are fed natural foods and grasses, free range and organic.  Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) canola, corn, cottonseed and soy are “Frankenfoods” and unnatural foods unfit for animals and humans alike.  They are contaminated with genetically engineered DNA and glyphosate a systemic herbicide used to kill green plants and will result in harmful health consequences.  People must learn and understand the essential role that green plant nutrition plays in every area of our health and well being.  Unhealthy and unnatural foods lead to the majority of behavior and health issues we are observing today.  Remember we are what we eat and assimilate so choose wisely.

Grass and Green Plant Basics and Benefits

My friend and mentor David Avocado Wolfe is a big believer in the benefits of grasses and tuned me into the nutritional powerhouse of consuming a variety of grasses and greens.  After meeting him in February 2002 at a health mastery event and then supporting his four day training at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Texas I was committed to helping myself and others learn and utilize the potent power of green grasses and superfoods.  While we took a private guided tour of the project David pointed out the health, muscle strength, power and speed of these wild animals consuming mostly wild grasses, green plants, herbs and weeds. After eating grasses, greens and raw foods three times a day I was hooked for life. We observed giraffe, horses and rhinoceros all eating the same grasses and growing big,  fast and strong from eating these simple looking and often overlooked grasses and herbs.   I have never looked at green plants the same again.  Here are some of his profound proven principles for health:

It is essential to consume a steady diet of organic plant based whole food nutrition to feed and fuel our body and mind.

Avoid harmful processed and refined fake, fast and junk foods.  Once a food has been highly heated and treated the vital nutrients are altered and destroyed.  These processed foods negatively alter our body or mind and can rapidly lead to issues with our happiness and health.

Yoga is one of the easiest and most effective ways to heal our body and help our mind.  Any one of any age can start doing yoga and is one of the best ways to help recover and regain their health.  Yoga develops the core muscles to create better agility, flexibility and stability for every stage of life.

Being playful, connecting with nature and having fun are essential aspects of health and creating a quality life.

Most people are struggling with health issues that would improve with a regular routine of earthing, green foods, raw foods, superfoods and yoga.

There is significant data to indicate these routines will provide rapid results to anyone that applies them.  It is very exciting to see so many articles and videos featuring David a true pioneer in sharing and teaching amazing aspects of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.  David is one of the most powerful holistic health resources and role models for me and anyone serious about being fit, happy and healthy.

Well on my journey with holistic health and superfood nutrition after a health transformation in 1995, David showed me how to take my life to a whole new dimension and level.  His inspiration and instructions on grasses in general and wheatgrass specifically opened me up to the pure potential and power of consuming grasses and wheatgrass for vibrant health and wellness.

The Benefits of Wheatgrass

The wheatgrass expert that David referred to in his presentation was Ann Wigmore who wrote The Wheatgrass Book.  She founded the Hippocrates Health Institute Inc. (HHII) to share her health discoveries and teachings and copyrighted the book in 1985.  Benefits of consuming wheatgrass include:

Help maintain our fitness and health by supplying the body with chlorophyll, enzymes, minerals, phyto-nutrients, trace elements and vitamins that benefit our body and brain.

Alkalize and energize our blood and cells.

Encourage deep cleansing and detoxing which is vital for fitness, health and longevity.

Help maintain our cells, glands, heart and organs for vibrant health.

Help maximize our level of energy and vitality.

Offer benefits to our entire musculature skeletal system.

Promoting our muscle growth, strength and tone.

Found to reduce inflammation and pain in joints and tissues.

Support our mental and physical development and peak performance.

With a minimum investment of money and time we can provide our body optimal nutrition that provides a maximum of benefits with a minimum effort.

What additional reasons do you need to give grasses, greens and wheatgrass a ninety day test drive to see how it can improve your happiness and health?  What are you waiting for?  Go to Hippocrates Institute  now for a preview of what Ann Wigmore created to improve your happiness and health.  Other healthy grasses and greens are barley and rye grass plus sprouts like bean, broccoli, micro greens and sunflower.

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2015 series shares simple suggestions to help you improve your happiness and health for peak performance. This post offers simple steps for creating a better body and brain.  By implementing these profound principles we can begin to feel, know and see an improvement as we feel and look even better and younger.

This Great NEWS post on Healthy Habits shared some simple suggestions on the benefits of consuming some grasses, greens and wheatgrass at every meal.

What is your current Gap?

How many servings of greens do you consume a day? Do you have issues with constipation, digestion, endurance, energy, health, muscle tone, sexual performance, stamina, strength or weight?  What about any persistent problem with your blood pressure, blood sugar levels or immune function?   If you are experiencing a below average quality of life in any of these areas then give grasses, greens and wheatgrass a try for three months to see how it can help support your health.

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

Apply the profound principles of grasses, greens and wheatgrass for three months to see what a difference and improvement they can make in your level of energy, health and vitality.   It may require this level of time commitment to help you retrain your body and thinking to be less dependent on processed and refined foods for you to experience the defining difference.  Check out the Hippocrates Health Institute Inc. website to learn more and see how her natural eating program and wheatgrass can help improve your level of happiness and health.  Giving this program a full ninety day transition period will help you start creating a full health mastery action plan. Reading The Wheatgrass Book will explain growing and using wheatgrass to maximize your health and vitality.  Another great resource and role model is Sean Herbert owner of Got Sprouts a fan and friend of the HHI

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding the benefits of grasses, greens and wheatgrass to improve your health?   What other ideas and inspiration will help motivate us towards better behaviors, beliefs and biology for a better 2015 and beyond?

Next week the Great NEWS blog will share:

Natural Facials and Skin Care

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