The previous Great NEWS post advised you to Stop Slouching – Sit and Stand Straight and today we learn how to be Pain Free – The Egoscue Method. The original post on Maintaining Alignment, Muscles and Posture evolved into a ten part series with expanded content to help educate and empower more people. Maintaining Alignment, Muscles and Posture is essential for your long term happiness, health and harmony so this week we discuss how important it is for you to learn about being Pain Free – The Egoscue Method.

My top ten tips to help maintain a peak performance physiology for life was just the tip of the iceberg to get you started. It offered short summaries regarding simple suggestions for Maintaining Alignment, Muscles and Posture to prevent physical challenges from becoming worse. Since a few sentences are usually not enough to inform, influence and inspire you to change a habit and take massive action this post is offering a reminder and more detailed explanation of one simple tip that can help improve the quality of your life now and in the future.

Man with Sore Back

Notice your overall physical position and focus on your alignment, muscles and posture.

Many people share with me persistent pains and problems that refuse to go away. These may have resulted from a number of individual or collective causes. Even if you have not experienced this yet, applying these suggestions may help prevent them from occurring. Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Common contributors include: bad posture, car accidents, chair design, child birth delivery issues, computer monitor placement, couches, ergonomics, falls, high heels, imbalanced muscle development, improperly fitting shoes, injuries, low quality shoe inserts and support, mattress/ sleep problems, military service injuries, overdeveloped muscles, pillow size, poor alignment, posture, sports injuries, stress, tight muscles and tendons, underdeveloped muscles, unnatural gait running and walking and many more. Many things can directly and indirectly cause annoying pains and problems.

Pain Free: The Egoscue Method

In Maintaining Alignment, Muscles and Posture Tip 7 we suggest learning a special process to become Pain Free – The Egoscue Method. As you begin to notice your overall physical position more and focus even more on your alignment, muscles and posture it is beneficial to begin doing both prevention and physical therapy. One of the greatest exercise and fitness discoveries for me was the Egoscue Method to help my alignment and pain caused from injury issues. It is great to learn simple exercises and routines to correct your structural alignment, realign your posture and strengthen your muscles.

Pete Egoscue

Pete Egoscue. The Egoscue Method offers techniques and tips for proper alignment while sitting and standing.

The Egoscue Method offers techniques and tips for proper alignment while sitting and standing. It also provides easy Egoscue exercises to help increase flexibility and strengthen your core muscles. These are great routines to eliminate pain and prevent injuries in the future. There are three sources of support and training: books, video training and Egoscue centers.

My first introduction to Pete Egoscue was at a 10 day seminar in Maui, Hawaii where he had us doing unique sitting and standing exercises. Then we had a more detailed evaluation session and specific guidance based on our structural issues. Some people have arm and shoulder alignment issues, some have back challenges, others have hip issues, some have feet alignment and some have a combination of all of these. Regardless of your alignment issues and resulting physical pain there are simple steps you can take to stop the pain and start feeling better.

Due to pain in my hips and knees from numerous injuries I had basically given up on running. After learning the Egoscue Method and regularly doing my exercises I was back to running again without pain and within several years ran several marathons. This was in my mid forties and early fifties so it was obvious to me that the training was exactly what my body needed to stop the alignment issues and pain in order for me to recover and rehabilitate by structural alignment and entire body.

For anyone interested in improving their hobby, recreation and sports enjoyment and performance then Egoscue training is a must. Many golf and tennis players have issues that can fairly easily be improved by regularly doing the Egoscue exercises.
Even people who must sit in chairs for extended periods of time can greatly improve their posture and reduce stress and tension. The majority of people due to lack of awareness begin to sit and stand incorrectly with poor posture which leads to alignment problems and pain. Learning these training techniques is essential to stop causing the issues to become worse and start correcting them. If you are especially concerned about avoiding injuries, prevention and safety then you definitely must receive some Egoscue training.

This Great NEWS post focused on the Pain Free – The Egoscue Method. As part of the ongoing series on Maintaining Alignment, Muscles and Posture you now have even more reasons to add this to your rituals and routines for health. My outcome is to educate, empower and excite you to enjoy this ten week series inspired from Maintaining Alignment, Muscles and Posture in order for you to discover how to be Pain Free – The Egoscue Method.

What is your current Gap?

What are you doing to help Maintaining Alignment, Muscles and Posture? Are you feeling any pain as a result of your alignment and posture when you sit, stand and walk?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

Read the book Pain Free or The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion by Pete Egoscue or find an Egoscue specialist to identify and correct any alignment and posture issues you have.  It has been helpful for many people interested in eliminating back pain.

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What comments, commitments or questions do you have regarding your alignment, muscles or posture and the benefits of The Egoscue Method?

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