The previous Great NEWS post shared Parenting Principles for Preventing Problems Part 4 – Pre Parent Planning and today we continue the series with Part 5 – Pregnancy Challenges Affects Parenting Challenges. During the pregnancy may be one of the most important times for soon to be parents to focus on the simple things and small details to increase the chances for having super kids and reducing future parenting problems. Personal experience and persistent observations indicates that many parenting issues are the result of biological, chemical, emotional, mental and physical issues from parents that occur during pregnancy. Part 5 of the parenting principles series will offer detailed guidance and suggestions to help parents be better equipped with Parenting Principles for Preventing Problems.

During the pregnancy both parents must pay close attention to the behaviors, habits and routines of their inner circle, family support unit and the couple themselves. The parenting responsibility is at one of its peak pivotal points and requires a major commitment of energy, focus and time to insure that you go the extra mile for the sake of your self and your child. Even if you have not been as diligent as you would like this is the time that every choice you make has major ramifications.

Things to Consider While Pregnant

Doctor and Patient

Many times the difference between an easy pregnancy or a tough one can be determined by the preparation, pre thought and pro action that parents invest to provide a peak pregnancy experience.

Whether the pregnancy was a bit of a surprise or well planned and thought out many parenting problems are the result of poor choices and decisions during pregnancy. When you first suspect being pregnant you want to already have a pregnancy mastery action plan in place and ready to implement. This means you must think through the possibility of a pregnancy and give special attention to all the areas that will be impacted. This means everything from your behavioral, emotional, mental, nutritional, physical and spiritual strategies, structure and systems should be identified and integrated into a master blueprint.

When it comes to being happy and healthy for life with the same intention for your child it is imperative to be as prepared and proactive as possible. Too many times parents allow things to just happen on their own without enough forethought and insight. The pregnancy itself may be bit of a surprise but there is no excuse for not strategizing and thinking through the key decisions and details that can result from your procreative behavior. Many times the difference between an easy pregnancy or a tough one can be determined by the preparation, pre thought and pro action that parents invest to provide a peak pregnancy experience. The children and parents both deserve the best pregnancy possible so do your part for an amazing gift and bundle of joy.

There many factors that couples can control and some they do not so it is imperative to focus on the things you can control and pray for those that reside with a higher authority. As mentioned in the previous post the choices you make just prior to and during the pregnancy have a major impact on the risk of serious problems like: autism, birth defects, blood contamination, fetal distress, high blood pressure, infections, low birth weight, medication reactions, miscarriage, premature delivery, stroke, unhealthy weight gain and much more.

Everything you come in contact with, drink, eat and put on your skin is a choice and affects your health and the developing child. You owe it to all concerned to do the reading and research to find out what chemicals, compounds and conditions can harm you and hurt the child. Making poor choices with beverages and foods can turn a risky situation turn deadly.

Monitoring your blood chemistry and physical progress is extremely important during each trimester during pregnancy. A full exam and regular follow up visits help insure you are maintaining your blood pressure, blood sugar and weight at healthy levels. Also check for alignment, endocrine health, fitness, homeopathic remedies, hormone levels, medical stats, mineral levels, nutrition habits, natural medicines, potential toxicity, vaccination alternatives, vitamins and more.

Proper nutrition and prenatal supplements are vital to the health of dad, mom and baby. Everyone wants to be fit and healthy for the tasks ahead and each needs to insure all the nutritional needs for a healthy body and mind are provided. Choose nutrient dense organic whole foods over depleted, processed and refined foods that are devoid of the vital life force needed to create a healthy baby.

Eating While Pregnant

Proper nutrition and prenatal supplements are vital to the health of dad, mom and baby.

Having discussions with family members on how to best support the process is imperative. Be sure to engage all members of the inner circle and support team to do their part to support the wishes of the expecting parents. Those that are not willing to follow the desires and wishes may find themselves on the outside of the inner circle and left out or uninvited to participate in the special activities and pregnancy parties as an incentive to encourage their full support. It is important to be clear, communicative and concise regarding what is acceptable and helpful and what is not appreciated and supportive. It is important to condition them with acceptable support and frown on things that sabotage your great intentions.

Fueling your body and creating healthy children requires great choices and optimal nutrition. When you realize that you and the child are depending on the best food sources available for peak biological, emotional, health, mental, nutritional and physical development and maintenance it is obvious why you must have a platinum plus plan in place early on that will deliver the best raw materials possible for perfect health

Pregnancy Challenges Affects Parenting

When a couple becomes pregnant and begin prenatal care they should focus on over all health and well being. When each parent is happy and healthy emotionally, mentally and physically they are well on the way to maximizing the full enjoyment and minimizing parenting challenges.

Being focused on the best care and support is key to helping the parents and developing child to be happy and healthy now and for the future. By eating super healthy and enjoying lots of organic fruits, greens, juices, nuts, seeds, sprouts and veggies you can continue the cleansing, detoxing and eliminating process to reduce the intake of toxins from getting in and remove those that may be inside.

Continue to be extra diligent to avoid and eliminate any beverages, body care products, car, cleaning products, clothing, cosmetics, foods, furniture, household and yard products with any harmful chemicals or compounds.

Couple at Grocery Store

Read the labels and be extra diligent to protect your own health and that of your future child.

Avoiding fake foods, fast foods, junk foods and processed foods that are usually loaded with harmful synthetic chemicals such as: additives, colorings, flavorings, preservatives, seasonings, sweeteners, and vitamins is advice to the wise. Read the labels and be extra diligent to protect your own health and that of your future child.

Be extra cautious with any dental procedures, medical treatment, over the counter medicines, prescription medications and vaccinations. Read the warning labels and understand that they all have potential side effects which can have a serious impact on your health and that of your unborn children. Even things that appear to be healthy and safe such as synthetic supplements and vitamins can have harmful effects. .

Avoid unnecessary exposure to Elector Magnetic Frequencies (EMF). These are a bigger risk now than at any point in the past. Be extra careful with exposure to: cell phones, cell phone towers, CT scans, microwaves, MRI, pads, satellite, tablets, WiFi, X-rays and any form of EMF.

Modern agriculture and animal production is responsible for a surge in the use of synthetic antibiotics, chemicals, fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides and other toxins. These harmful toxins end up in your fabrics, food and homes. They will affect your health and definitely affect your children. The developing fetus is especially susceptible to exposure to these harmful chemicals.

Nutrition is such a key part of pregnancy that is deserves further mention. What you eat will your body, mind and spirit and that of the developing child so choose wisely. You need energy, fuel and nutrients to feed yourself and the child. Be sure to avoid the unhealthy food temptations and focus on eating and living as healthy as possible. Look for the most nutrient dense and least processed organic whole foods you can find. Be sure to consume adequate healthy enzymes, fats, minerals, phyto-nutrients, trace elements and vitamins. Your children will likely be programmed to role model you so learn to walk the talk early.

Meditating While Pregnant

Maintaining healthy behaviors, habits and routines you started prior to conception and during pregnancy is vital to insure a safe pregnancy and healthy delivery.

Learning and practicing meditation and yoga are great to align your body, mind and spirit. These help prepare you for the rituals and routines that will help with your awareness and intentions for healthy parenting. Being calm, cool and collected improve your chances for creating children that will be happy, healthy and in harmony.

Monitor your stress levels and implement strategies to reduce stress daily. Stress is one of the greatest risks to a pregnant woman and developing child. Maintaining healthy behaviors, habits and routines you started prior to conception and during pregnancy is vital to insure a safe pregnancy and healthy delivery.

Now is the time to invest in reading and researching great resources and role models to help with pregnancy and parenting. Also reading out loud to the child is very beneficial and conditions you for future reading to help instill the love of reading. Once the child is born it can be a bit daunting to begin reading up on parenting. When couples start preparing and reading early it greatly increases the odds for a happy and healthy family.

Practicing conscious communications with your partner/ spouse is key to maintaining a direct, honest, open and safe feedback. Focus on the big picture of parenting and avoiding the petty disagreements, distractions and disruptions that come up to strengthens the relationship. It takes a great team to raise a child and be sure to surround yourself with great role models and support.

Avoid the bad news, drama, mindless TV and violence in order to create the right environment and peaceful setting.

This Great NEWS post offers simple suggestions to help with Parenting Principles for Preventing Problems. Mastering parenting is an art and a science that requires patience, persistence and practice. Finding great resources and role models for education, inspiration and preparation are incedibly valuable This post on Parenting Principles for Preventing Problems Part 5 is designed to help pregnant parents prepare for parenting great children.

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