The previous Great NEWS post shared Parenting Principles for Preventing Problems Part 3 – Newly Married/Partnered and today we continue the series with Part 4 – Pre Parent Planning. Parenting is a major responsibility and many future parenting problems can be avoided with prior proper pre- parenting planning. My personal experience and observations suggests many parenting issues are the result of biological, chemical, emotional, mental and physical issues of the parents. Part 4 of the parenting principles series will cover these and provide suggestions to help people better prepare themselves with Parenting Principles for Preventing Problems.

Many married or partnered couples are so busy getting adjusted to the other person and their new life together they are not focused on the concept of parenting or pre-parent planning. While contraception practice and prescriptions may seem quite reliable a couple must always think consciously about the possibility of conceiving and raising children. The parenting responsibility is so important and requires such a major commitment of money and time that you owe it to yourself and your potential offspring to be diligent and be the best potential parents you can be.

Consequences of No Planning


Conceiving can be one of the greatest blessings in the universe or one of the most difficult things to deal with if people are not fully committed and prepared.

It appears that many parenting problems are the result of unplanned pregnancies and unprepared parents. When things just happen it is extremely difficult on the parents and this shows up affecting how happy and healthy the children become. Too many times parents talk about unplanned children and surprises as if were just a small slip in judgment instead of a significant emotional event with long term ramifications. Conceiving can be one of the greatest blessings in the universe or one of the most difficult things to deal with if people are not fully committed and prepared. Parents and children both deserve the very best opportunity for it to be an amazing blessing so read on to do your part.

By consciously thinking about the possibility of becoming pregnant and raising children you open up to the full responsibility this may require. When people do not think things through and allow chance or fate to decide the outcome of sexual activities and a potential pregnancy you greatly increase the odds and risks of complications for you and a newborn child. This could be one of the biggest mistakes a couple make before becoming pregnant.

The couples who neglect to think and plan ahead run the risk of many problems such as: autism, birth defects, genetic issues, high blood pressure, infertility, miscarriage, stroke, unhealthy weight gain and much more. More than one couple has been shocked to find out that one person of the couple has a serious condition or genetic issue that can cause adverse birth issues. This can lead to massive emotional and financial issues in addition to excessive stress and strain in the relationship. This could result in hard feelings and even divorce if things turn out badly. This only complicates an already difficult situation.

Early blood testing and physical exams are very important prior to conception. A full review of genetic and hereditary considerations is advised. Looking at family trees and medical histories may also be valuable. Having discussions with parents, grandparents and siblings is also important to identify potential areas of concern or risk.

Conceiving children and raising them is so important that it really should be a major part of our community education system. Every common sense effort that will help identify biological, emotional, health, mental, nutritional and physical concerns along the way and help early on is worth a fortune for present and future peace of mind. Important considerations to look at include: addictions, blood testing, DNA issues, drug use, endocrine health, fitness, hormone levels, medical history, mineral levels, nutrition habits, prescription medicines, over the counter medicines, surgeries, toxicity levels, transfusions, vaccinations, vitamins and more.

Pre Parent Planning That Affects Parenting

Before a couple plans on becoming pregnant and beginning prenatal care they should focus on preconception care and well being. Every person deserves to be happy and healthy emotionally, mentally and physically.

Biological, chemical and nuclear contamination is a real concern in our modern world. After agricultural errors and oversights, countless wars, decades of chemical experiments gone crazy, environmental damage and degradation, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) development, heavy metals, pollution of air, land and water and other issues we all need to think about the consequences to our selves and future offspring.

Juiced Vegetables

This is a great time to do a series of cleansing, detoxing and eliminating programs to stop the toxins from getting in and remove those that may be inside.

This is a great time to do a series of cleansing, detoxing and eliminating programs to stop the toxins from getting in and remove those that may be inside. Examine your beverages, body care products, car, cleaning products, clothing, cosmetics, foods, furniture, household, work environment and yard for any harmful chemicals or compounds.

Fake foods, fast foods, junk foods and processed foods are often loaded with harmful chemicals in the form of additives, colorings, dyes, flavorings, preservatives, seasonings, synthetic compounds and synthetic vitamins. One must be very diligent to protect your own health and that of a future fetus.

Also check the quality of the air, land and water around you. Are you in a toxic home or work place that puts you and your future children at higher risk for birth defects, cancer or disease?

Dental and medical procedures, over the counter medicines, prescription medications and vaccinations all can play a serious role in your health and that of unborn children. Amalgam filings are known to release mercury. All over the counter and prescription medicines have side effects. Even synthetic supplements and vitamins can have adverse reactions.

Elector Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) are an even bigger concern today than they were a few decades ago. With the rapid explosion and use of cell phones, cell phone towers, CT scans, microwaves, MRI, pads, satellite, tablets, WiFi, X-rays and more the body is being constantly bombarded with various forms of radiation.

With nuclear contamination from nuclear power plant accidents such as Chernobyl, Fukishima, Three Mile Island and the use of depleted uranium weapons in Iraq and elsewhere it is imperative to check for nuclear contamination prior to conception.
Modern agriculture has unleashed a barrage of synthetic antibiotics, chemicals, fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides and other toxins into our air, land and waters. These then find their way into you and ultimately into your children. Most newborns in developed countries are born with over 100 harmful chemicals in their body.

Fruit Selection

Kids need to learn healthy habits from their parents.

Nutrition is a key area that is so important and must be addressed from numerous angles. What you and your partner eats affects your body, mind and spirit so choose wisely. This also means it will affect your egg and sperm DNA and health. Children deserve the best DNA from each of their parents since this will be the foundation for every cell that develops in their body for the rest of their life. Prior generations intuitively knew this and focused a great deal on healthy eating and living. The last few generations seem to have gotten away from this way of thinking due to the hypnosis and illusion of better living through modern chemistry. Look for the least processed organic whole foods you can find and use caution to preserve their peak benefits with minimal heating and processing.

It was mentioned previously and deserves honorable mention again: “Any deficiencies or shortage of healthy enzymes, fats, minerals, phyto-nutrients, trace elements and vitamins will impact the health of a person and later affect and impact their ability to conceive and raise healthy children”. It is imperative to learn how to eat, prepare, plan and shop for healthy whole foods. Even one parents unhealthy eating habits will impact 50% of the child’s DNA so imagine what two unhealthy parents could do to a child’s DNA health. Later children will model the parents behavior and habits wo be sure to walk the talk.

When couples face conception and fertility issues it may be a sign their body is not fit and healthy enough to safely conceive, carry and deliver a healthy child. Jumping on the bandwagon of fertility drugs and procedures may be the misguided course of action and may actually exacerbate the problems for the parents and future children. Taking the time for cleansing, detoxing and eliminating the harmful substances and toxins for a period of several months to several years may be all that is needed to correct the issues. If you score less than a B+ in all areas of your health and lifestyle you may want to begin focusing on taking even better care of yourself first. If you cannot take care of yourself first what makes you think you can take care of an infant? It takes skill and support systems to be prepared for the responsibility and roles of parenting

When your body, mind and spirit are aligned and aware of the significant responsibility you are about to undergo you improve your chances. When you set your attention and intention on peak parenting you increase your chances for conceiving and parenting happy, healthy and in harmony children. You deserve this and so do your future offspring.

Once you conceive it may be too late to reverse and undo the harmful and unhealthy behaviors, habits and routines you indulged in earlier. We all make poor choices and have poor judgment at times as we become adults. Parenting is too important to you and your future children to take lightly and let happen without serious consideration.

Investing the time to read, reference, research and role model outstanding individuals and parents before conceiving is essential for healthy children and parents. Once you become pregnant the clock is ticking and time flies by with the potential for serious health hazards to you and the developing child. When couples start early it greatly increases the odds for a happy and healthy family. Do yourself a favor and give yourself the best odds for a happy and healthy child with specific strategies for happy and healthy parenting.

Biological, chemical and nuclear contamination are a fact of life today and should be given due consideration. With the abundance of chemicals, pathogens, pollution and toxins in the world today it is imperative for people to be as sure as possible with cleansing, detoxing and eliminating these contaminants from their bodies prior to conceiving. Most children are born today with over 100 toxic chemicals in their bodies. A couple might consider a minimum of two to three years of this preparing process to insure their body is in peak parenting condition for the important role they are about to begin and undertake.

Smiling Couple

Learn to deal with your partner in a direct, honest, open and safe manner to resolve as many of the disagreements, distractions and disruptions that may come up.

Learn to deal with your partner in a direct, honest, open and safe manner to resolve as many of the disagreements, distractions and disruptions that may come up. Build a great team and surround yourself with great role models and support.

After you have invested the energy, money and time to learn how society has gone wrong with raising happy and healthy children you are better prepared to make better choices. Ignorance of the hazards and risks is no excuse. You and your future children deserve the very best chance to be happy and healthy for a lifetime. It is our birth right so do the right thing and plan, prepare and predetermine that you will do the best you can for yourself and future generations.

This Great NEWS post offers simple suggestions to help with Parenting Principles for Preventing Problems. Peak parenting is an art and a science that requires determination and discipline. Find a great source for education, inspiration and preparation is valuable to role model. This post on Parenting Principles for Preventing Problems Part 4 is designed to help people before they become parents with top priorities for preparing for parenting great children.

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