Earth Day was April 22nd and reminded us we are all-one and live on one Earth. What will you do to be more Earth Day conscious and conserve resources? Earth Day is a great transition into People + Permaculture + Plants = Sustainability. International Permaculture Day is May 3

GlobeWelcome to the tenth blog on Problems Prevented with Simple Steps. As the number of people around the globe continues to rapidly increase we must become more aware of the problems associated with our current methods of commercial farming, fishing, and food production. Commercial Animal Feedlot Operations (CAFO), fish farms and GMO mega mono-crop farms are dangerous and destructive. Between antibiotic-resistant pathogens, chemical toxins, and topsoil erosion much of our current farming and food production methods are destroying the land and soil we need to survive. With the current flooding and weather-related issues, we are seeing massive problems that are affecting crops and food production. People in the US and around the world are learning this is a great time to review, restructure and rethink how we produce food using organic, permaculture and regenerative food practices. Not fixing the problems will mean continued health, nutrition and wellness problems for all of us and generations to come.

As a holistic health coach, my role is to identify potential problems that could rob you or family members of your money and quality of life. Coaching in simple steps helps anyone committed to avoiding the health issues related to unhealthy food choices and practices. Our passion and purpose are to find resources and share simple steps for rapid results. Chemicals, factory farms and GMOs can lead to sadness, sickness, and stress that robs us of the lifestyle we deserve and desire. Below are some resources and role models to help.

What is Permaculture?

Organic BerriesPermaculture is a complex design and ethical process based on the proven principles and symbiotic systems flawlessly functioning and identified by observation of nature. Permaculture is the concept of growing foods and plants based on the premise of a well designed long term focus and permanent principles that view agriculture as a series of complex and interconnected systems. They collaborate, cooperate and communicate to create a more efficient and holistic interdependent and symbiotic relationship. The result is a system based on cooperative, organic and regenerative eco-friendly habitat and food farming systems. When it comes to permaculture there are several men who are well known as the founding fathers and permaculture pioneers including David Holmgren, Bill Mollison, Sepp Holzer, Joel Salatin, and Geoff Lawton

These men and now many men and women have joined the ranks of organic, permaculture and regenerative agriculture for our food and environment sustainability. Many people have been brainwashed and confused into believing that the “Green Revolution” and GMO crops using lots of toxic chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, and petroleum products would feed the world. As a result, we now live in a toxic world that is rapidly losing its topsoil and causing many mystery health issues which are harming people of all ages. Depleted soils, poor nutrient content and toxic food production all contribute to our growing concerns about food security and rapidly increasing health issues. Not to mention the damaged, polluted and toxic environments that are the result of a lack of respect and stewardship for our planet.

What Can We Do?

Tomatoes and WomanThere are many things we can do to help feed people, promote permaculture and protect the planet. Begin by buying organic whenever possible. While not always the cheapest it is the healthiest and most likely to help you enjoy a long and healthy life. Conventionally grown food is likely to contain antibiotics, fungicides, heavy metals, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides which can cause serious health issues and shorten your life. Not to mention that your sick care costs rob you of your hard earned money.  The toxic foods also rob you of the health and vitality you deserve and desire. A famous quote refers to people sacrificing their health in order to have wealth and then sacrificing their wealth to regain their health. Why not protect your health and wealth at the same time and choosing healthy foods. Learn the big benefits and eat more plant-based foods.

Window BoxAnother way to promote permaculture and save money is to grow your own groceries and plant a garden, tower garden or window box of greens, herbs, and spices. Anyone can do this even with only a few square feet of space. Support your local farmers’ markets, food Co-ops, and local farmers. Contact your politicians, representatives, and schools to promote organic and permaculture projects. Promote food forests and food-bearing trees in your communities. Tell your food vendors and grocers you appreciate their support of organic and ask for more. I just told a Costco manager that I appreciate their organic foods and decision to stop selling Roundup, the toxic herbicide. One of the most important things you can do is read labels and teach your children that what you buy and eat is very important for happiness, health, and wellbeing.

The passion and purpose of the Morningstar NEWS are to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. Remember … “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” … a quote attributed to Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine.”

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