The previous Great NEWS post covered How to Avoid Back Pain and Problems and today we learn how to Protect Against Free Radical Damage. How well do you understand free radicals as a health hazard?  Most people understand the basics at best.  Every day we are constantly exposed to free radicals which are believed to be one of the worst chronic health hazards we face.   This post will share great prevention and protection strategies to help avoid and protect against free radical damage. How to Protect Against Free Radical Damage offers simple suggestions to stay healthy.

The current Great NEWS Coach blog series is committed to alerting us to health hazards that may prevent us from being happy, in harmony and healthy. Free radicals are a major source of cellular, DNA, RNA and tissue damage. The more exposure we have to free radicals the greater our risk for advanced aging, cancer, disease, endocrine issues, genetic disruption, skin and tissue damage over time.


Most people are receiving too much free radical exposure and too little antioxidant protection.

Many activities we do daily increases our free radical exposure. Everyday routines like: bathing, being near Wi-fi, breathing pollution, cleaning, driving, eating, exercising, shampooing, showering, using electronics, washing clothes, wearing clothes and working can expose you to significant free radicals. While we cannot stop doing our daily rituals and routines we can start reducing our needless exposure and increase our intake of abundant antioxidant protection.  Most people are receiving too much free radical exposure and too little antioxidant protection.

If we under estimate free radical damage we allow these invisible and powerful destructive forces to wear down our body.   When we learn to minimize free radical damage and maximize our supply of abundant antioxidant protection we harness Mother Nature’s healing life force.  With constant oxidative stress from free radicals it is only a matter of time before our system becomes compromised, damaged and malfunctions.

To use a simple analogy from Star Wars think of free radicals as the dangerous, destructive and harmful “Dark Side” and antioxidants as beneficial, protective and shielding “Force for Good”.  We want to keep the dark side of free radicals as absent, disorganized, remote and weak as possible.  We also want to develop, encourage and train our body and mind to be constantly absorbing and attracting more antioxidants to be our force field for life.

Most people feel confused about free radicals because they are a part of normal activities like eating, exercise and sunning which we believe to be a healthy.  When we feel overwhelmed and over loaded with too much science, statistics and technology it is easy to turn off our radio receiver to silence the messenger and stop the signal of good intentions to help.  Therefore this blog will offer simple steps and suggestions to help reduce harmful free radical exposure and increase abundant antioxidant  protection.

Being in a positive state of mind it is easier to absorb, digest and process information that requires you to make a decision and take action to transform your life.  We must avoid delegating these key lifestyle decisions about our body and mind to people who may be less informed or of lower integrity when it comes to our highest level of health and well being.  If we avoid the facts and stick our head in the sand we are dropping our defensive shields and opening our self up to free radical damage which leads to destruction of our cells and eventually disease.

Today we will learn the basic A B C’s of antioxidants and free radicals. With this foundation we will understand how to minimize the health hazards and maximize healthy habits for peak performance.  Our goal is to learn how to stop free radical damage from wrecking our body and start supporting our cells with abundant antioxidant protection.

Some people harm their health due to a lack of awareness and poor lifestyle choices while others have good information and intentions but fail to consistently implement with mastery action plans.  The bottom line is anyone can learn enough from this blog to begin implementing simple super strategies for flooding the body with abundant antioxidant protection to neutralize free radicals.

When iron/steel is exposed to water and oxygen we observe rust which is oxidation.  Free radicals are created when an electron is stripped away from an atom and the free radical atom seeks to steal an electron back which causes damage in the form of oxidation.  Free radicals come from healthy activity like exercise or result from harmful and toxic chemicals, cleaners, compounds, ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (EMF), heavy metals, pollution, radiation, shampoos and soaps. We are designed to be able to deal with the normal free radicals that result from digestion and exercise.  We are less able to deal with an invasion of free radicals from harmful sources in our environment.

Unfortunately in our modern world we have a double edge sword attacking our health.  On one edge we have the attack from synthetic and toxic compounds in our environment acting as free radicals.  The other edge is the lack of nutrient dense organic foods that are rich in antioxidants, minerals and trace elements the cells need to fully function and be protected.  This is having a massive negative impact on our health and well being.

Our body needs to be recharged and replenished with abundant antioxidants from the beverages and foods we consume for us to be healthy, resilient and strong.  Unfortunately as we consume highly refined low quality fake foods, fast foods and junk foods we become deficient in antioxidants thus becoming more vulnerable and weaker to the affects of free radicals.   This causes a chain reaction which results in us being more susceptible to cell damage and destruction.

Protect Against Free Radicals


All parts of the body are designed to work well together to maintain our cardiovascular system, digestion, endocrine system, enzymes, hormones, immune function, metabolism, nervous system and waste elimination.

Remembering basic anatomy we know our cells are very complex and require a constant supply of macro and micro nutrients, oxygen, water and waste removal to survive and thrive. All parts of the body are designed to work well together to maintain our cardiovascular system, digestion, endocrine system, enzymes, hormones, immune function, metabolism, nervous system and waste elimination. We must therefore maintain all aspects of our emotional, mental, physical and psychological fitness to include abundant antioxidants.

When we have too many free radicals and not enough antioxidants to rapidly neutralize them we experience problems.  Free radicals are acidic and cause cells to clump together and become less efficient at transporting essential needs.  Plaque can start to build up on blood vessels and restrict the blood flow.  Endocrine glands may begin to malfunction and produce too little hormone.  Digestion can begin to become problematic and sluggish or even stop working correctly.  The nervous system may begin to short circuit.  Cells and tissue may begin to atrophy and break down or even mutate into a dangerous and harmful rogue mutant. The skin can become too delicate or too tough and start to become susceptible to disease, infections and necrosis.  Organs may start deteriorating and malfunctioning.  The immune system may actually mutiny and turn against us with a vicious attack on our body resulting in autoimmune disease. .

When free radicals are running rampant through our body they are like a giant black plague and swarm of pests.  Imagine armies of ants, black flies, fleas, flies, gnats, locus, mosquitoes, moths, no-see-ums, rats, roaches, spiders and wasps gone wild to annoy and attack every part of our body 24 hours a day.

It may start as very frustrating and a general annoyance but it can soon become more vicious.  Initially the weakest part of our body will suffer and maybe a health challenge or infection appears.  Eventually it turns into a full scale assault by these pests as they attack and wreck every aspect of our life and literally drive us to being crazy and diseased.   Eventually if these conditions are not corrected our entire body will be dysfunctional and break down.  After accelerating aging and doing enough damage we succumb to a terminal disease and then die.  All because we allowed the free radicals to constantly weakened our core infrastructure.

Stop Free Radicals to Stop Aging

Pink Beverage

Avoid acidic beverages such as alcohol, conventional coffee, colas, energy drinks, fruit drinks, juices, sodas, sports drinks and sugary drinks.

The best way to avoid free radicals is to avoid:

  • Acidic beverages: Alcohol, conventional coffee, colas, energy drinks, fruit drinks, juices, sodas, sports drinks and sugary drinks
  • Artificial colorings, flavorings, preservatives and sweeteners
  • Emotional issues which contribute to stress and free radicals.
  • Fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides
  • Fried foods
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
  • Highly processed and refined fake, fast and junk foods.
  • Highly heated, processed and refined oils like canola, cotton seed, corn, Crisco, peanut, soy and vegetable oils
  • Hydrogenated oils and transfats must be avoided like the plague
  • Plastic and petrochemical products
  • Polluted air, land and water
  • Synthetic chemicals and compounds
  • Synthetic medicines, supplements and vitamins
  • Toxic chemicals and cleaners

Start Abundant Antioxidant Protection

  • Assorted Veggies

    Eating a wide variety of nutrient dense organic whole foods is vital for supplying the abundant antioxidants our body needs.

    Antioxidants are Mother Nature’s way of providing the “Life Force “we need to protect us from the free radicals of the “dark side”.

  • Eating a wide variety of nutrient dense organic whole foods is vital for supplying the abundant antioxidants our body needs.  We need high quality carbohydrates, fats and proteins.  It is imperative we eat an abundance of raw and unprocessed whole foods to provide the antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, phyto-nutrients, trace elements and vitamins our body needs.  Be sure enjoy an abundance of ancient grains, fruits, green leafy plants, herbs, legumes, nuts, roots, sea veggies, seeds, sprouts, tubers and vegetables.
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping on acupressure points is a great resource to help keep you centered and focused on consuming and maintaining a high level of antioxidants.
  • Herbal teas are one of the best ways to maintain a steady supply of abundant antioxidant protection. Top choices include: chai, ginger, ginseng, green, hibiscus, lemon, mint,
  • High quality hydration is vital to maintain our water for peak performance.
  • Practice meditation and yoga to be calm, centered and committed to being alkaline.
  • Seek competent coaching, education and guidance to help you learn better rituals and routines for fitness, health, resilience, vitality and well being.
  • Supply your body with the high quality whole food supplements, minerals and vitamins.
  • Use natural and safe fabrics, materials and products in your home and on your body.

Free radicals contribute to us being sad, sick, stressed and tired.  Today we shared some simple strategies and suggestions to maintain and sustain being happy, healthy and in harmony.  Remember “our body is the temple of our brain, heart and soul” so focus on the highest return on investment (ROI) from our “body for life” by protecting against free radicals.

This Great NEWS post on how to Protect Against Free Radical Damage is offered to help people stop the problems caused by free radicals and start the pleasure and protection of abundant antioxidants. Our body is an amazing ecosystem that requires us to maintain and sustain it with the best antioxidants from whole foods and superfoods.  We are what we eat so choose wisely and consume the best nutrient dense whole foods on the planet.  Now that we know how to Protect Against Free Radical Damage what will you do to share this information with family and friends?

What is your current Gap?

How many free radicals are you allowing to wreck havoc on your body? How many healthy antioxidant foods are you enjoying to protect your beautiful body each day?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans will help you stop allowing excessive free radicals to attack your body?

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding free radicals and antioxidants? What healthy habits will you implement to stop free radical damage and start supplying amazing antioxidants to the rescue for better health and vitality?

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