Attending Natural Products Expo East 2019 involved long busy days and nights away from home and my magnet mattress. With so much frequent travel I have developed a habit and routine of Simple Sleep Suggestions to share that helps support more restful sleep. There are many devices, products, and protocols out there so do your research to determine which ones may help you. Sleep is a vital function and part of the detox and healing process so be sure you are optimizing your sleep for vibrant energy and optimal health. Six days of travel and three days at Expo East meant that getting quality sleep was important to stay healthy and function at peak performance levels.

Simple Sleep Suggestions

The majority of adults, children and seniors are not getting the quality and quantity of sleep their body desires and deserves. There are many reasons for this and while some things are beyond our control the majority of factors are within our control. With so many people struggling with health issues it seemed like a great idea to focus on quality sleep which is an important aspect for our long term health and well being.

Some of the top reasons people have poor quality sleep are: blue light exposure, circadian rhythm off, eating late, disturbing movies and news, electronic devices in the bedroom, irregular hours, medications, night lights, noise and distractions, poor sleep environment, staying ups late, stressful days, too much alcohol, caffeine and stimulants, and water and beverages consumed late at night

Lavender OilSimple Sleep Suggestions offer some solutions for better night rejuvenation, relaxing and restful sleep. The basic strategies include eating healthy, effective habits, environmental factors and exercising to develop healthy habits to enjoy a better night’s sleep. As mentioned in previous blogs even simply soaking your feet in warm Epsom salt water with lavender essential oil before bedtime can help you sleep better.

Helpful Habits  

  • Alkalize and energize the body and brain during the day with a healthy lifestyle.
  • Avoid blue lights and electronic devices three hours before bedtime. Wear blue blocker glasses to shield the eyes from blue light which disturbs our quality of sleep. Keep your bedroom dark and quiet. Keep all electronic devices outside your bedroom.
  • CBD from hemp or cannabis can be a helpful sleep aid to calm and relax our body and brain-enhancing our sleep.
  • Consume healthy beverages and foods at each meal and avoid processed junk foods.
  • Drink water after waking and all day up until three hours before bedtime. Warm water is better for you.
  • Earthing and grounding are beneficial to absorb negative ions and discharge positive ions so our body is properly charged.
  • Eat fresh nutrient-dense organic whole foods during the day.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique is a form of energy psychology that can really help enhance sleep and reduce the stress of the day.
  • Exercise and fitness are vital to energize and revitalize the body to maximize our sleep quality.
  • Massage and reflexology before bed is a great way to enjoy better sleep.
  • A quality mattress that provides good support is important for quality sleep.
  • Reduce anxiety and stress by creating healthy outlets and routines. Meditation and yoga are great habits to enjoy daily.
  • Turn off your wifi router and cordless phones.
  • Use a Bed of Nails or Spoonk Mat to stimulate acupressure points for more restful sleep.

The goal of this post is to educate and inform readers with a summary of proven simple sleep suggestions that work. Which ones will work for you?

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