Now that we have been thinking about the power of love and the empowerment of living your passion in the last two blog posts it is time to focus on supportive solutions instead of sad stories.

Sad stories are like old distorted and outdated VHS tapes instead of new exciting and updated Blue Ray DVDs.

We can be stuck in a rut replaying and telling ourselves and others the sad stories which keep us trapped in a trance and in a sad state of self-delusion and self-hypnosis. Now is a great time to ditch the old boring sad story and create new exciting supportive solutions to empower you in the New Year.

What’s Your Story?

When we cleverly change the story of what really happened and edit, justify, modify and rationalize the story into a self serving explanation to enhance our ego we become lost in the matrix of the story. When this happens we lose touch with reality and often slip into a helpless stuck and sometimes stupid state.

Sad stories are disempowering communications revolving around how we interpret and perceive events and then rewriting the story of how these events happened.

When we are stuck in the sad story it is very difficult to find supportive solutions.

Creating these sad stories and reliving them is what blocks most people from accomplishing their New Year resolutions. Therefore, it is better to focus on simple steps for finding new solutions rather than constantly making resolutions which do not focus on the specific emotional wound that must be healed first.

Resolutions & Unresolved Issues

Most resolutions are designed to deal with unresolved issues and sad stories from previous years. Rather than just creating a list of goals or resolutions for the New Year it is imperative to identify the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blockages and issues that are causing the challenge in the first place.

Open DoorOnce you identify the limiting beliefs about issues which are holding you back it is essential to dig deep until you find the core aspects of the issues and dig out the root of the issue. Without getting the root the weed will keep growing back and choke out your garden of resolutions.

Next you must research, review and request help from various coaching, guidance and healing modalities to find a process that is optimal for you. Your outcome is to begin editing, deleting and updating your old computing, processing and programming system in order to update and upgrade your life with new hardware (physical body), software (mental beliefs) and operating (emotional) systems.

Getting to New Supportive Solutions

Remember every cell and molecule in our body is constantly under a state of transition and transformation. Therefore it is essential to choose wisely which disempowering aspects you are ready to subtract and which new empowering ones you are ready to add into your life to replace it.

After a make over of your physiology, psychology and programming it is time to reboot your system and empower your new identity. Once you have the greatest and latest version of your vivid vision it will be much easier for you to transform the old sad stories into a new supportive solutions.

Now you will have much greater success in remaining committed and focused on expanding your strengths and being the person you are truly meant to be. Then you will come to a true resolution of the challenges and issues holding you back which enable you to even more easily, effectively and efficiently begin making progress with your new empowering and supportive solutions.

We all know our strengths and our weaknesses but it is our blind spots which we cannot see or choose not to see that cause most of the big and unresolved challenges in our life. This is why you need respected guides, resources and role models to help point out the blind spots and help you refocus on your strengths.

Great support systems include:

  • Life Coaching
  • Emotional Conditioning
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
  • Hypnotherapy
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Peak Performance Training
  • Timeline Therapy and many others.

When we expand and stretch ourselves to the next level we enhance our strengths even more and by default our weakness and blind spots become smaller in relation to our strengths.

Becoming Conscious

To begin and maintain our power and passion in the New Year it is imperative to be extremely open, honest and direct in our review of what is great and what still needs improvement. We must be keenly aware concerning the communications, language patterns and words we use with ourselves and others.

Remember pain is a learned message, protection and signal system like the dashboard of your body’s Operating System, Programming and Software that lets you know something important needs attention. Often we encountered learning challenges and misunderstood the information and misfiled the message in our memory as something other than the original content.

Now that you have a better understanding of the root cause of many life challenges it is important to begin to stop focusing on the sad stories and start focusing on supportive solutions.

This website is deeply committed to being a respected guide, resource and role model to help you transform your life one step at a time.

Mastery Action Plan

View Through A 360 Degree CircleAsk several of your business associates, close peers, customers, mastermind group or respected role models to give you 360 degree comments, feedback or observations about your strengths, weaknesses and blind spots.

The 360 degrees refers to looking from all possible perspectives. Avoid asking for constructive criticism since the mind still hears it as criticism.

Ask them to start with what is great about your strengths, what weakness needs awareness and what blind spots you intentionally or unintentionally avoid acknowledging. Many individuals may not recognize that a strength which is overused often leads to weaknesses in other areas of your life.

A strength over used too often can actually cause you to be less effective and efficient than you might otherwise be. It is a great growth opportunity to ask for some great coaching from someone you respect in this area and identify strategies, suggestions and systems for progress.

Our next blog post will share: Focus on Fitness