The first blog post of the year was dedicated to the powerful insight and profound wisdom that “all you need is love”.

This article is focused on the profound insight that “you are enough.” When you live your life with passion and purpose to love and serve yourself and others with your heart and soul you are enough.

When intuition, messages and synchronicities occur pay attention. When they occur in threes be sure to pay close attention.

This happened for me during the holidays with my sons wedding and other family and friend gatherings. When you listen and look at the people around you it is quite obvious many people are feeling emotional, mental and physical pain which they are allowing to rob them of a happy and healthy life.

The Intention of Pain

Pain is a messaging, protecting and signaling system like your vehicle dashboard regarding your body’s Operating System, Programming and Software. It lets you know when something important needs attention. This warning system serves to alert you for dealing with past, present and future situations in order to protect you and insure your happiness and health in the future.

Some people cut, drug, ignore or shoot the message or messenger but do understand and utilize the warning. It is imperative you understand the meaning of the signals and then follow your heart and intuition to figure out the appropriate solution. Many people become stuck in the sad story and are unable to see new choices rather than focus on the supportive solutions to have the life of their dreams.

Life With Passion & Purpose

A great way to be centered and focused on living your life with passion and purpose is by regularly reviewing your past performance. Then you can more fully assess your procedures and progress for enjoying the life of your dreams.

Once you celebrate your successes it is then time to identify your shortfalls. Then you can begin to focus on improving your behaviors, habits and rituals to be, do and have more happiness, health, harmony abundance and love in your life.

The key is to be clear, committed and congruent about your values, vision and mission in life. Next you write down exactly what your desire and deserve in every area for a great life. Then you set clear outcomes, important intentions and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timeline) goals, for each area of a balanced life.

Journaling & Making Your Vision BoardCreating a plan for the next 1, 5, 10, 20 etc. years into the future guides you on your life journey and finding your ultimate destiny. Many super successful companies and individuals have created 100 year plans for manifesting fantastic futures.

Creating a Vision Board

Self-growth and personal development are life long habits and hobbies essential to experience the life you desire and deserve. It is essential for you to have clear outcomes, a written plan and daily rituals with visual, auditory and kinesthetic reminders. One of the best methods is creating a story board or vision board with empowering pictures combined with inspiring music for all the key aspects of a quality life.

Be sure to fully map out your abundance, career, finance, relationships, nutrition, emotions, wellness and success noting exactly where you were in the past, are now and will be in the future. Be sure you clearly map out how this year will be different and why.

Once you are clear and congruent that abundant love is the foundation for life then it is imperative for you build a structure and system to support your life passion and purpose in order for everything else to evolve.

As you reflect back on last year and focus on the New Year ahead, remember you are loved and you are enough. Being present on earth is a gift and makes a difference in the lives of your family, friends and community. Today is the first day of the rest of your life and your future is bright with the opportunity to be, do and have anything you can conceive, believe and achieve. When you learn to consistently Face Your Fears you are able to Live Your Dreams and experience life to the fullest.

Moving Beyond Our Greatest Fears

The two greatest fears we face during our lives are “we are not enough” and “we are not loved”. Many articles, books, newsletters and websites are consumed with doing more, earning more and spending more.

This blog post is devoted to the magic moments and pure potential that comes from knowing you are a divine being created to enjoy abundant love and know you are enough.

Mastery Action Plan

  1. Write in your journal a list of the magic moments for 2010.
  2. Next write a list of the magic moments you look forward to enjoying in 2011 and beyond.
  3. Create a Vision Board and music playlist to help you stay focused and inspired on what is most important in your life.

Our next blog post will share: Focus on Supportive Solutions Instead of Sad Stories