Is the Swine Flu a boogey monster virus out to get you? Has the Swine Flu Vaccination become a Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), drug company and mass media mega money making monster? With all the media madness regarding the swine flu and vaccinations and even the President recommending citizens get a jab it was time to face my fears, step up and exercise my constitutional right of free speech to directly comment on the swine flu fears – fact or fiction controversy.

Before you make a decision regarding the flu vaccination you may regret later please read further. The swine flu vaccination just like any other vaccination you consider is a serious decision and warrants some serious research and thought. A wise warning to use caution is expressed in Latin as (caveat emptor) which means (Let the buyer beware).  It is important to know there are many documented health hazards associated with vaccinations.

Immunization Education

Any form of immunization, shot or vaccination is one of the most important health and medical decisions you can make during your life and also for a child or other family member. Practice good due diligence and read the articles, books, disclosure, disclaimers, labels and warnings before you agree to any recommendation. Ask informed questions, seek multiple opinions, consider natural alternatives and then choose wisely.

When you receive a jab (which may contain of a long list of synthetic chemicals, toxins, pathogens, animal tissues, heavy metals, preservatives and more) you are allowing many harmful and unnatural substances into your body, brain, heart and nervous system.

Injections are an unnatural event which results in your body’s defenses being breached and your immune system exposed to foreign substances. This is contrary to thousands of years of evolution and the perfect healing properties we each possess. Humans have been endowed with a magnificent defense and healing system and have evolved even further over thousands of years to deal with any natural risk from pathogens in the environment. Our DNA holds the information from all of our ancestors that survived every pathogen (bacteria, fungus, mold, parasite, virus and more) and passed this ability and knowledge for survival on to us.

Disease Health Risks

We have endured decades of anxiety, fears and warnings of doom from the medical profession and media over the risks and spread of many diseases around the world. It seems as though every year there are an almost endless numbers of scares and stories regarding:
[colored_box title=”Media Reported Top Most Feared Diseases” variation=”teal”]

  1. Anthrax
  2. AIDS
  3. Avian (bird) flu
  4. Ebola virus
  5. Flesh eating bacteria
  6. Hong Kong flu
  7. Lyme disease
  8. Mad cow disease
  9. Malaria
  10. Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria
  11. SARS, Swine flu
  12. Spanish flu
  13. Tuberculosis (TB)
  14. Yellow fever
  15. Pneumonia
  16. Small pox


And the list goes on. While many of these are real concerns and have been labeled as the probable cause of death for many millions of people around the world there is a much bigger story that is seldom mentioned enough.

Money Spent on Health Prevention

While the deaths associated with these diseases are alarming and sad, the numbers pale in comparison to the deaths self induced by people from lifestyle and nutrition choices in relation to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, diarrhea, malnourished, stroke and autoimmune disorders Then add the numbers from medical mishaps, medication reactions, hospital related infections, lack of preventive health support and inadequate early intervention.

Plus when you add the numbers from poor hygiene, inadequate sanitation, lack of clean water, malnourished and wars the real hidden story starts to become apparent. Yet billions of dollars are misspent and spent in questionable ways which insure the likelihood that these conditions will persist for many decades to come.

If the US can put a man on the moon, build a space station, spend a trillion dollars fighting a war in Iraq and find oil miles below the earths surface we can uncover and promote the secrets to health and longevity. It seems logical to assume we can focus on the energy, resources and time to educate people on holistic and natural methods for supporting the body’s natural ability to deal with any known virus.

Dr. Symeon Rodger

After a recent interview by Dr. Symeon Rodger in Ottawa, Canada regarding health hazards from the swine flu vaccination it was evident people need and want more education on natural prevention and immune enhancement. We discussed many strategies and suggestions that have been recommended by top experts to naturally enhance your immune system.

It soon became evident that additional information and resources would help people make more informed decisions and reduce much of the anxiety and fear draining their emotions. Also billions of dollars could be saved and better invested in dealing with the global destruction and environmental challenges threatening our survival.

Pandemic Scare Tactics

Most of us are getting sick and tired of the constant negative news and scare tactics regarding the swine flu pandemic details the WHO and CDC are spreading and the media is over dramatizing in the news and publications. People are seeking education and information for self empowerment to make better choices. We are the ones ultimately responsible for the decisions regarding our health and well being and needed to be better informed to do so. Please invest a few minutes to learn some of the most up to date reasons why you should avoid the media hype and the recommendation for mass flu vaccinations.

For a short synopsis, click to read a documented research report behind the swine flu scare tactics published by the Health Freedom USA and Natural Solutions Foundation with information from prominent doctors around the world. You will sleep a lot better and most likely avoid the jab and the risks.

Minimizing Risks of Vaccinations

In the event you have taken vaccinations in the past or are required to take the vaccination by your employer, school district or others there is an abundance of information to help you minimize the risk and toxic side effects. There are numerous articles, books and websites that discuss ways to cleanse and detox the harmful substances out of your body.

They recommend using calcium bentonite clay both externally and internally for several months to help deal with the toxins. Also certain foods have been found to help support the liver and form an ionic bond to neutralize and naturally eliminate toxins. When you do your research you will find that both clay and charcoal are natural products used by the medical industry and military to neutralize various poisons and toxins. Clay and charcoal has been used by the military for decades to protect against and also decontaminate nuclear, biological and chemical contamination.

Another great resource for natural health and wellness is Dr. Joseph Mercola. Dr. Mercola recently interviewed Barbara Loe Fisher, founder of the National Vaccine Information Center and together they offer information and suggestions to help you make a more informed decision.

Click to > Listen to the Dr. Mercola Interview Fisher, of NVIC

Dr. Gary Null Speaking on Vaccinations

Another must see informative video by Dr. Gary Null speaking on vaccinations medical risks and prescription drugs at the NY Assembly

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To help summarize many of the articles, books and websites available the following Top Ten list of techniques and tips to help you enhance your immune system and reduce the levels of excess toxicity in the average person provide important guidance.

[colored_box title=”Top Ten Tips and Health Habits to Naturally Enhance Your Immune System” variation=”teal”]

  1. Say and think positive thoughts that remind others and you to experience gratitude, joy, happiness, health, love and peace everyday.
  2. Reduce stress which is one of the major causes of health issues. Use Energy Psychology and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to deal with emotional upsets and negative emotions.
  3. Enjoy the many health benefits of investing time outdoors in nature and exposing your skin to sunlight to build a strong body, improve your immune system and promote better health.
  4. Follow a daily routine of exercise, fitness and health habits to strengthen your body and mind.
  5. Engage in deep diaphragmatic breathing to fully oxygenate your blood and body.
  6. Avoid buying, producing and using the chemicals, heavy metals, products and toxins that will contaminate you, your family and the environment.
  7. Learn natural methods of cleansing, detoxing and eliminating harmful substances from your skin and body. Many articles promote the benefits of using algae (red, brown and blue green, calcium bentonite clay, charcoal, dry skin brushing, green herbs & leafy plants, ocean swims, salt baths, saunas, sunbathing and many other tips.
  8. Avoid the excessive and unnecessary use of antibiotics, over the counter and prescription medicines. Remember all these products have disclosed side effects so read the labels carefully. Also there are significant amounts of antibiotics in many animal and fish products.
  9. Avoid and reduce excessive exposure to health hazards like harmful electro magnetic energy fields and rays. (This includes cell phones, cell towers, electrical appliances and devices, high power lines, microwaves, x – rays and more).
  10. Plan and schedule time for your dental, educational, emotional, family, financial, fitness, health, medical, mental, relationships, social and spiritual activities. These appointments, check ups and routines must receive priority attention from you. Remember to focus on the key proven principles for total body, mind and spirit health.


The purpose of this article was to help you access additional opinions and resources to determine for yourself whether the almost hysterical medical and media mania over swine flu fears is fact or fiction. Once you listen and read the expert evidence from world renowned doctors and health professionals around the world you will know more than the majority of the uninformed population. This will help you make informed and intelligent decisions regarding the health hazards associated with any immunization in general and the swine flu vaccination in particular.

Common Sense Combines Education & Intuition

When we combine common sense, empowering education and intelligent intuition we greatly improved our odds for making the best choice for ourselves and our loved ones. Anytime someone or something is overtly pushy and overly persistent about their point of view and then use authority and power to dictate what is best for you, it is important to step back and ask better questions.

Consider who, what and why are they telling you what to do and also how will they benefit? When you follow the money and motivation behind the scenes you will most likely find the hidden reasons driving their behavior. Remember to consider carefully and choose wisely what path you follow for your health, longevity and well being.

Our next blog post will share: Swine Flu Fears – Fact or Fiction? Part II Top Ten Tips Natural Nutrition

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