To enjoy natural health and beauty on the outside you must first focus on health and beauty from the inside. Our skin is the largest elimination organ of the body and therefore we must discover ways to enhance our skin and the underlying support tissues. One of the most amazing natural substances on the planet to beautify, cleanse and detox your skin and tissues is Calcium Bentonite Clay.

Some Causes That Contribute to Skin Damage

Unfortunately the majority of people expose their skin to many harsh conditions on a daily basis. Many people are oblivious to the thousands of chemicals in body care, cleaning and food products. We also come in contact with many industrial by-products, pollutants and toxins in the community and workplace. These can lead to inflammation, irritation and rash of the affected area,

Even in nature there is an abundance of substances that can cause damage or irritation to the skin. Many insects, reptiles and plants have self defense mechanisms to protect themselves from predators. Most people are familiar with the bites and stings from insects and the irritation and pain these cause. Ant, bee, scorpion and wasp stings are very common and quite painful. Additionally there are flies, mosquito, gnats and spider bites to deal with.

Many plants such as poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac have irritating oils which may cause blisters, itching and rash.

Other skin conditions that commonly occur and cause problems are acne, blackheads, eczema and psoriasis. These can be very aggravating, irritating and unsightly to the person afflicted. Additionally they can be very embarrassing and stressful to an individual and affect their self esteem.

Benefits of Quality Calcium Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay Found in Nature

Bentonite Clay Found in Nature

This is where the ancient wisdom of traditional cultures that used Calcium Bentonite Clay may be worth considering. They found it to be a great method to provide external and internal detoxification and therapeutic benefits. It is very important to invest great care in your skin today to enjoy great health and beauty for a lifetime.

Quality Calcium Bentonite Clay is very effective in cleaning out excess oils, impurities and toxins from the skin. It will also form an ionic bond with chemicals, heavy metals and toxins and help remove the substance from the body as it is also removed.

Bentonite Clay Ongoing Research

Calcium Bentonite Clay is a natural substance that is composed of many minerals and trace elements formed when volcanic lava came in contact with water millions of years ago. These crystal structures have a strong negative electromagnetic ionic charge. The negative charge of the clay allows it to attract and bond with harmful substances which have a positive ionic charge. Harmful bacteria, chemicals, fungus, heavy metals, pathogens, toxins and viruses have a positive charge and bond to the negatively charged clay. They form a chemical ionic bond which seems to help neutralize the harmful nature of the irritant as well as allow it to leave the body.

Significant research is being conducted at universities to identify all the uses of clay. Clay has also been used by the military to decontaminate and neutralize biological, chemical and radioactive contamination.

Clays are found in many common products such as antacids, anti-diarrhea medicine, cosmetics, facial masques, lava soap and toothpaste. Clays are also found in health stores to help cleanse and detox both the external skin as well as internal digestive system.

There are many different varieties of clay in the world with a wide variety of uses. There is such a wealth of information about clay that you can earn a PhD degree concerning clay. Clays differ in terms of colors, characteristics, crystal structure, minerals, purity, swelling capacity and textures so it is important to seek reliable information and sources.

Clays have the ability to absorb (draw in), as well as adsorb (bind with) substances. This unique ability to do both plus its bonding power with harmful particles that have a positive ionic charge provides the natural health and beauty benefits. It absorbs harmful substances, bonds with them, neutralizes them and they are then eliminated from the body. Calcium Bentonite Clay is alkaline (negative charge) and therefore neutralizes acids (positive charge). Clay also acts like an anti oxidant and forms an ionic bond with free radicals which have a positive charge.

History of Using Clay

Clay Used in Facial Masks

Bentonite Clay Added to Facial Masks

Clay has been used by indigenous peoples for centuries for both external as a body cleansing clay, and internal cleansing, detoxing and healing properties. The FDA has declared bentonite clays as GRAS: (Generally Regarded as Safe) and it is an ingredient in many products. Legally products may say clay has been found to absorb, bond with impurities (bacteria, oil), clean, detox, relieve and soothe. The internet has hundreds of thousands of pages sharing the many benefits of using clay.

Be sure you locate a high quality, natural and pure Calcium Bentonite Clay before you decide to begin external and internal treatment. While clay has been used safely for centuries it is still important to educate your self first and learn the optimal ways to use Calcium Bentonite Clay for your health and beauty.

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