In a complex world with significant stress factors more people are discovering the benefits of quiet time to enjoy more magic moments with meditation. Give yourself the gift of two minutes to learn more about how meditation can improve your emotional, mental and physical performance and well being.

Stress seems to be increasing at an alarming rate and negatively impacting more people than ever. Children and adults around the world are feeling the unhealthy effects of rapid global change and our stressful society. Global warming, political instability, violence, poverty, illiteracy, food shortages, economic turmoil and health issues are just a few of the many factors contributing to the burden of stress we face on a daily basis. We can become overwhelmed with problems reported by the media, at work, in our community and with our families and we may find ourselves caught in a whirlwind of negativity and being pessimistic.

Stress Effects Lead to Disempowering Feelings

Feeling All Stressed OutWhen we see, hear and feel negative messages from others about what they are experiencing it is common for us to also feel anger, depression, envy, frustration, guilt, hurt, insecurity, jealousy, lonely, regret, sadness and other disempowering feelings.

In fact most people seem to have more negative emotions and feelings each day than they do positive emotions and feelings. Stress has a significant impact on our emotional, mental and physical health.

Daily Meditation Helps to Transform Stress

Now that we have identified some of the major factors contributing to your stress you may be wondering how to reduce that stress and be more happy, healthy and in harmony? The answer is to invest time in your health and well being each day by giving your self the gift of time for magic moments with meditation.

Meditation is easy, powerful and very therapeutic in helping your body, mind and spirit reduce the effects of stress and helps you reconnect and resynchronize your emotional energy and internal intelligence. Many people waste most of their energy, emotions and time on negative influences from a combination of external and internal sources. Whether some one else says something you interpret as negative or you have negative self talk, it creates more stress in our life.

Some of you may already be allowing your conscious mind and ego to think that you are too busy and do not have time for meditation. In reality you may find your body, mind and spirit improving significantly when you make your creativity, health and well being a priority and begin the habit of daily meditation.

How Stress Effects Our Health

Stress creates many physiological consequences which negatively impact our health. Many people develop high blood pressure, digestive problems, immune system issues, hormonal imbalances and emotional mood swings that lead to physical and emotional health problems. In modern society we often find ourselves responding more to emotional problems which then leads to physical problems. Not dealing with the emotional issues seems to lead to more significant physical issues.

Scientific studies on meditation have shown it has positive benefits to counter act the negative consequences of stress. Meditation has been found to help reduce high blood pressure, improve digestion, strengthen the immune system and improve hormone production and balance.

Benefits of Daily MeditationMeditation has profound benefits on our emotional and psychological health and well being. Many of us have become so over stimulated by adrenalin, artificial lights, caffeine, ego, intellectual work, sugar and technology gadgets that we lose touch with our body, mind and spirit. We are also out of touch with our family, friends and the world around us. This can result in emotional, mental and physical health challenges. Most people live in the regrets of the past or the fears of the future and very rarely are they centered and grounded in the present moment

The great news is that you can begin to turn these negative consequences around easily and effectively by adopting the practice of daily meditation. When we no longer indulge in stressing out over past experiences or future fears, we learn to be fully present in the present and discover the joy of being happy, healthy and in harmony with the world around us.

Scientific Research on Benefits of Meditation

Scientific research has discovered that meditating on a regular basis helps us release our blocked emotions, energy and limiting beliefs. Then we are able to identify new choices and opportunities. Reducing stress with meditation has helped many people improve their communications, eating habits, performance, relationships and sleep patterns. Unhealthy behaviors and patterns rob you of the quality of life you desire and deserve. This may include indulging in unhealthy habits such as: alcohol, anger, caffeine, gambling, over eating, tobacco, shopping and worrying,

Meditation can help us open up to higher levels of emotional, physical and psychological well being. As we begin to experience the benefits of meditation, our family, friends and world around us also share in the benefits. Being centered and grounded in the present moment helps us experience more happiness, health and love now. When you are ready to experience a more fulfilled life and enjoy a healthier body, mind and spirit be sure to set aside time for daily meditation.

Remember we all deserve happiness, health and harmony in our life. One of the easiest and most profound ways to enjoy these is by setting your attention and intention to experience more magic moments with meditation.


PS Another great way to release negative emotions is by using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) as mentioned in a prior news letter. A daily practice of meditation and EFT is a great way to help you reduce the emotional challenges that come up.

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My Wish for You is Health, Love, Abundance and Time to Enjoy Them.

To Your Perfect Health,

Michael Morningstar