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Children are stressed and struggling due to the crazy coronavirus conditions we are facing. Therefore now seems like a great opportunity for thinking time regarding ten commitments for children to feel happy, healthy, and wealthy as adults.  When we look closely at the foundation factors that create mastermind mindsets for adults it is easier to understand what factors to focus on to help children to become advanced and aware adults to live a quality life.

This blog is dedicated to helping adults build the solid foundations children need to grow up into positive and well-rounded adults.  For children to feel happy, healthy, and wealthy as adults, we must begin with proven principles focused on more abundance, freedom, and wealth in their life.

To set the stage for children to have the correct techniques, traits, and tools requires adults to invest their energy, money, and time now to optimize their chances for success. For children to feel happy, healthy, and wealthy requires making their development, education, and personal growth a priority to guide them on their journey.

Children will be the future caregivers, leaders, peacekeepers, support, and workforce of tomorrow. What we do today to invest in their development and education will determine to a large degree the quality of the life we enjoy when we choose to turn over the reins to the next generation.  When we manifest the optimal references, resources, and role models, we have a much higher probability for success in turning out a balanced, conscious, and prepared next generation.

I believe that children are our future

The current crazy coronavirus conditions are harming adults and children because of the confusion, fear, and misinformation that is directed at us. Instead of being given proven principles for prevention, proactive immunity, and protection procedures to boost our happiness and health, we are being force-fed experimental lab rat treatments. When things are chaotic, dangerous, and uncertain we need guidance and leadership regarding the basic steps and training that will provide people with the most beneficial education and information to deal with the challenges until we can figure things out to preserve and protect our quality of life. Most of our leaders have failed us in this regard.

We are experiencing a world full of chaos, confusion, and craziness with minimal education, information, and inspiration to help people feel confident, hopeful, and resourceful in dealing with the global issues we are facing. Due to these factors, we must begin to make our life better in 2022 and beyond. We must do whatever it takes to ensure we learn our life lessons and change our wacky ways so we do not repeat our mishaps and continue to endure the pain and suffering. To enhance our quality of life in the future requires us to develop better behaviors, beliefs, and habits. We must learn to invest the energy, money, and time to help adults and children maximize their potential to feel happy, healthy, and wealthy by building a better world.

We must maximize the opportunity for the education, information, and inspiration of all adults and children as we minimize the risks of food insecurity, habitat loss, pollution, waste, and war. We must make peace and banish war. We must update, upgrade, and upload our minds with a positive mental attitude to master the problems we have allowed to plunge us into political chaos and the potential for human extinction. With dedication and determination, we can begin to turn the dark forces back towards the light and save our species from death, destruction, and disease. Our behaviors, beliefs, and brains created the problems we are now facing and we can change them to save our future when we begin to collaborate, communicate, and cooperate to chart a new course for real progress and prosperity. We must banish the destructive debt debacle, fiat currencies, health hazards, and political power plays that are plaguing our world. It is time to vote the problem people off of the island and encourage more people to become part of the solutions.

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Ten Commitments for Children to Feel Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy

  1. A Code of conduct is an important foundation to start developing early in life. This applies as much to parents as it does to raising children. Be clear about your values, vision, and virtues. These form the basis for programing your hardware, operating system, security system, and software that run your life. Values and virtues like appreciation, courage, faith, gratitude, honesty, integrity, and loyalty will help guide a person through life. All companies, communities, countries, and families need a code of conduct to guide their behaviors and beliefs. Maybe the words with wisdom from the Constitution of the Iroquois Nations will inspire you, “In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation… even if it requires having skin as thick as the bark of a pine.” The “seventh generation” philosophy means we shall avoid anger, criticism, and offensive actions. Our hearts should be filled with goodwill and peace, and our minds filled with a yearning for the welfare of the people of the community. Imagine the benefits we can experience when cities, communities, and countries follow the “Seventh Generation” code of conduct and wisdom.
  2. Education, information, and inspiration are essential aspects to assist children to grow into happy, healthy, and well-rounded adults. We must promote financial planning skills, strategies, and systems for all global citizens. By instilling a mindset of recycling, reducing, repurposing, and repairing what we need and spending, wanting, and wasting less we begin to move away from over-consumption, over-extraction, and over-spending towards a society focused on abundance, cooperation, and equality.  Helping children understand the benefits of being dedicated, determined, and disciplined in all areas of their life sets them up for peak performance and prosperity. Biology, finance, math, reading, science, and writing are important fields to study in school. While the schools may help children learn problem-solving skills and thinking trends, the parents must always be actively involved to provide life skills, morals, and a well-rounded curriculum and education.
  3. Exercise, fitness, and physical health are key factors to help children become happy and healthy adults. Dental health is a key area to emphasize early on because it will impact them for life. Children need to climb, crawl, hop, jump, and run outdoors to develop balance, eye-hand coordination, fitness, and resilience skills. As important as it is to be active, fit, and mobile during the day it is just as important to learn the art and science of restorative sleep. Lack of sleep and low quality sleep can impact every area of our life and can cause major problems for a lifetime.
  4. Environmental health and well-being include awareness of the interconnectedness and interdependence regarding the air, biodiversity, community, ecology, land, plants, soil, water, and wildlife that make up our circle of life. Nature and nurture are both vital to the healthy development of children. The butterfly effect travels around the world and little things affect everything else. We live in a big blue bubble and everything embraces and envelopes everything else eventually. There is no Planet B so we must protect planet earth for now and all future generations.
  5. Emotional, mental, and spiritual health are important to help us be centered, connected, and cooperative with the world around us. When emotional, mental, and spiritual health are a top priority almost everything else will fall in place. Until we fix and focus on these issues it is very hard to make progress in all the other areas.
  6. Meditation, mental clarity, and mindfulness help us focus on abundance, appreciation, and awareness to help prevent the ego from becoming a demanding dictator and greedy grave digger. Most of the world’s problems are the result of inflated egos and people thinking they are better, richer, smarter, or want to be wealthier than the rest of the world. When a person’s ego tries to edge god out and pretend as if they can do better, create better, and know better than the divine the results are destructive and detrimental on many levels. We are all specs of dust on a tiny planet in a giant galaxy that could vanish tomorrow if we are not careful and stop abusing Mother Nature. Mother Nature will always outplay, outwit, and outlast humans. We are on the verge of the Sixth Mass Extinction as described in The Sixth Extinction – An Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert who won a Pulitzer Prize for her work.
  7. Nutrient-dense nutrition from organic whole foods is a key foundation to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise. Health is a new wealth that many people are desperately seeking. The best food and medicine on the planet comes from a wide assortment of colorful organic beans, fruits, grains, green plants, herbs, legumes, nuts, roots, seeds, and vegetables. Are you eating your five to seven a day? We must be an example for the children or they will end up as junk food addicts and then medicine addicts.
  8. A safe, secure, and supportive environment is vital for children to experience, feel, and trust in order to grow into happy, healthy, and wealthy adults. We all need appreciation, hugs, love, and support. Children are not pawns to be manipulated and maneuvered by grandparents, parents, and teachers. Divorce is disrupting many children from the life they deserve and desire. We all need more coaching, consulting, and counseling as adults and parents, to raise happy, healthy, and wealthy children.
  9. Social skills and high-quality peer groups and role models are essential to children’s development and personal growth. Humans are social animals and we must learn a healthy foundation of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-reliance. Adults and children all need references, resources, and role models to guide us. Social media can be a harmful or helpful application depending on many complex factors. Social media can have a dark side when abused and misused.
  10. Technology can play an important role and it can easily become abused and become a health hazard. Technology is a tool to help humans. It is not a substitute for human communication, companionship, and connection. Technology can be a health hazard when we use it in ways that violate the laws of human biology, nature, and physics. Electromagnetic radiation (EMR), nuclear radiation, and X-rays are examples of technology that can be misused and cause massive damage and risks for humans. Talking and especially texting while driving is distracting to drivers and result in many needless accidents, deaths, and disabilities. An over-dependence on technology can allow us to become sad, sick, stressed, and struggling as we deal with a complex matrix of Artificial Intelligence and machines. When people are too dependent on technology they become less resilient, more vulnerable, and weak. Surveys are showing people feel more strained, stressed, and struggling than before technology began to dominate our lives.

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The Morningstar NEWS blog is passionate about helping adults and children be all they can be. All adults are children at heart but in adult bodies, and still trying to get their basic needs met. When we follow proven principles we can all enjoy a happy, healthy, and wealthy lifestyle. The crazy coronavirus conditions are providing us an opportunity to rethink and review our current lifestyle and begin investing the energy, money, and time for the greater good of both adults and children.

“Being happy, healthy, and wealthy will come from awareness and a higher consciousness level of living. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Choose wisely.” —Michael Morningstar

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The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS are to condense hundreds of hours of reading and research down to two minutes of education, information, and inspiration. For our children to be happy, healthy, and wealthy, we adults must be their mentors and role models. We must have the determination, discipline, and drive to educate, inform and inspire them by our excellent example.

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