The 2015 Great NEWS posts are dedicated to sharing easy, effective and efficient Healthy Habits.  After two friends suffered falls and injuries in Belize it seemed helpful to provide full detailed recovery recommendations.  Today’s post is dedicated to Ten Rapid Recovery Recommendations following an accident, fall or injury.  One of the greatest risks we face on a day to day basis is an accident, fall or injury that results in lasting emotional, mental or physical harm and restricted lifestyle.  Billions of dollars are lost and untold hours are wasted each year due to easily avoidable accidents, falls and injuries.  People are struggling and suffering from these and it is vital to avoid them and recover from them more effectively and efficiently to minimize the impact.  This post will offer Ten Rapid Recovery Recommendations following and accident or injury.

Accidents, falls, injuries, pains and sprains are a part of life and living life to the fullest.  While they can be an unfortunate consequence of an active, busy, diverse, engaged, fun and go for the gusto life style they need not be even more debilitating and painful than they already are. With determination, a mastery action plan for recovery and a positive mind set we can help the body and brain recover faster with less atrophy and physical deterioration.

Injured Foot

There are many situations were people have an accident or injury while carrying bags, climbing stairs, doing lawn work, engaged in sports, getting in or out of cars, riding a bike, running, shopping, walking or working.

It is a well known fact that even a few days of prolonged laying down or sitting our bones, cartilage, joints, lymph system, muscles, organs, tendons and tissues begin to atrophy as we become weaker and lose strength and tone.  The longer we are inactive and restricted the more serious the consequences and the longer it will take for us to recover.

Many people who experience a serious fall or injury deteriorate to such a degree during the physical recovery period they never fully regain their endurance, fitness, flexibility, muscle mass, range of motion, stamina, strength and tone. Excess bone, cartilage, fascia, muscle, tendon and tissue atrophy, damage and scarring can result in permanent limitations and restrictions that reduce our quality and quantity of life.  The goal of this post is to share a variety of protocols that when applied with care and caution can significantly reduce the recovery time and rehabilitation period.

There are many situations were people have an accident or injury while carrying bags, climbing stairs, doing lawn work, engaged in sports, getting in or out of cars, riding a bike, running, shopping, walking or working.  After the shock and upset wears off it is time to assess the situation to determine if you are alright or need to seek medical attention. Regardless of your decision it is important to apply some form of basic first aid to minimize the damage and protect the injury from further complications.

Basic first aid may involve simple cold compress and compression to prevent and reduce swelling.  Immobilization may be necessary to prevent additional bones, joint and soft tissue damage.  Sometimes elevating the injury is necessary to help reduce swelling and remove the excess lymph fluid that can build up.  It is important to always prevent and treat for shock which can often result in death even from injuries that could be survived.  Additional diagnostics, examination and testing such as CT scans, ultra sound and x-rays may be necessary to determine the extent of internal damage.

The bottom line is to determine the extent of damage and develop a mastery action plan for recovery and rehabilitation as quickly as possible.

Chiropractic care can be extremely beneficial after an accident, fall or injury to help minimize the compounding of complications and maximize the healing and recovery process.  Most chiropractors are trained to deal and diagnose these type of occurrences unless you have life and limb risking injuries and severe trauma where you need a hospital emergency room.  If not consider having a chiropractic doctor on your recovery and rehabilitation team.

Emotion Based Strategies

Apply the amazing benefits of Energy Psychology using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping on acupressure points. All accidents, bad falls, injuries, pain, suffering and trauma have an emotional aspect and memory in the body and brain.  EFT is a great way to easily and effectively release the frustration, pain and stress resulting from an injury. For more details on how to use tapping for health and healing go to the YouTube video on Emotional Freedom Techniques tapping when Dr. Alexander Schuster interviewed me for his Natural Health Summit.

Exercise Based Strategies

Even while an injured area is healing and recovering it is very important to maintain and sustain the rest of the body with the best recovery and rehabilitation strategies. When you have a foot or leg in a cast for example it puts additional demand and strain on the rest of the body to adjust, compensate and support the injured area.  You may need to use a cane, crutches or a wheel chair and this puts additional strain and stress on an already strained and stressed body and brain.  Therefore it is essential  to maintain, sustain and train your body to remain resilient and strong.

Exercise bands are an easy and great way to work out the uninjured body parts. Bands are light weight and can be attached to various objects to enable you to maintain some degree of strength and tone.

Lifting Weights

Barbells, dumbbells, hand weights and kettle bells allow you to create resistance training that will help maintain muscle mass, strength and tone.

When you research and review the many benefits of using a rebounder it becomes apparent it is a great exercise routine with minimum effort and maximum benefits with very very low impact.  (Use the hand rail and be sure to avoid putting an injured leg on it until any bone injury is healed).  With caution you can use your strong leg to stimulate your bones, cardiovascular system, cartilage, joints, muscles, tendons and tissues to help prevent excess atrophy and muscle deterioration.  Rebounding is known to help stimulate all your cells and lymphatic system at the same time.  At home I find rebounding almost every day to be a great energetic uplift,  lymphatic stimulation and stress relief process.

Learning and using High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercise for the uninjured parts of your body is a great way to maintain and retain your cardio-vascular system, endurance, flexibility, power, resilience, strength and tone.  This can be done with body weight or mechanical weight.

Power Plate could be an even better way to do all of the above while increasing the options and variety of exercise and fitness routines you could perform in a way that protects the injured area while also stimulating recovery, rehabilitation and repair. See how Power Plates are used by NASA, Olympic athletes, professional sports teams, university athletic departments and top Fitness centers.

Weight training is another way to maintain the uninjured parts of the body. Barbells, dumbbells, hand weights and kettle bells allow you to create resistance training that will help maintain muscle mass, strength and tone.

Doing chair yoga and deep diaphragm breathing are also known to be very beneficial for re-balancing, rebuilding, re-energizing, rejuvenating, repairing, reprogramming, restoring and revitalizing your whole being.

Healing and Health Strategies and Therapy

Consider using a therapeutic magnet or pad from AVivoPur. I have used their products for over 15 years I know they have played a major role in my health, longevity and wellness. The former company name was Lyon Legacy International and they have been manufacturing a variety of health products for over 30 years.  Jackie Lyon with her son Jack and daughter Leann are the owners and personal friends.  They offer a wealth of information and resources to help you on your journey for healing and health.

AVivoPur also offer calcium bentonite clay which is a great resource for those looking for support with a well designed cleanse and detox program.  This high quality clay has been used both externally and internally for thousands of years by many indigenous cultures and people around the world.


Having a daily massage is a great way to stimulate healing and immune function.

Having a daily massage is a great way to stimulate healing and immune function. Combined with reflexology of the feet and hands is a fantastic way to maintain our energy meridian system and recover faster.

Soaking in baking soda, Epsom salts or sea salt water for at least 15 minutes a day is a great way to cleanse, detox and energize during recovery. Hanging out on a beach and walking along a shore is a great way to energize, ionize and revitalize.

Combine being in salt water with 30 minutes of sun exposure on a large portion of our body is excellent for stimulating healing and Vitamin D production. Obviously it is wise to avoid excess exposure between 10:00 and 3:00.  Avoid commercial sunscreens which are made with toxic chemicals to protect your skin from chemical toxicity.

Daily earthing which is also referred to as grounding is a very beneficial healing concept. Maintaining contact with the ground with a bare foot or by using a grounding wire during the day and at night while sleeping has been recommended for profound health and longevity benefits. For more information and insights read the full article by Dr Mercola.

Dr. Mercola offers an earthing pad that can be used during the day at your computer or desk and at night while sleeping.  You could even make a similar device of your own by grounding yourself with a copper wire. Did you know that grounding is a key principle for maintaining the computers and electrical systems in your home and office.

Mantras, mudras and meditate are excellent recovery techniques as you reprogram your DNA by visualizing natural healing for a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Healing music and sound therapy are additional methods that have been found to be effective for to promoting healing and health.

Using a far infra red therapy pad may be one of the best things a person can do to help support their healing and health. I currently use a Therapad XL from Shield Life.

My research is not yet complete on a far infra red therapy pad with non electro-magnetic frequency technology and amethyst crystals. This may be the next generation of far infra red therapy pads.  Pads are less expensive and take up less space then far infra red saunas which are becoming more popular.  Dr. Sircus is a brilliant doctor living in Brazil that is a big proponent of using far infra red therapy pads for optimal health.

Nutrition Based Strategies

When we start researching the benefits of eating nutrient dense organic whole foods the evidence seems to clearly indicate the benefits. Eating these amazing energetic and nutrient dense foods may help speed up the healing process and recovery. Some of the best choices for bone and joint recovery are: aloe vera, bone broth, burdock root, prickly pear cactus, celery, chlorella, coconut, coconut water, cucumbers, cultured foods, green juices (like amaranth, barley grass, cucumber, wheat grass etc), moringa, raw cacao, sea weed, spirulina, sprouted seeds and water cress for the minerals and alkaline benefit.

It is also important to reduce and even stop eating excess sweet beverages, deserts, foods and fruits.  Fruits like bananas, grapes, mango, papaya and pineapple are loaded with fruit.  Eating more lower sugar fruits like berries, craboo, coco plum, grapefruit, kiwi, lemons, lime, noni, mangosteen, avocado, soursop, star fruit,

Halved Avocado

When we start researching the benefits of eating nutrient dense organic whole foods the evidence seems to clearly indicate the benefits.

Discover the amazing health benefits derived from eating naturally produced organic raw cultured and fermented foods to insure adequate probiotics.

Consume adequate amounts of healing herbs and medicinal bark, flowers, leaves, plants, roots, sea weeds, seeds, spices and tubers.

Avoid commercially produced conventional, processed, refined and treated acidic foods like coffee, fried foods, refined carbohydrates and sugars, grains, and pasteurized dairy. Sorry, this includes various alcohol products too.

Eat, live and think paleo light. A great resource is Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.

Physical Therapy Strategies

After you have focused on dealing with your emotions, eating healthy, exercise to help maintain flexibility, muscle mass, stamina and strength and preventing as much atrophy as possible it is time to begin physical therapy to rebalance, rebuild, rejuvenate, reprogram, restore and revitalize the injured area. It is essential to find a well trained physical therapist and physiotherapist to assist in the recovery and rehabilitation process. Massage is a vital part of this process so be sure to include a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) trained in rehabilitation and sports injuries.

It is essential to fully regain the agility, balance, endurance, flexibility, resilience, stamina, strength, tone and vitality you had prior to the accident or injury.

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2015 series offers simple suggestions to help create and maintain our happiness, health and harmony.  These Ten Rapid Recovery Recommendations are healthy habits to help protect your body and brain.  Any accident, fall or injury can impact your emotional, financial, mental and physical health.  We all desire to be happy, healthy and successful in life so it is up to each of us to be safe and be prepared to recover as effectively and efficiently as possible after an injury.

This Great NEWS post on Healthy Habits shared ten rapid recovery recommendations.    We must each do our part to prevent and protect against accidents and injuries and develop a mastery action plan for rapid recovery.

What is your current Gap?

What things are you doing that increase your risk of accident, falls or injuries?  What can you do to eliminate some of those risks?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

What mastery action plans and steps do you have in place in the event of an accident, fall or injury?  What are some simple steps to prevent and protect your self from them?  What research, resources and role models do you have in place to help you be prepared should an event occur?

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding Rapid Recovery Recommendations for recovery and rehabilitation following an accident, fall or injury?  What other ideas and inspiration will help motivate us towards better behaviors, beliefs and biology for a great 2015 and beyond?

Next week the Great NEWS blog will share:

Anti Aging and Antioxidants

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