The 2016 Great NEWS posts are dedicated to sharing Holistic Habits to enhance our  happiness, health and well being. Today’s post is a summary of the top ten disempowering emotional states robbing us of our happiness and health. After listing the disempowering  emotional states the great news is the helpful information and specific suggestions that can enhance empowering emotional states for improved mental health and well being. The goal for today’s post is to educate and inspire readers with proven principles to support better health and wellness.

Disempowering States Rob US

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While disempowering states occur for many reasons the important message is to receive the life lesson and move on without it taking control of our life away from us.

There are many disempowering states that can rob us of our feelings of happiness and harmony with others and the world if we let them control us. While disempowering states occur for many reasons the important message is to receive the life lesson and move on without it taking control of our life away from us. We are caring, intelligent, reasoning and thinking beings with the ability to navigate the stormy seas and steer our selves to safer shelters.

Abandonment is a feeling that comes from being very disconnected from family, friends, neighbors, society or the world to the point of losing happiness and hope. Many children experience this feeling when the parents are often gone or working to much and the child is left alone for long periods. Adults can feel this also if their community, employer, family, friends, partner, spouse or team lets them become too disassociated and distant.

Anger is a most debilitating negative emotion because if robs you of the excitement, happiness and joy of life. When people are in an angry state they often do and say stupid stuff that can hurt the feelings of others. Anger eats away at our heart and soul which can cause misery all around us.  Anger has even been linked to various health, heart, liver and skin issues.

Depression is a disempowering state that can lead to emotional and mental health issues.  Long term depression is a drain on ones energy, health and well being. Many things that occur to us in life can contribute to feelings of depression and despair. Loss of a business, family member, finances, freedom, health, home, income, independence, job, limb, loved one, possessions, reputation, respect, social standing, spouse or worldly things can lead to a downward emotional spiral which results in feelings of depression. Many subtanaces like alcohol, chemicals, drugs, fake, fast and junk foods, sugar and toxins can also cause us to feel depressed.

Fear is a healthy emotion as long as it serves to alert us to danger and not take control over our life and dominate us. Unfortunately too many people are living in frequent states of fear that is robbing them of the quality of life they deserve and desire. Many have heard the message that often FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real and we must overcome this unfounded fear tomove forward and onward in our life.

Greed and gluttony are running a muck in many countries especially the US. Too many people are too focused on being greedy, needy and selfish. As a result they are  causing massive shortages, struggling and suffering in the world.  Rather than allocate, conserve and preserve precious resources  and use only their fair share they are bound and determined to access, control and manipulate the resources of the world so they take advantage of others and give themselves an unfair share of material wealth. Many people are overeating and over consuming while many people are going to bed hungry and thirsty while living in poverty.

Guilt can be a good think to remind us not to do something that hurts others or causes us jurt and regrets.  Too much guilt can be a negative influence and keep us from focusing on the happy and healthy things we should be doing.

Hurt is a feeling that results from conflict, disagreement, disconnection, dissatisfaction, embarrassment, loss, pain, struggle or suffering.

Hurt is a feeling that results from conflict, disagreement, disconnection, dissatisfaction, embarrassment, loss, pain, struggle or suffering.

Hurt is a feeling that results from conflict, disagreement, disconnection, dissatisfaction, embarrassment, loss, pain, struggle or suffering.  Pain and hurt can serve as a warning sign.  Too much hurt can be a sign to avoid this situation or at least deal with it in a different way.  Maybe it is a message to pay attention to and change how we do something in the future. Often we need to change the meaning and message we have assigned to an event.  Often we blow things out of proportion and see things from our limited perspective instead of seeing the big picture and other possibilities.

Jealousy and envy are a virus eating away at our life and robbing us of happiness.  When we are constantly trying to keep up with the Jones and acquire bigger houses so we can acquire more clothes, furniture, gadgets, jewelry, possessions, shoes, things, toys, trinkets and trivia we lose perspective on what is really most important in our life. When we learn to consume less stuff and appreciate the free things in life more our life will become more rewarding and richer. When we avoid  comparing our selves to others, which always leads to coveting, envy and jealousy, we can learn to appreciate all the beautiful blessings in our life right now.

Lack of Love/ Loving Relationships: People who are abused, alone, bullied, depressed, different, hurt, isolated, lonely, sad or unwanted can feel so disconnected and unloved they lose their happiness and health and sometimes even the will to live. It is important to start be loving our self first and then expanding that circle of love to include others.  The more we focus on unconditional love the more we find unconditional love.

Low Self Esteem/Low Self Worth: This occurs when a person feels they are less than others for various reasons.   They may not feel good enough, handsome enough, popular enough, pretty enough, smart enough, strong enough or wealthy enough. When we learn to accept and love our self we will find our self esteem and self worth expand to fill the imagined void we once felt.

Lonely is a state of being disconnected from others and our self.  When we are connected to our self and love our self it is impossible to be lonely. When we are in a positive and loving state we will naturally attract others to us and not be lonely. Many people are feeling lonely because they invest more energy and time with their cell phone, computer, tablet or things rather than invest quality time with family and friends.

Sadness tends to result from prolonged periods of feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, uninspired and ungrateful. When we focus on having a healthy body, mind and spirit we will find that there is no time for sadness.  When we have clear goals, missions, values and vision that keep us focused and guided we find it much easier to be happy, healthy and positive. When we are sad, sick, stressed, struggling and tired we are receiving feedback we are not caring for our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual being in a loving an optimal way.  Once we get the message and refocus our external and internal factors that influence our state we can get back on track to be happy, healthy, holistic and in harmony.

Empowering States Reward Us

Feeling abundance, appreciation, blessed, calm, connected, faith, grateful, happy, joy, kindness, love, oneness, peace, satisfaction, spiritual, united and wholeness allows us to be open and receptive for these good things to fill our life. When we embody the empowering states we attract more of that into our life.

One of the best ways to maintain the empowering states in our life is to establish the beatitudes, beliefs and behaviors of empowered people.  Another key step is to be around other like minded people that also focus and invest in being empowered and grateful.

When you find yourself in a disempowering state it is a great time to put yourself in an empowering state by using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help reset your Grateful Positive State (GPS).  Garry Craig is the founder of EFT (brilliant techniques for tapping on acupressure points) and shares the easy, fast and terrific benefits on his fantastic EFT website.

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits 2016 series is dedicated to sharing techniques and tips for better health and well being.  Living in empowering states is key to help maintain our emotional, mental and physical health and state of being.  When we and our family and friends learn how to reboot our state of being our mental, physical and spiritual health will be even more beautiful and blessed.

What is your current Gap?

What disempowering states are dominating your life and relationships? What happy, healthy and holistic empowering states are missing from your life? When will you decide to take action and do whatever it takes to transform your life?

Mastery Action Plan (MAP)

There is a wealth of wisdom about emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health and well being.  We must each do our part to invest the energy, money and time to learn some simple steps to put us on the path to peak performance and personal passion.  When would now be a great time to implement some profound principles that could benefit your happiness, health and harmony?

Call to Action

What comments, commitments or concerns come to mind regarding disempowering and empowering behaviors, beliefs and beautiful state? Are you ready to minimize the disempowering states to maximize the empowering states in order to create even more happiness, health and harmony?

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