DNAWhat have you learned about taking cares of your DNA and telomeres? It seems most people are unaware and unclear of the key role DNA and telomeres play in our life and are unconsciously doing things daily that can harm them. While doing extensive research on ways to naturally prevent cancer and chronic disease it becomes quite apparent that are DNA and telomeres play a critical link. Healthy DNA and telomeres provide our best chances of enjoying a healthy life. If our DNA become damaged and our telomeres shorten we sabotage our health and longevity. Learning simple suggestions for DNA and telomere TLC can yield big benefits in helping you maximize your health and longevity.

We have listed our top ten tips for DNA and telomere TLC. To prevent DNA damage the first step is awareness and then taking protective actions to improve our lifestyle. This includes focusing on a healthy microbiome, organic foods and safe environment.

DNA and Telomere TLC

DNA is the genetic code that determines how are cells are expressed. Telomeres are the tips of our DNA strands. Our DNA determines what our cells are able or unable to do so protecting our DNA and telomeres is a high priority if enjoying a healthy and long life are important to you.

Fresh VeggiesAntioxidants from a wide range of foods and superfoods like: algae, aloe, berries, cactus, cruciferous veggies, fruits, green plants, herbs, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, seaweeds, sprouts, and wild foods are powerful protectors for our mitochondria and telomeres. Following a primary plant based protein and rainbow diet is powerful maintenance and medicine for our bodies. A Mediterranean lifestyle that is centered on being active and consuming fruits, green plants, nuts, olives, seeds and vegetables while low in saturated fats from dairy and meat is a great choice.

Breath of fire, deep diaphragm breathing and Pranayama breathwork are great ways to super oxygenate all of our cells, organs and tissues to protect our DNA and telomeres from premature aging.

Far infrared lights, mats, and saunas are a great way to reduce inflammation, replicate sunlight benefits, and stimulate healing which helps maintain healthy DNA and telomeres. Better yet enjoy some exercise and sunlight exposure outdoors every day.

Healthy lifestyle based on lots of laughter, learning, and love has been found to reduce stress and support our health and longevity.

Man SmilingHigh Intensity Interval Training such as Egoscue, Monkey Bar Gym, MovNat, Power Plate, Osteostrong, Scientific 7 Minute Workout, TRX, Zach Bush MD Nitric Oxide Boost and X3 Bands can help rebuild and revitalize healthy cells and musculoskeletal system.

Earthing, grounding and magnets are well documented as beneficial strategies to maintain healthy cells, DNA and telomeres.

Mantras, meditation, mindfulness and mudras help reduce excess stress and reduce premature cell aging.

Minimize exposure to harmful air pollution, alcohol, artificial colorings, flavorings & sweeteners, chemicals, Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), Genetically Engineered (GE & GMO) Frankenfoods (GMO canola, corn, soy, sugar), heavy metals, herbicides, OTC drugs, pesticides, prescription drugs, radiation, refined oils and trans fats.

Restoring and revitalizing sleep are key factors if you really want to protect your cells, DNA, mitochondria and telomeres. Cleansing, detoxing and fasting are also beneficial to help reboot and rejuvenate our cells for better functionality and vitality.

SleepVitamins A, B, C, D, E & K from fresh, locally grown, nutrient dense, organic whole foods are our first choice for supplying the macro and micronutrients our cells and DNA need to properly repair and replicate. Supplementing with natural sources can help insure you consume adequate amounts of these vital nutrients.

Billions of dollars are spent on cancer and chronic disease influenced by unhealthy food and lifestyle choices. As more research is devoted to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle that embraces exercise and fitness combined with medicinal herbs, natural living, and organic plant foods we could see our health and longevity improve significantly. As we become better educated and informed about the benefits of natural remedies and therapies we may discover that DNA and telomere TLC is the most cost effective and safe way to avoid many cancers and chronic diseases. My goal in sharing DNA and telomere TLC strategies is to help more people be happier and healthier.

The passion and purpose of Morningstar NEWS is to condense hours of research down to two minutes of education, information and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and mindset. Remember … our DNA and telomeres determine our current and future health so we must do our part to provide the TLC we deserve in order to be happy and healthy.

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