What are your favorite natural products for 2019? Expo East is the place to discover current favorites and many new ones for the future. While there are many great products out there it is exciting to see new choices and options in the natural product arena.  Doing research and reviews on the natural products and top trends is definitely exciting and fun. If beauty, health and longevity are important than Expo East is the place to see, smell, taste and touch them first hand. Learning about the best choices out there can yield big benefits and dividends faster to help maximize our health and longevity.

We have listed our top trends for Natural Products Expo East 2019.

Expo East 2019 Top Trends

Fruit and YogurtAntioxidants from a wide range of foods and superfoods like: algae, aloe, berries, cactus, cruciferous veggies, fruits, green plants, herbs, mushrooms, nuts, seeds,  seaweeds, sprouts, and wild foods are powerful protectors for our mitochondria and telomeres. Following a primary plant based protein and rainbow diet is powerful maintenance and medicine for our bodies.

Animal products were abundant that are raised antibiotic and hormone free and free range such as: dairy, bone broth, collagen, grass fed beef, chicken, pork and turkey and jerky, and wild caught seafood.

Body care products were abundant and many so safe you could eat them. Natural products like: anti-aging serums, balms, creams, lotions, make up, shampoos, soaps, sunscreens, and much more were on display.Capsules

CBD from hemp and other hemp derived products are rapidly entering the market. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, commercial hemp farming was legalized so now hemp products can be sold and transported across state lines. As a result CBD hemp products are booming. Hemp capsules, oils and tinctures were available from many companies. The challenge will be in finding ones that are tested and true. A blog with my favorites will follow soon.

Cacao and chocolate were definitely hot products. Popular items included: brownies, chocolate bars, chocolate covered fruit and nuts, drinks, hot chocolate and raw chocolate.

Essential OilsEssential oils (EO) are becoming common household items for everyday use. EOs come in bottles, cleaners, first aid, sleep aids and soaps.

Fish and fish oils as well as many plant based oils were displayed to help support health and well being.

Fermented beverages and foods were displayed in many booths: apple cider vinegar, cacao, coffee, kimchi, kombucha, pickled beets, pickled vegetables, pickles, sauerkraut, sourdough and wine. Special shout out to Mother Kombucha and Wild Tonic.

Herbs and spices were hot products at Expo East. Honorable mention goes to Corine’s Cuisine and World Seasonings. Many types of hot peppers and spices were available. Turmeric was in hundreds of products.

Many mushrooms were displayed with different focus and forms in mind. Items included chocolate & mushroom, coffee & mushroom, jerky mushroom, medicinal mushrooms, mushroom burgers and mushroom teas.

Warm TeaTeas, tinctures and tonics were very prevalent at many booths. They used a wide variety of fruit, herbal, medicinals, nuts and seeds to help enhance health and well being. I enjoyed trying some unique Hoptea.

Vitamin products and supplements to provide: A, B, C, D, E & K from many organic as well as synthetic sources.

The Natural Products Expo East 2019 in Baltimore was held September 11 to 14th. This was my second time to attend and see the broad range of the hottest and latest top trends in the massive natural products foods, health and lifestyle industry. After three long days, the Top Ten Trends at #expoeast became quite apparent. Obviously, many companies are embracing organic and avoiding the risks of GMOs and glyphosate as discussed in previous blogs. The conference has so many exhibitors and products to share it made sense to start with the top ten trends and then share more posts about specific favorite products. BTW Bars, breads, cereals, chips, cookies and snacks of every combination and flavor you can imagine were at the conference.

It soon became evident #expoeast is a great way to spotlight natural products that can help improve our long-term health and quality of life. Expo East offers a great venue for health enthusiasts, marketers, suppliers, and vendors to gather and learn more about the health products and services available to the public. It is up to each of us to make informed decisions about what we buy and feed our families. We must be vigilant when it comes to food ingredients, safety, and transparency.

With more common sense, education, and health information we are able to make better choices and decisions for our families. If education and health are high priorities it is essential to make smart decisions about which foods to boycott and which foods to buy. The goal of this post is to educate and inform readers about healthy food choices.

See my Expo East 2018 Top Trends for last years conference.

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