Like Expo East 2018 the Expo East 2019 was the place to discover current CBD hemp hot products. Doing interviews and reviews on the natural products top trends is definitely an educational, exciting and tasty treat. Expo East was the place to learn first hand about the CBD hemp products focused on the current beauty, healthy, immunity and longevity trends. There are some great and not so great choices out there so it is important to ask better questions and do your homework to prevent overpaying for products that under deliver benefits. Natural Products Expo East 2019 was a basic course in CBD and hemp hot products.

CBD OilProducts with CBD from hemp are rapidly entering the market and consumers have a multitude of hemp products to choose from. Thanks to the fact that commercial hemp products are approved in all fifty states CBD hemp product sales are booming. Here are some of the companies offering an impressive array of hemp balms, capsules, oils and tinctures. The challenge is finding which ones are tested and true. Key questions include control process, extraction method, full-spectrum, growing location & method, organic, other ingredients, price & potency, quality standards and testing. The Center for Food Safety has some analysis that may be helpful.

Expo East 2019 Hemp Hot Products

  • CBD DogsCharlotte’s Web is a public company and has a range of products for people and pets.
  • CV Sciences signed a deal with Kroger supermarkets to put its CBD oil into more than 945 stores in 17 states
  • Evo Hemp is based in Boulder and has Native American family sourced hemp which benefits indigenous people and the planet together.
  • Green Gorilla combines a whole plant full-spectrum CBD infused in hemp and olive oil.
  • Holus offers a pure premium CBD and their founder has the patent on a CO2 equipment extraction process he installs for many other CBD companies. They also do third party testing so it would seem they have very high standards.
  • Isodiol
  • Klersun grows its own hemp in Oregon that is cultivated to organic standards.
  • Manitoba Harvest is well known for hemp hearts one of my favorite foods.
  • Medterra
  • Natures Plus
  • NuLeaf Naturals
  • Papa & Barkley said being a major player in cannabis dispensaries in California gives them an advantage with CBD products.
  • Palmetto Harmony
  • Restorative Botanicals
  • ShiKai
  • SunSoil from Vermont offers an organically farmed, full spectrum hemp extract, that is lab tested.
Hemp Hearts

A package of shelled hemp seeds or hemp hearts from Manitoba Harvest.

The Natural Products Expo East 2019 was held September 11 to 14th in Baltimore. As my second event, it was easier to ask better questions and cover more ground for the CBD hemp hot products and top trends in the industry. After three long days, the Hemp Hot Products at #expoeast became quite apparent.

Attending #expoeast is a great way to spotlight natural products that can help improve our long-term health and quality of life. Expo East offers a great venue for health enthusiasts, marketers, suppliers, and vendors to gather and learn more about the health products and services available to the public. It is up to each of us to make informed decisions about food ingredients, safety, and transparency. The goal of this post is to educate and inform readers about CB hot hemp products.

Healthy Products for People & Planet

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